Sunday, November 14, 2010

Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series after 34-year-old left-hander has been

Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series after 34-year-old left-hander has been, and Ted Lilly complete the contract, and the next victory for their layout, but also ready to use the 1 year $ 12,000,000 contract, and black Japanese pitcher Tian Bo tree to renew a year, but looking forward to this and the plural Kuroda there is a gap in the contract, so the success of the still to be seen.

The full 36-year-old Kuroda fixed this year is the Dodge starter, a race in 31 games this season is starting, the record is 11 wins and 3.39 ERA in 13 failure, while the Dodgers left the 3-year 3.60 ERA fraction. Only at the end of the end of 3 years with Dodge about the dark field, but back home in Japan tend to develop even closer to home has been selected Hiroshima Carp team, as the day to join the staff team.

Dodge official website at Major League mentioned, they announced plans to challenge the big leagues and have a good impression of the 26-year-old Dodge Lotte Marines players have to understand just Nishioka, but the results do not appear optimistic about the negotiations. The reason is about 1,000 million dollars Nishioka entry Sapporo gold fear too expensive, and the Dodge tool array there are people within the field Salter (Ryan Theriot), so the Dodge Nishioka dream, chances are slim.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Although Jeter (Derek Jeter) and Rivera (Mariano Rivera) have become a free agent

Although Jeter (Derek Jeter) and Rivera (Mariano Rivera) have become a free agent, but no other team should want to rob the two players, the Yankees Explorer Katsu Man (Brian Cashman) today said that he ready to contract with Jeter and Rivera.

Kay Ashman said: "We will find a way acceptable to all, to complete this contract, it is our hope, is their hope." And Kitt, said: "This transaction is really not so big, I want to trade can be completed, but now I really do not know. "

However, according to reports, the Yankees will provide 3-year contract, worth about 4,500 million U.S. dollars to 60 million U.S. dollars, Kay Ashman said: "Jeter does not want to go to other places, I know he did not want to go somewhere else."

And Kai Xu Man, Kit, Rivera, former manager Joe Torre will be involved (Joe Torre) charity evening, when three people meet, I believe the contracts, will a little different.

Lee himself on a plane to visit families at home, Kay Ashman said: "We had a very pleasant, and Lee's agent, also met with his wife, and we hope to personally get to know him," Kay Ashman described, if recruited to the Lee's, which is hit the ground running during the offseason.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Giants won the World Series championship to celebrate apart from the defending

Giants won the World Series championship to celebrate apart from the defending team must create a positive next year, while the giant first step is strongly critical time left this year meritorious deeds of Huff (Aubrey Huff) and Wu Rui ratio (Juan Uribe), The The Brent contract yesterday to be bought out Australia (Edgar Renteria), have not decided to retire next year.

Huff came to this giant, paid a .290 batting average 26 home runs and 86 RBI, World Series Game Four of the 2 sub-guns, just help the Giants win the important one wins, and Wu Rui regular season than this year match the performance of pop, but the crucial moment to the playoffs always meritorious deeds, the key in the playoffs to become the giant killer.

Giant Explorer Sabine (Brian Sebean) said: "We do not want to rush to deal with these things, we need to assess the age, how much money, this is taken into consideration for us."

Monday, November 1, 2010

But the crisis is a turning point

But the crisis is a turning point, Lewis moved to Japan in the 2008 baseball season, the effectiveness of the Hiroshima Carp, but did not expect two consecutive years, won the Central League's strikeout king, and Lewis in the day job, "Resurrection" performance for old club again He noted, which can be pre-season this year with 2 year contract to return to Rangers.

Lewis to return to Rangers recall, Michael Young, said: "When he (Lewis) came back from Japan, he changed for the better ball, and the same is that he is still a fighter, every pitch will be those firms, This is what you will want the defensive players behind him. "

Included with the game, Lewis in the playoff race this year, 4 games, 3 wins and 0 lost cast, the success rate of 1.71 ERA, who has major league pitcher can not see tomorrow, Zhongyu Ao over, the team's starting rotation to become key players.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The original head coach of the Pan Nila Cubs (Lou Piniella) retirement

Bear head coach of the unexpected reversal of, the original voice of relatively high Sandburg (Ryne Sandberg) lose, this season took over the head coach of the Quaid (Mike Quade) reappointment, and the Cubs signed a 2 year contract, including the 2013 team right to choose.

The original head coach of the Pan Nila Cubs (Lou Piniella) retirement, Quaid Threatened mandate took over the post of head coach, played 24 won 13 lost results, but also to bear high-level decision on the new head coach of the season, led by the Quaid.

Bear Explorer Hengzhuo (Jim Hendry), said: "I still think Quaid is the best Cubs Explorer." Even Bear boss Ruiji Te (Tom Ricketts) also said: "I believe that Quaid could, he led the Cubs to victory . "

Quaid said, "I'm happy, I have so good an opportunity, I know this is a very serious challenge, I will help Cubs win victory after another, today is good day," Quaid's achievements in the past, including the 1991 and 1993 Little League coach, who in 1999 led the A team won three titles, winning more than 1200 in the minor league field in victory, he was coach Cubs history 51.

Relative to the Quaid, Sandburg seemed lonely lot, "if not disappointed, this is a lie." Previous Sandburg will show a very positive, in the past four years in the Cubs farm system, the last ball won the Pacific Coast League season the best coach, the former is a household name in the Cubs, missed the last coach with the Cubs.

Pitcher Tempur Manchester (Ryan Dempster), said: "I believe that coaching in the minor leagues Sandburg phase is good, but on the experience, he Bikui De little too much, I'm not saying he can not be a good coach and wish him good luck. "

Sandburg said: "I do not want to look at the past, and I still hope to have the opportunity to coach major league team."

Cubs break the curse of the goat and not a century old dream of winning the next submitted to the Quaid's hands.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Sha fat" Sabah West (CC Sabathia) in the history of the New York Yankees the most successful free market to buy players

"Sha fat" Sabah West (CC Sabathia) in the history of the New York Yankees the most successful free market to buy players, and his name has come to vote the status of Hunter (Jim "Catfish" Hunter) and the strong play Jackson (Reggie Jackson) pretty? Because the star first baseman Tucker Xue La (Mark Teixeira) eyes it does, although he and the Texas Rangers at Yankee playoff opener performance adorned.

Yankees in the 2008 quarter, to a piece of paper 7 years 100 000 000 $ 61,000,000 (including the fourth year team option), and its value after the same team (Alex Rodriguez) moved the sand around the large fat fat, so that bit the "heavyweight" Yankees pitcher became a member. Despite the high price of the staggering number of people to whom at the time, but also with the final results Sabah West that he is valuable.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rangers qualify for the biggest player to do so

The sixth inning, the Rangers rely on Gelei Luo (Vladimir Guerrero) and then pull ahead into a gap of 3 to 1, and in nine innings on the offensive and, at first, after Cruz knocked on base hits, then a large Gensler Stick two points sent a wave of gun, complete with a beautiful cast Cliff Lee, so that the Rangers finally beat back the light, 5 to 1, won the American League Championship burner, tickets for 11 years. Rangers on Saturday (Taiwan time) will be at home, the first battle with the New York Yankees.

Rangers qualify for the biggest player to do so, than the trade in early July to the strong cast Cliff Lee, a starter since the first battle to pay off a 7 game point only after the eye-catching performance in the crucial fifth vote in war even more dazzling finish nine innings was knocked out 6 A, and the loss of just 1 point out, completely showing huge investment of skill Celeron. The record in the playoffs this year, Cliff Lee, currently the starting 2 games (16 Board voted to take 2 wins 0 defeat, defense rate of only 1.13)

For the next more powerful opponent, Cliff Lee said that this is a great challenge, "We will definitely go all out, it is certain that the Yankees is very, very difficult team to play, so we will be on the ALDS decision. "Rangers had in 1996,98,99 district champion in, but in the end was the Yankees are playing home.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Light wire completely turn off the first two games at home

Major League Baseball, Texas Rangers return home after two to five lost Youyi Tampa Bay Rays, playoffs, lost the first two light wire after the resurrection has won two games, two teams tied after the second than the second must shine in Taipei Arena on Wednesday to a showdown, winning the team will play in the American League Championship Series New York Yankees.

Light wire completely turn off the first two games at home, the third to eighth before the road back to life in Arlington, reversed beat Rangers, 11 Longgeruiya fourth of five solo shot, also fired a two second playing back two-RBI base, while the Pan Niya is contributing with the third base hit base hit each one, the third war last two dozen seats in the fourth just before the war, the number two hit full blow. Although the audience to swallow the light of twelve strikeouts, but also fired a twelve hits, including six long-play, under the light of five pitchers Davis captured by the Rangers loaded the bases with two outs, but struck out Gelei Luo defuse the crisis, the last to defeat the Rangers, five to two to recover into two levels.

Rangers advance in the playoffs, not the history of the record, two wins this year and later won two straight sets again in crisis, but also swallowed the playoffs six straight at home. As for the light to become the second branch in major league history before the first round of the playoffs after two straight three lost the team, fifth once again back home in Tampa, will be sent to Price starting. The Rangers also re-launch of the first Cliff Lee wins battle, the winning team will be in Taipei on Saturday morning at home against the Yankees.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Although not as good as Roy Halladay pitched yesterday

Tim Lincecum today (8) show a Cy Young Award with the skill of 2 years, 2 pitched 14 strikeouts in the shutout hits to lead the San Francisco Giants in the Division Series opener, 1 to 0 win over the Atlanta Braves.

Although not as good as Roy Halladay pitched yesterday, no hits, but also in his first postseason appearance in Lincecum, fully demonstrated his pressing force, so that when the regular season with the highest National League team on-base percentage of warriors, the audience alone 2 bad hits a four on base, did not lose any points. Have rested for 7 days after the game he said: "I can not wait to 2 days before the play has been."

Lincecum out of the game soared 14 strikeouts, which he struck out Derrek Lee was 3 times. He became the 2000 Roger Clemens, the first a single game in the playoffs, pitched in more than 12 strikeouts a pitcher. Lincecum was swallowed in August this year, 5-game losing streak, up 7.82 earned run average, he said: "At the time you told me, I will get through this downturn. It feels like a long time ago, and I try not to return to the kind of conditions, or to depression. "

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hall knocked back tied points

But the Red Sox Kali Xi 9 Board (Ryan Kalish) and Hall (Bill Hall) has even stolen two bases, expand the counter-offensive.

Hall knocked back tied points, then by pinch Luoyi Er (Mike Lowell) ran ahead sacrifice fly hit points.

Half of the 9th Bureau of the Yankees Shi Weise (Nick Swisher), Taixie La (Mark Teixiera) and Kannuo (Robinson Cano) series of knock out hits, Kannuo from Piper The (Jonathan Papelbon) knocked the hands of RBI to competition landed in extended.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Taiwanese players Hu Jinlong starting today get the opportunity

Taiwanese players Hu Jinlong starting today get the opportunity, but did not hit a hit, get 1 ball touch the body; Los Angeles Dodgers to force Diamondbacks 3 to 1, record 2 game winning streak.

Diamondbacks play the Dodgers on the road, Hu Jinlong starting shortstop with 8 rods and 3 are the base on the number of people hit the state, but did not hit Hu Jinlong hits, batting average dropped to 2 percent 22. Hu Jinlong today, no mistakes, the garrison be stable.

Dodge has missed the playoffs, the left vote Ke Xiao (Clayton Kershaw) shows off 1 point 8 Board a good investment, Kuo Terminator board yesterday has been posted, the Dodgers choose to use rookie Jason (Kenley Jansen) closed, he also successfully won the first 2 rounds of successful rescue; KE Xiao scored 13 wins this year, defense was only 2.91.

National League East, Central lead is almost assured, the Philadelphia Phillies are likely to win the Eastern 4 consecutive years, first in the playoffs, the Cincinnati Reds to the area about the first playoff appearance; As the first Western side and the International Union wild card , the formation of the San Francisco Giants, San Diego Padres and Atlanta Braves 3 playoff team grab two tickets.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The team performance did not make the boss down

Yankees and the light of the season last four Lien Chan, the first battle Gelandesen (Curtis Granderson) coming down a single field Pom 5 RBI, under the sixth inning the Yankees scored four points breakthrough finally beat the Yankees to 8:6 light, even for four good luck out war.

Before, the Yankees also announced the death of the boss George Steinbrenner bronze statue, Yankees, after the end of this year's season total to retire the Dodgers manager Joe Torre (Joe Torre) are to live together in honor of the name Yankee.

The team performance did not make the boss down, just joined this year's Gelandesen first and win the next three Board 2 points artillery, under the sixth inning tied both cases, Jana (Brett Gardner), surville (Francisco Cervelli), base Special (Derek Jeter) three consecutive hits, the Gelandesen they hit the 2 points guns, under sixth inning the Yankees scored 4 points, lay Katsumoto.

Yankees starting pitcher Nova (Ivan Nova) 1 min before the 5 Board is not lost, only to be knocked a hit, but in the sixth inning encounter turbulence, 2 hits, 1 walks lost 3 points, 5.2 boards were today knocked three hits, and finally has nothing to do with victory or defeat.

Light starting Jahaza (Matt Garza) 5 bureau was pounded eight hits and lost 7 points, 9 swallow defeat this season, starting the last 3 games, with 14 Authority was pounded 26 hits and lost 17 points, defense rate from the original 3.68 to 4.01.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Defeated the Cardinals, by the end of July once the temporary record 1

9 Council on Ludwick homered, the priest then also put pinch Matt Stairs, he hit a home run result will be the most major league career pinch home run record of advancing to the 23.

Defeated the Cardinals, by the end of July once the temporary record 1, all the way to fall to 7 games behind the Cincinnati Reds margin of victory. Ludwick leaving the team, the Cardinals record is 18 wins, 25 lost. Ludwick said: "I think it has nothing to do with me. They played well during this period, when I did so, there are over 10-game losing streak. This is baseball, this kind of thing always happens."

The priest win, Giants beat line with flame, by the Milwaukee Brewers beat 2 to 1, the two sides exchange position, the priest back on the West 1. Earlier, the Colorado Rockies have won only one match, the winner behind the poor priest, the National League West military situation remains confusing.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The campaign Sanchez imposing directions

The campaign Sanchez imposing directions, although the strike had accidentally hit the left fingers, but it seems not be affected, a total of 7 game without four dead 12K, 12 of them wrote personal single-game strikeout record high. In addition, 11 wins, 188K individual single-season record of continuous renovation.

Sanchez even last 4 starts, was hit only 27 of Council responsible for 13 hits and lost 2 points, disco 31K, is definitely important to win the giant king of war fighting capacity.

Giants first 4 bars 18 10,8 RBI ferocious, Edgar Renteria beat was back to 2 points 4 Security, Freddy Sanchez and Huff each hit two 3 RBI security contributions, Posey is 2 An 2 RBI, 6 rod Guillen also has 3 On 2 RBI.

Taiwan players Hu Jinlong at the 5th inning as a pinch, hit the hands of hits from Sanchez, a spit last starting 4 0 stuffiness; and rookie teammate Russ Mitchell boarded the Alliance from 0 through 15 after the dilemma, and finally also 5 Security Council blasted his first, is also the first home run.

Giant in the May 7 first taste of living alone after the first taste, half the gap fell to Western missionaries Zeyi 2, 2 ½ games Rocky Zeyi old row 3; wild card, the Pai Tau into priests, warriors ( half), Rocky (2 ½ games) hot pursuit in the post.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hanging out 10 game winning streak and 17 wins the past 21 fierce fighting momentum

Today veteran Miguel Tejada (14) Los Angeles priest and cut-throat series opener arise, Scatter single field, including 2 points 3 An artillery contribution 4 RBIs, helping the team win 6 to 4, in addition to 10-game winning streak end and the Rocky temporarily hold the National League West top spot.

Hanging out 10 game winning streak and 17 wins the past 21 fierce fighting momentum, Los Angeles from August 22 11 games behind the priest, under the disadvantage before a chase into a narrow field and a half, during which the priest is also the main cause of 10-game losing streak, of course, so this time series is crucial.

Rocky returned from injury to starting pitcher Jeff Francis Bureau suffer first, was shot Tejada belted two points, the final number because the ball just under the Board voted 3, gave up five hits while striking out 2. 5 Jushang Ban Kai priest offensive again, with 4 hits, 2 errors the formation of an additional 3 minutes 5 to 0 in the comfortable lead.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

If there is an impression, then Los Angeles in 2007

Los Angeles is beginning to wild north wind north yet? Reds face today, the first 5 Board starting Eluo You put Reds (Bronson Arroyo) to KO off the stage, soil McCloskey (Troy Tulowitzki) single-field Pom, Los Angeles starter Cook (Aaron Cook) to vote The are also easy and closing to 9:2 victory over Los Angeles Red, won six straight.

If there is an impression, then Los Angeles in 2007, pulled out a wave of 11 straight quarter, the last 14 field goals won 13 games, last won the competition and the opportunity to teach the increase of taxi and further into the playoffs, even in by going through the playoffs to the World Series before losing to the Red Sox.

Los Angeles 2009 Although there is no hitch as late as 2007, but hit 18 wins in the opening quarter, defeated the dismal record of 28 until the current coach Tracy (Jim Tracy) took over, the season also pulled out 11 in a row, in the Under the leadership of Tracy played 42 lost 74 won, other than the card eligibility to enter the playoffs, unfortunately the first round by the Phillies out.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1988 Ching-wen's Chen Junxiu starting this year from the 1A

1988 Ching-wen's Chen Junxiu starting this year from the 1A, season after promotion to Advanced 1A, even in the face a higher level of pitching, Chen Junxiu fire rise rather than decrease. Operators in two leagues this year, through anti-score of 3 into 15 and win 123 hits, including 38 doubles and 12 home runs hit, hit rate of up to 5 percent long-21, the base rate rising to 4 percent 04, the Alliance Data is the top item.

Chen Junxiu this year appeared in the "Future Star Competition", with regard to the past, the United States and selected major events of Taiwan's post players, the least will be on more than 3A, even major league level. Chen Junxiu deeply optimistic about the future of nature, by the end of the Asian Games will not solve the problem of military service, also will be Chen Junxiu challenge with the Chinese team.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

This game is the Coors Stadium effects appear

Sum of all the effects, so that Coors Stadium as Major League's most well-known "batters heaven"! There is a saying in the major league: the Coors Stadium, whether you lead a few minutes, can not get enough!

This game is the Coors Stadium effects appear. Rocky made the game 4-point lead twice, but the Philadelphia show in the seventh major reversal: flying long-range short-range hits, knocked a total of nine hits, there are three home runs, including Atlee (Chase Utley )'s slam gun, breath coming down 9 points, made a fifth-leading 12:7.

But Rocky is not enough for a quarter ahead, a fifth-leading Philadelphia has nearly fall. In Qiju half was immediately regain a third of Los Angeles after the nine innings the Philadelphia Terminator Ji (Brad Lidge) has nearly collapsed, but fortunately, just hold down one point in time. Take Philadelphia whistle 12:11, thrilling win fireworks show!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yankees first baseman Board relied on the other two Ellis (Mark Ellis) mistakes

Yesterday, the New York Yankees (31) to 11 to 5 victory over the Oakland Athletics, today let off the diamond to play the same line of activist young pitcher Massaro (Vin Mazzaro), the first 4 H Council, under his hand from 9 points to help vote Hughes was some tumble (Phil Hughes) won 16 wins (6 lost), and closing the Yankees won 9 to 3, won the last four in a row, with the Tampa Bay Rays lost to the Toronto Blue Jays, the Yankees now independent Home Eastern maker, the end of brilliance and eight days together, and shared top spot.

Yankees first baseman Board relied on the other two Ellis (Mark Ellis) mistakes, and Jorge Posada (Jorge Posada) 3-base hits and scored 3 points, 3, 4, Sino Swearingen Aircraft Bureau Xu (Nick Swisher), Gelandesen (Curtis Granderson) and Tucker Xue La (Mark Teixeira) turns fire. Xue pull this season, Tucker made 30 runs, the team scores appended to 9 points ahead of lock victory, but also to the confusing H Massaro.

Hughes was the starting five to play four Security Council, cast as many as five walks, even the 5 Council have voted almost endless, but fortunately investment support to get the win box, and teammate firepower to get the win. Hughes is a major league pitcher averaged the most points supported teammate pitcher, the degree of happiness envy of others.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Strong beat Manny Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) in the days of Dodge in today's (30) after a few days ago he was transferring into the list

Strong beat Manny Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) in the days of Dodge in today's (30) after a few days ago he was transferring into the list, immediately recruited a number of teams expressed interest in the Alliance officially announced by the American League Chicago White Sox won the right to receive, Manny is willing to give up the "no trade clause", returned to Midland to join the White Sox, and his final battle in the blue cap challenge referee corps, finally playing catch up.

Manny into transferring the list, Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays and White Sox have announced the "receiving", in accordance with the provisions of the record "worst" of the White Sox win, now the team record of 70 wins, 60 lost, in the American League Central transient second, the Twins 4 games behind the first half margin of victory.

Dodge now has three options, one transaction, the second is to Mannila the alienation list, three are strong free way to allow this to play leave the club. Major League official website that the Dodgers can not get any from the White Sox in front of a player, but Manny left the South Chicago have the burden of the 4.3 million U.S. dollars salary. Rumor, Manny came to the new team if it may be required to extend the contract, to avoid becoming a free agent.

And Manny for the Dodgers is the last of the embarrassing end of the Rockies Board on a 6 out of bases-loaded, total manager Joe Torre (Joe Torre) he comes pinch, the other angle of the strike vote to go out, Manny to say a few trial immediately after being played in time, before the end he recited; Dodge was forced to and back to Johnson (Reed Johnson) pinch, hit a deadly double-kill results, offensive momentum lost, the final 5 to 10, Los Angeles defeat Denver.

Manny Torre said that he would start some puzzled, "I am (in the offensive and defensive alternate) angrily walked into the locker room, I asked how he's going, he said, so out of love, then the ball is bad ball』 , then I would have to ask the trial, the results and what he said even as Manny, I am disappointed that he drive out the players. You can not compete in the district or at any time to do so, not to mention the game is full of tension. I went back locker room, for my attitude to Manny apologize. "

July 2008 Dodge from the Red Sox in exchange for Manny, the team from his 96 against 3 percent rate, 17 H and 53 RBI to lead the task impossible under the reach not only into the playoffs, also entered the National League Championship . Manny two years, a race in the Dodge 222 games, 22 against 3 percent rate, 44 home runs and 156 RBIs, playing in 30, he has not even sit 4 games back seat.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

National team selection to the strange male power Harpo

National team selection to the strange male power Harpo (Bryce Harper), today introduced under the National specially through batting practice, to show his strength, and Strasbourg's injury, the National has decided the next game, Stefan Las Castle (Stephen Strasburg) will not participate.

National 5-year 19.9 million U.S. dollars to, to sign the 17-year-old's future potential only shares the results have high .443 batting average, 31 homers, 98 RBIs, a few minutes of batting practice today, he continued H on the ball home run wall, placement across all regions, but also makes us look forward to his development.

"It's like home, like, practice a few hit home runs, for me it is great fun, hope to have a good team performance." Harper said, because his sister is a designer, Today, advertising is also specially to help his sister, shows his new hairstyle.

Second Board under the four Tiger hits including Sangtiyage's base hit scored the third

Major League Baseball, Detroit Tigers hit from three playoff-leading 12 zero to three to four lost Bureau Kansas City Royals, Seattle Mariners and Boston Red Sox with two day battle at the Red Sox won five to three evening sailor pulled one back four to two cities, ending a four-game losing streak, the sailor's ace pitcher Hernandez to become the third fastest in major league history to reach 1,000 strikeouts for pitchers.

Second Board under the four Tiger hits including Sangtiyage's base hit scored the third, sixth inning before hanging the Royal Qiju card zero home runs to break the duck Hu, eight innings Tiger bullpen arson, cards with Penny Hu more than doubles the number of sub-tied, with 11 playoff Bureau Bureaux have captured the tiger ring but failed to score points, 12 Jushang Ban tools were Bulukuisi Royal has played left field home run, a sub- gas to go Tiger.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Light of this season was 2 degrees Braden

Light of this season was 2 degrees Braden, Jackson humiliation, the cumulative history of four times by the rival team no hits (2 games perfect game) was finally opened in the annals of history; this to become a modern metropolis with the Padres major league team has not yet appeared no history hitter of the team. Unusual is that light is the founding team in 1998, Metropolitan (1962) and Padres (1969) in the earlier past.

In addition, according to statistics, this year there were 5 no-hitter, this is a new high since the 1991 season, then as many as seven times, including the Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan's career no-hitter 7 games.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tampa Bay Rays (Devil Rays before) team in avoiding salary arbitration before the deadline

Tampa Bay Rays (Devil Rays before) team in avoiding salary arbitration before the deadline, buttoned up first baseman Panna (Carlos Pena) and pitcher Kazmir (Scott Kazmir) two contracts.

Panna and Kazmir this fight for a vote, are the main war will Rays team, 29-year-old Panna, the best in team history last year, blasted to create a record of 46 home runs and 121 RBI, was the American League " Comeback Award "(Comeback Player of the Year Award), Ray team performance to treasure.

Rays team and the Panna signed 3 years contract 24,155,000 U.S. dollars, the average annual salary of more than 8 million U.S. dollars, he has played for the Rays to 2010. "I am very grateful, I'm excited." Panna said: "I look forward to do something, in short, I feel grateful."
Panna has agreed to donate 225,000 U.S. dollars to the Rays Baseball Foundation, the Foundation was to help the Tampa Bay area youth education. Rays team in history, only outfielder Von Don (Greg Vaughn) in 2000 34 million U.S. dollars signed a four-year contract with pitcher (Wilson Alvarez) in 1998 35 million U.S. dollars signed a five-year contract with Panna par.

The 24-year-old pitcher Kazmir and the Rays team contract for one year, 3.785 million U.S. dollars annual salary, he was defeated last year's record of 13 wins and 9, 3.48 ERA and 248 strikeouts in a single season, was the American League "strikeout king." The Deputy President of Friedman Rays Ball (Andrew Friedman) said Kazmir pay 424,000 U.S. dollars last year, this year's contract to avoid salary arbitration decision is the eve of 9 minutes to complete.

St. Louis Cardinals Na Luolun (Scott Rolen) with the Toronto Blue Jays Gelao Si (Troy Glaus) exchange

St. Louis Cardinals Na Luolun (Scott Rolen) with the Toronto Blue Jays Gelao Si (Troy Glaus) exchange, complete the heavyweight American Major League players this season trading case.

Rolen shoulder injury, therefore, to last year, a marked decline in combat capability, a race the whole year only 112 games, hit eight home runs, and 142 in 2006 for playing games, batting average and two home runs into 96,22 99 RBI performance, the gap just can not hang on account, he signed with the Cardinals 8 years 90 million U.S. dollars of contracts, has not completed more than 3 years.

Rolen and the Cardinals head coach La Russa (Tony La Russa) rumors of a rift has also been a long time Cardinals team selection last year to extend the two-year contract with La Russa, Rolen would like to become the fuse from the Cardinals.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pettitte in the Mitchell Report late last year was named injected drugs

New York Yankees left-hander Pettitte ((Andy Pettitte) will attend the congressional hearings on the 16th, get experienced Reisinger (Jay Reisinger) lawyer, for his counter-testimony.
Reisinger was three years ago, accompanied by Sosa home run players (Sammy Sosa) to attend congressional hearings, defense lawyers, Pettitte wanted to take advantage Reisinger experience, open the unfavorable situation in their own doping scandal.

Pettitte in the Mitchell Report late last year was named injected drugs, was former New York Yankees physical trainer McNamee a bite out of, the only Pettitte did not deny, but admits that injury in 2002 had injected human growth hormone to stimulate the hormone for a period of only two days only.

Pettitte said he had injected human growth hormone did when he was only intent on quickly return to the team, the injection time is only a short span of two days this season, he claims himself to be forgiven, should not violate league rules, the only feel uncomfortable because, they did not re-use, because he does not want people to think that he must rely on medication to help to throw a good game.

The Yankees obviously very supportive of school Teti, because Mitchell report came out, the Yankees are still willing to work with him to sign 16 million U.S. dollars a year contract, and the external through the stained Pettitte enough to replace the "Rocket Man" Clemens Yankees play in the "mother hen with chicks" work, this season the Yankees would rather not rocket man, still Pettitte.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Yankees players clean up the lounge his locker

Last year, the month of a 10 afternoon, the Yankees players clean up the lounge his locker, in the Bronx in the air, released into the atmosphere with an atmosphere of uncertainty and instability, because now no one knows the future of the Yankees.

Last year, the Yankees first round of the playoffs in the American League Cleveland Indians were swept out of head coach has been rampant rumors sat substitutions, main players after the game with the Yankees Rodríguez A-Rod, Li Latin America (Mariano Rivera), Posada (Jorge Posada), and pitcher Pettitte (Andy Pettitte), not sure whether it will continue to remain, they seem to come to an end of all operations, but also like just begun.

Two months later, the new head coach of the Yankees 4 star candidates and contracts have been negotiated, and now the Yankees are still the most popular championship 2008 crack one, but also show strong new opportunities. New head coach Qiao Ladi (Joe Girardi), said the Yankees are his strong backing, the time is up, will come forward, this is the fine tradition of the Yankees, on track quickly, he will not feel the slightest accident, because he I believe the team always on the fans, players, coaches and head coach with the necessary resources to provide the best.

Just to maintain the strength of the Yankees and the traditional low cost from time, for the continued stay as outfielder Abreu (Bobby Abreu) this and other star players of the 2008 contract, the Yankees spend as much as 400 million dollars to keep the gold team, but ironically, the Yankees since 2004, by this group of highly paid players sitting on, but never managed to get out through the first round of the playoffs, this year they tried to change fate.
Abreu said that the team has been trying to build an elite force, the Yankees have many experienced players, we all know his work, Qiu group also the future direction, we know the reconstruction of the Yankees dynasty has responsibility.

Looking at the major league, the Yankees lineup this year is still the most luxurious, hard to match, but this year there will be slight changes, as in the past 5 years, 4 RBI over a hundred years of "Godzilla" Matsui, may not re-the-spot start as the Yankees outfielder and designated play I talents, presenting choking phenomenon and the competition more intense.

Qiao Ladi is the history of the first 32 Yankees coach, he has very close relations between the Yankees, he not only was the Yankees, has served as the Yankees ball Yes Channel comments, all the coaches and players on the Yankees if all the palm, it is interesting, the Yankees pitcher and catcher scheduled Feb. 14 to report to spring training camp, when Qiao Ladi still gotta be some young teenager, like Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain), Hughes (Phil Hughes) and Kennedy (Ian Kennedy) and others a little more about yourself.

Qiao Ladi wear the No. 27 jersey back to stir up the Yankees of course the fate of the rudder, seems fate, the Yankees have been off for 7 years without a World Series champion, world champion team history records are still stopped at the 26, "27" is the goal of the Yankees is the threshold at this stage, could lead the Yankees picked Qiao Ladi charged at all Yankees fans have been eagerly hoping for.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

U.S. media reports, is now a free agent before the Sino-Japanese dragon Japanese baseball outfielder Kosuke Fukudome

U.S. media reports, is now a free agent before the Sino-Japanese dragon Japanese baseball outfielder Kosuke Fukudome, the Chicago Cubs next year to report, expand the campaign of Major League Baseball MLB career.

Chicago's ESPN 1000 and the "San Diego Union Tribune" reported that the Cubs get people in this war goes to fight to the last day staff joined the Central League Most Valuable Player.

Major League anonymous quoted as saying, Cubs Fukudome signed a four-year with 50 million U.S. dollars (about 1.62 billion Taiwan dollars) contract.

Tokyo's "Sports Journal" Cubs quoted unnamed sources, pointed out that the four-year contract worth 60 million U.S. dollars, including family members for the Fukudome employ a special translation overhead.

Fukudome told reporters that he had turned down the Yomiuri Giants, including a strong contingent out of the conditions in order to play in the big leagues, but he did not confirm which teams will be settled.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rogers played last season only starting eleven

Major League Baseball MLB Detroit Tigers today, and the 40-year-old veteran lefthander Rogers contract year, expect him to have improved health status, rate of recovery in 2006 the team reached the World Series in the best condition.

Rogers played last season only starting eleven, four negative record three wins, ERA The three provinces. He because the pre-season surgery to remove a blood clot left shoulder, missed six months of the season for nearly half of the race.

Tiger head coach Tang Bulaosiji said: "We are pleased to Rogers next season will once again put on the tiger shirt. With his seasoned experience, will certainly stable starting pitching."

Rogers, the performance of eye-catching season in 2006, Teng board 34 games won 17 wins eight negative results, 3.84 ERA, leading the Tigers playoff qualification other than a card, then won the American League Championship, Chuang into the World Series.

Tigers to a World Series loss to St. Louis Cardinals to four, but Rogers won the series race tiger is the only pitcher.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Major League announced on the 7th season of two Gold Glove Award winner

Major League announced on the 7th season of two Gold Glove Award winner, the clergy, "Masters ball" Maidakesi (Greg Maddux), won 17 career Gold Glove award sure to refresh the Major League record.

41-year-old Michael, in addition to serving time high of 347 wins were cast, the fielding effort is beautifully since 1990 and the International Union pitcher equate Gold Glove Award has been to 2003 arrival in North Hampton (Mike Hampton) interrupted continuous winning record this season is the person with the degree awarded 17 Gold Glove Awards, a new major league record holder.

Union list of winners this year, two of 10 new faces there, including Red Sox first baseman Youjilisi (Kevin Youkilis) to create a 190 consecutive games without error, received the American League Gold Glove Award at first base, third base last year changed from Code 1 Barrier Youjilisi joked: "At first when its forces a base, which is very vexing, and all must start all over again, but this is a great experience."

National League winners include other locations, catcher Tao Qi Mading (Russell Martin), first baseman Derek Lee Cubs (Derrek Lee), Hudson Diamondbacks second baseman (Orlando Hudson), third baseman Metropolitan Wright (David Wright ), shortstop Rollins Philadelphia Phillies (Jimmy Rollins), three outfielders are the Metropolitan Beltran (Carlos Beltran), Philadelphia, Luo Wen (Aaron Rowand) and Yong (Jeff Francoeur).

American League winners were Twins pitcher Santana (Johan Santana), Tiger Luodelizi catcher (Ivan Rodriguez), second baseman Tiger Pulang Ke (Placido Polanco), third baseman Bell sailor Choi (Adrian Beltre), guerrilla Hand Angel Cabrera (Orlando Cabrera), outfield players for the award-winning sailor Ichiro Suzuki, Twins Hunter (Torri Hunter), Indians Saisimoer (Grady Sizemore).

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fogg season record of 10 wins and 9 losses

Pine (soil reaction) Tai astronomical contract signed, the internationally renowned pitcher; Fogg (Josh Fogg) do not know where to, it is difficult to give him the title of crown, what, two hours on the 28th at the Taipei World Series 3 pitched battle, the game has been described as a field "star VS. pawns" of the war.

Of the two, the pressure to win this match has pine (soil reaction) victory for the Red Sox get a license to listen to the absolute superiority, but also to prove his fighting power astronomical; have not let Lori Fogg Angeles into a 0-3 crisis, while the two were to face Rocky home located in Denver, "batters heaven, pitcher cemetery," the ball is too fast test.

"For today, something not thought what the main cast, I may 得 to reinforce the point a bit here," Pine (soil Fan) Touguofanyi said, "I must be noted that to avoid ringing off the hook up."

Los Angeles, after 2 rounds in straight sets, the start task entrusted to Fogg, his 30-year-old, 7 years in the Major League team to be over 3, but obscure, "Two years ago I did not so many opportunities I am not a brilliant record in Pittsburgh, "Fogg said:" Rocky I have a chance. "He scored in the playoffs, Game 2 victory, pitching ERA 1.13

Fogg season record of 10 wins and 9 losses, 4.94 ERA, a career 60 wins, 60 losses, such data does not lean too fat for his contract, ending his season will be a free agent. However, it is worth mentioning that the Red Sox Los Angeles home in June to BACK OFF, he pitched five Board, only lost 2 points, was beaten seven hits, but to help the team defeat the veteran Schilling (Curt Schilling), obtain 12:2 victory.

Star pine (soil reaction) VS. Pawns Fogg 3 of the war, who is the winner? Concern, the answer will be announced on the morning of 28 Taipei time.

Monday, August 2, 2010

When the playoffs seven straight Rocky reversal of the Red Sox run into good performance

When the playoffs seven straight Rocky reversal of the Red Sox run into good performance, it is difficult to predict "variable" will become synonymous with the World Series this season.

Red Sox 22, Indians Liaodao after the play against this year's World Series game code finally settled down to wait at Rocky Yat first cold weather in Boston will face the test of the media's questions, most likely the primary vote scheduled for the first Francis left to vote for a war (Jeff Francis) firm in humor: "I have at home (Canada) played ice hockey, you think I would flake affect you?"

Connected to the Rockies swept the Phillies, Diamondbacks, in addition to the excellent cast to play to play, the fearless fear the tiger, the momentum is the key to success, even in the face the Red Sox home field advantage, cold climate and Fenway Park "Green Monster" (Green Monster) The triple threat, seasoned Kheitan (Todd Helton) and let it be: "No matter how cold the weather, we will only focus on competition, low temperature will not allow the performance of discount Rocky."

Friday, July 30, 2010

Nearly six decades the Indians missed the world championship

Nearly six decades the Indians missed the world championship, and now once again able to challenge one step Cup!

American League Championship Series 17, staged the fourth war, the former Bureau of only four hits and hit one of the Indians, under the fire of five major outbreak, in Blake (Casey Blake), Pelota (Johnny Peralta) 2 red not to lead, a single Board Mengguan 7 points as the foundation, 7:3 defeat the Red Sox wrapped up the series grabbed three in a row, listening to license the Indians 3-1.

Council awarded the first four winds tiger Red Sox "Butterfly Ball Master" Weikefeide (Tim Wakefield), of five on the next play James Blake suffered a solo shot in left field, "nightmare" started this, Indians Single Bureau crazy knocked seven hits, two out Houdikaman (Manny Delcarmen) play to succeed Weikefeide pitch, again suffered a Pelota three bonus not to, Indians 7:0 ahead.

Red Sox strike back on the sixth inning, two bars Youjilisi (Kevin Youkilis) stick out of left field sweep a large wall, Red Sox finally broken egg, "Euler connection" not to be outdone, "Daddy" Ortiz (David Ortiz), Manny Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) Back-to-back solo shot made the last two supplemented, Red Sox into a 3:7 backward recovery Unfortunately, weak follow-up, three-game losing streak forced into an impasse.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pine (soil reaction) play against the Indians twice this season

After the Yankees were eliminated, pine (soil reaction) Daisuke Asia's hope for the fans, for the American League Championship Third war Teng board, pine (soil reaction) not to the effect: "the atmosphere and tension of the playoffs and regular season different, the battle angel, I have tried just normal to look at, but still commit many errors, look forward to tomorrow (the 16th) on the road to good performance. "

Pine (soil reaction) play against the Indians twice this season, winning record and one each for a total investment of 12.2 Board out six main points, Battle ERA is 4.26, and not far from the regular season, but the Indians against groups and not afraid to loose (soil reaction) magic ball, play against as high as 3 percent against 08, pioneer Sesimoer (Grady Sizemore) to face Pine (soil reaction) 8 hit number 4 hits, Battle against rate as high as 5 percent, is loose (soil Anti-) be kept in strict custody of dangerous people.

Indians right-hander scheduled Weiss Brook (Jake Westbrook) fight, the season record 6 wins and 9 losses, 4.32 ERA.

Monday, July 26, 2010

This is not the first time I heard such a thing Torre

Major League Baseball MLB New York Yankees to four to six today, losing to the Cleveland Indians, the third consecutive year in the first round eliminated, it is likely to head coach Joe Torre his job.

Yankees owner Steinbrenner said before the game: "Torre's job at stake, I think we paid him a lot of money, he is the league's highest paid coach, if we can not win the world championship, I do not think we will leave him. "

This is not the first time I heard such a thing Torre, according to reports, 34 years ago, Steinbrenner bought the Yankees, Torre requested nearly a year ago also sacked. Effectiveness of the Yankees Torre years, the longest tenure in the history of the Yankees coach.

Torre, now 60-year-old's contract expires this year, this year's salary of seven million.

Torre also face losing their jobs early in the season situation, when the Yankees in April, a total of 25 games, lost 14 games.

Since Torre took office, the Yankees never missed the playoffs every year, and this year beginning of the season 21 wins from 29 dismal record of failure, stroke reached the wild card, presenting an impossible task.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Yankees overcome the poor record later this quarter decline

Major League Baseball MLB New York Yankees, today called up 40-year-old veteran, "Rocket Man" Clemens is the third war in the first round key command the main cast, hoping to turn the tide in the Last Stand against it by Cleveland Indians sweep.

Yankees season long history repeated difficulties and appalling early season record, but like Daochiganzhe after, when the winning percentage up Zhiwu Cheng-Star Game.

Yankees overcome the poor record later this quarter decline, other than the identity card grabbed playoff tickets, but now in the AL group had been swallowed Liangbai war to zero than the second quarter behind six-game battle the whole time the Yankees lost to Indy Anren.

Indians scored two wins at home after, tomorrow will be to the Yankees site 踢馆, if the Yankees lose again, will be the third consecutive year, was eliminated in the first round.

First round of the playoffs last year, when the Detroit Tigers face the Yankees at the crucial Battle of sending it through the regular season of five rarely Wright starting pitcher, the Yankees finally prove that the wrong moves, Wright would only support more than two Councils hit by Tiger burst end.

This year's key battle was just one year away from the Yankees this bitter experience, decided to send Clemens fight. Clemens career achievements, won the Cy Young Award seven times, had 354 career games total games won, 30 registration plate three times in the playoffs start.

Although Clemens suffered thigh and suffered from elbow pain, in September registration plate only twice, on Sept. 16 played after the Boston Red Sox did not play again, but the Yankees still led the third fight of his optimism pending.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Becket out of the previous game in the playoffs to be traced back to the 2003 World Series

The voice of the American League Cy Young Award this year, the highest Becket (Josh Beckett), really did not let disappointment Boston countrymen, Taipei time on the 4th Red Sox and Angels American League Division Series opener, Becket man guards the pass completely blocked angel blow, the Red Sox grabbed 4-0 5 Halo 3 wins the first victory the system.

Becket out of the previous game in the playoffs to be traced back to the 2003 World Series, when Becket war in the same 6 way to beat the New York Yankees shutout to lead the Florida Marlins win the championship that year.

4 years later, Becket is more wash chain, is also more confident, he finished the game 9-Board took only 108 balls, hit in the four scattered hits, sending 8 Old Mr. Chang K, no walks, to Angel, even the speed can not even play, Angels batter into account the audience at most second base.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

National team relied Chico (Matt Chico) 6 bureau strong cast

Metropolitan rout of the Marlins to 13:0, with 2:4 loss to Philadelphia National, Metropolitan and Philadelphia to play Ping, who made the National League East title, to see the final outcome of a game field season may be.

Metropolitan starting pitcher Manny (John Maine) starting 7.2 Board, 2 walks, 14 strikeouts and only gave up one hit, no loss of points, had 15 wins, his strikeouts are up to 8 years in team history one. Reliever has not been playing any hits, faced down the Marlins, the city's hit-lane run, 19 hits, including three home runs, scored 13 points, in addition to 4 of Council, the Secretary has a fractional revenue.

National team relied Chico (Matt Chico) 6 bureau strong cast, and then from Kedai Luo (Chad Cordero) play the rescue, blocking Phillies beat line, in the attacks, the National Council on 7 team grabbed the 2 points for Philadelphia slugger Howard (Ryan Howard) despite the hit the home run, can not save the situation.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Akinori Iwamura hit the right field for a debut on the far-reaching third base hits

Wang is indeed a "Taiwan" was! Today (27) road against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, pitched 6 Board only lost two points, and 6 strikeouts, a career single-season strikeout Pobai the first time, with the Yankees playing full-line of fire, the last of 12 to 4 victory over rival built earners are in addition to 19 wins for two consecutive quarters, but also lead the Yankees playoff tickets.

Akinori Iwamura hit the right field for a debut on the far-reaching third base hits, while Wang to Weilandiya (Jorge Velandia) play third base balls out, Pei Na (Carlos Pena) still hit a sacrifice fly and returned to the Devil Rays 1 points, Upton (BJ Upton) hits another command, and immediately stolen bases, but fortunately that Yang Jian Tsai En (Delmon Young) only played infield grounder was blocked at first base before.

Second Board under the Norton (Greg Norton) first hits the barrier, but Chien-Ming Wang struck out Gomez (Jonny Gomes), 99 strikeouts this season first hand, and oppression Navarro (Dioner Navarro), Wilson (Josh Wilson ) both hit the infield groundball outs and the successful completion of the first two innings.

Wang, under the three Board Iwamura played second base the earth let out, then struck out Weilandiya, get the season 100th K, this is his first single-season strikeout Pobai, although then send Peina, letting Upton got hits, but re-built to solve Yonge Aberdeen ending, this changed to center field fly ball then killed.

Bureau of the Yankees hit four line finally get angry, Kitt hit the left field home runs in spring, in addition to continuation of screening individuals to 13 consecutive hits off more than one stroke equaled the number of Kano's second base caused by the earth itself out though, they sent Back to the third base runner Ebuleiyou to help the Yankees ahead 2 to 1 against.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Keqi Man (Casey Kotchman) and Iraq all Ellis (Macier Izturis) in section 2 board

In California, Anaheim game, angel season regular season home games the last one, sweeping away the first two game losing streak to the sailor's shadow, ace pitcher Recchi (John Lackey) pitched seven Board, struck out seven batters, two of responsibility loss of points, the performance of high-quality, picked up a career single season of 18 wins (9 lost), while helping Angels 4, the third year in the AL West champion.

"I feel a little like the pride of performance," Recchi pitched in about 7 lost 2 time-sharing bureau said, "I enjoy the main cast in this contest, I want to behave better."

Keqi Man (Casey Kotchman) and Iraq all Ellis (Macier Izturis) in section 2 board or a home run, scored three points and a leader for the Angels to the whistle.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rangers out of the Shi Moke for a 2008 first-round draft pick will be elected to the infielder

Cliff Lee 31-year-old season record 8 wins 3 defeat, defense was only 2.34, and his arrival will make up for Harden (Rich Harden) and Holland (Derek Holland) into the disabled list to vacancies left by. Before the strikeout king, now Rangers president Ryan (Nolan Ryan) said, "I think this deal more to help us, because he is poor and because strength does not eat for a few left to vote. His influence not only the only pitched only other time they are helpful to us. "

Rangers out of the Shi Moke for a 2008 first-round draft pick will be elected to the infielder, Major League season, batting average is not high, only 2 percent 09, and another 8-H and 34 RBIs; brilliant record , being the sailor look. The Rangers got another pitcher Roy is currently on the disabled list, all 11 games this season for playing back-up, record a win 3 lose, ERA 3.48.

As for the other three sailors received minor league players, the pitcher who graduated (Blake Beavan) 10 wins 5 in 2A lost, ERA 2.78, currently in 3A; Lu Yike (Josh Lueke) record this season at the 1A and 2A 3 12 relief wins and 2 losses, ERA 2.11,38.1 Council has up to 62 strikeouts; infielder Lawson (Matt Lawson) in 2A this season batting average is 77 2, 7 H and 34 RBI.

Friday, July 9, 2010

MLB Baltimore Orioles at home against the Florida Marlins

MLB Baltimore Orioles at home against the Florida Marlins, though the Orioles play in the Second Board under the line Kuangguan quarter, but the Marlins a half under the Bureau of relying on the two home runs, tied at one stroke to help the team more than a few , Qi Ju renewed offensive on the Marlins, and closing to 7-5 in the away wins that wins.

Second Board under the Orioles relied on Jones (Adam Jones) hit a solo shot to lead opened the gap to two points, followed by Patterson (Corey Patterson) in one second base when someone hits up on the far right field, one breath swept back to two points, Patterson contributed three runs of the day, is his season so far, the most RBI single field record. But the Orioles starting pitcher Mate Zi (Brian Matusz) in the next Council soon spend half lead, connected by Sanchez (Gaby Sanchez) and Cantu (Jorge Cantu) hit two two-point shot, than the number quickly jumped to the chase into a 4:4 tie.

Qi Ju, the Marlins fire in Mate Zi playing the line again after sending a walk combustion, Polino (Ronny Paulino) at second base was the case, a rod knock to right field, is far reaching, well help Marin points ahead of the fish to fight back. With Houkefulan (Chris Coghlan) Relay fire, this time he hit to left field, but also a stage beyond long-range artillery, it was almost a home run fly out of the wall, the bar with an RBI, the Marlins made six so after Qiju : 4, two points ahead.

Although the Orioles a point in eight innings under the recovery, but no avail, the Marlins nine innings on the add more points, and closing with three straight 7-5 win recently.

Orioles starting pitcher Mate Zi game pitched 6.1 Bureau, was knocked seven hits, lost 6 points, reluctantly swallow defeat war record is now 2 wins 8 defeat, defense rate rose to 4.95.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

History of the current starting 19.1 Board voted 3 games

History of the current starting 19.1 Board voted 3 games, only to be pounded 10 hits, but soared as high as 32 strikeouts, won two wins, defense was only 1.86, showing very well. He is expected to start end of time the U.S. played in the Kansas City Royals week.

Little in the history of Major League fans around the world not only cause concern, leaving the United States to change the original broadcast program table unit is small in order to participate in the history of Major League debut the historic board. While a small history has become a well-known magazine "Sports Illustrated" Cover.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Giants starter Matt Cain was not the win Dodge's life

Loney Dodgers won today is undoubtedly the biggest player, apart from sub-lay ahead, the Dodgers won a Council on the first 1 minute is from the lay by the first baseman, 2 hits, 3 RBI single market for live performance The Bay Area fans vomit to not work.

John Ely is a contributor to the mound in the win, although a Council had not yet completely under the conditions for Aubrey Huff with a sacrifice fly tied the score, but then gradually stabilized, not let the giant overstepped. Ely ball with power to vote 112 7 Council, was knocked five hits and lost 1 point, finally end the recent four-game losing streak, won victory after nearly a month to vote.

Giants starter Matt Cain was not the win Dodge's life, career on the Dodgers entered the game 13 times, record is a miserable 0-for-7 defeat, and today the primary vote fell four points to swallow 5 Board failure vote for Cain continues to be Dodge bullied badly.

However, Dodge did not win but pay a small price, Manny Ramirez in an inning because of sliding back to second base when the injury to his right hamstring and had to exit early break, is currently the team included in the daily watch list.

Friday, July 2, 2010

National Bureau of HKSAR four walks by the Zimmerman began

Inter League Baseball SAR war, the Washington Nationals to three zero once the leading Baltimore Orioles, but the recovery of five Orioles third, eight innings played under De Hada another key hits, and closing the Orioles to four to three Lien swept the three national series, while Chicago's Windy City Lien final three, eight to six win over the Cubs to White Sox; the end of the White Sox's 11 game winning streak. Arizona Diamondbacks Zeyi two to one win over the Tampa Bay Rays.

National Bureau of HKSAR four walks by the Zimmerman began, Wheeling Han-base hit that home run with Bernardi scored the third; but the Orioles of five consecutive base hit Scott with Jones, then Witters, and Moore scored a third up on the hits, eight innings nationals come in Clipa relay, Lugo hit a double play after the hand-check out the arrested, but Patterson scored hits with the De Hada was the fourth consecutive points, swept three people Lien Chan, Clipa swallow defeat the fifth season.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yankees, Dodgers Game 2, the formation of a fierce fight against war

Yankees, Dodgers Game 2, the formation of a fierce fight against war, Kuo aim at No. 6 Bureau of playing back-up, pitched 1.2 Bureau, is not got hits, but also struck out Derek Jeter and strong beat A-Rod, keep Dodgers lead Dodge Finally to 9:4 victory over the Yankees, Kuo brilliant performance also won the season 12th hop.

The high-profile Yankees, Dodgers Game 2, and the former showed a very different war against chatter, a Ju Shangban Kuroda point instability, send the Yankees in a row after the first 2 bars, a high loss pitching, Teixeira can not let go.

Yankees starting pitcher AJ Burnett, recently swallowed four game losing streak, even if his teammates had just helped him earn three points, but soon Burnett Board immediately lost the next 2 hours and a half; Burnett Although the Bureau of the second half in 2 no mistake, but 3 Bureau of Burnett's doing it again appeared unstable point, single Board 4 walks, plus gave up two hits, Dodge breath and then get 3 points.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Torre had the first few days together working hard over the past comrades to eat

In fact, Torre had the first few days together working hard over the past comrades to eat, but the old coach said: "We have to keep in touch, but the best part is you do not need constant contact with you frequently, you can know that this relationship still. "But Torre still not used to the place," For me, strange thing is I will be people who have never been against the confrontation, which is somewhat strange. "

Although including the "four core" players, including most of Huan meet with Torre, but A-Rod is a small number of "exceptional." As Torre left the Yankees after the publication of "Yankee Years" (The Yankee Years) book, he broke the news in private teammates call A-Rod would be a "liar", with Torre in the 2006 American League Division Series , it has the A-Rod's rod plays transferred to 8 bar, making the star third baseman with the old spearheads the relationship is not particularly good, but A-Rod in the interview on the Torre do not wish to talk about things.

When asked whether his relationship with A-Rod bad, Torre did not think so, but the Dodgers general manager said, the book says is something we already know that he intended to harm the A- Rod, but if A-Rod thought, he would feel sorry.

Monday, June 28, 2010

In the June 2 vote in the full game forfeited after Gulalajia (Armando Galarraga) has once again won the win

In the June 2 vote in the full game forfeited after Gulalajia (Armando Galarraga) has once again won the win. He lost the audience pitched six Board 4, under the Code with the successful bullpen leading the Tigers to 6-5 win over the New York Mets. MLB jerseys

Mets starting pitcher Takahashi brutal shelling of today, 4 innings was knocked two home runs, lost six points, to swallow defeat personal season 3 (6 wins).

Jialalajia 3 innings before playing varsity line effectively suppress city, but in the fourth starting position 100, although the force keep the Board out only 1 point, the sixth he threw a second walks, was hit three hits, and then lost 3 points, so the situation more tense. But the Tigers eventually hold our ground, let Gulalajia after four starts, was finally and took a victory this season was 3 wins and 1 defeat at present, ERA 3.68.

Tiger playing varsity line running top 5 Council on long-range missiles, Ouduonizi (Magglio Ordonez) Second Board and win 2 points guns, of five pull this (Ryan Raburn) also made an additional one spring shells, they scored the first five Bureau 6 points, lay Katsumoto.

Tigers Terminator Wei Wadi (Jose Valverde) in 1-point lead, the nine innings for Mets 3 on 3, the successful rescue revenue success of the 17th season, defense was only 0.57 this season.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher Ice could be Pakistan (Kelvim Escobar) because of shoulder injuries

Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher Ice could be Pakistan (Kelvim Escobar) because of shoulder injuries, may not be able to attend this year's season opening game.

Ice can be a shoulder injury after Pakistan after careful examination found no serious injury, Angels expect him to be 100% c recovery, continue to serve as starter missions II.

Angels coach Soscia (Mike Scioscia) said that Pakistan could not keep up with Alstom to start the season, but hope of rehabilitation to make his early comeback, but not this kind of thing urgent.

Ice, now 31-year-old season record to 18 wins last year, Pakistan lost 7, once considered a possible candidate for Cy Young Award winner, is expected he will participate in spring training on Feb. 14 for limited first concentrate fully in activities, and then as gradually adjust the volume of cases concentrate fully.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today, his ball speed gun showed 88 miles to 89 miles

Today, his ball speed gun showed 88 miles to 89 miles, muszyna feel good, he thinks there is such a ball in March, the season should be no problem.

In addition, the Yankees Hideki Matsui is scheduled to be away tomorrow's game against the Minnesota Twins first appearance, he has been among the list.

He said, I have a very good batting practice today, I think I will be ready!

Hideki Matsui, 33, because of right knee rehabilitation allowed him to progress slowly in spring training a bit sick last week and because the neck rest for a few days, now all right.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Clansmen and Villager 24-year-old from the fourth grade (age 9) came into contact with baseball

Clansmen and Villager 24-year-old from the fourth grade (age 9) came into contact with baseball, from elementary school to university has been studying baseball elite, by the end of February 2003 formally joined the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. All the way Major League spring training and minor league game, Sept. 2, 2007 Major League debut, it became the first infielder status within the board of the Alliance of Chinese Taipei. About how to promote baseball in China, Clansmen and Villager said: "a high level of baseball games on television a great impact on the children, of course, the exemplary role of star quite effective, like the NBA's Yao Ming. In addition, from the grassroots start, for example, the high level of professional coaches, please teach children how to play, develop their interests and hobbies of baseball. "cherish and for the same job and his dream of a small baseball player who Clansmen and Villager's proposal was" lots of hard practice! . "

Field of Xiao-hu humble again some modesty in the face many of the media are appropriate, fluent in Chinese and English turns on stage. Out of the locker room of the Clansmen and Villager players immediately surrounded by a group of fans, 11 met, signed autographs and posed for the request, Xiao-hu hastily boarded the team bus. The state of the preseason is a good signal recovery in the hope that Clansmen and Villager can play better in the professional Major League results.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Would allow him to play the fifth rod is a very important reason is to let him hit

Would allow him to play the fifth rod is a very important reason is to let him hit the left can be interspersed among the pile of the right to play, if Kosuke Fukudome hit the second stick, then beat Cubs to the seventh line from the third bar bar would be the right play.
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Pinilla will be home tomorrow's game against the Chicago White Sox try to be adjusted, Kosuke Fukudome in Japan, often playing the third rod, spring training, during which he hit third or fifth rod rod 16 games against the rate of 2 percent 05, Kosuke Fukudome hit if the second stick, then his utility would not be the same.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spent after the first two of weakness

2, the Athletics appeared offensive, Kurt Suzuki hit the first after a base hit, although Daisuke Matsuzaka settled after two batters, but the face of Ellis and Barton also appeared in four consecutive balls, but fortunately the Cass Special strikeouts, before resolving to continue to lose points off a crisis, the Board, Daisuke Matsuzaka facing six batters, still with 30 balls, casting their first two, has spent 60 balls, before the game, Red Sox team is expected to only vote for Daisuke Matsuzaka 90 balls.

Spent after the first two of weakness, Daisuke Matsuzaka returned to normal. 3 to 4 batters below, 4,5 are the two Councils on three under three, so that hampered the offensive Athletics. Daisuke Matsuzaka cast a total of 5 Board, faced with 23 seats to play with 95 balls, 51 for strikes, lost 2 points are ERA, became a candidate losing the war.

6, the Red Sox sent Asian Capital (Dustin Pedroia) base hit, Youkilis (Kevin Youkills) walks Luomanruizi (Manny Ramirez) base hit to send Asian Capital and Youkilis hit back to home plate a ratio of 2:2 to recover into a tie. Moss added something base hit, hit back to home plate to Luomanruizi get 1 point, 3-2 lead against the Red Sox, Daisuke Matsuzaka pitching losing the war to some sort of relief.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wang started the season last year because of strained right thigh

Wang started the season last year because of strained right thigh, April could not play most of the time, but he was able to catch up with the progress of the previous year, 30 starts, 19 wins, 3.70 ERA, but also cast the highest single season 104 career strikeouts.

Wang also said he would call back to Taiwan to tell her mother the good news!

Because the class has identified the opening battle starting pitcher, in order to protect him, so today's the last time in spring training What is the first hair is on the Tampa Bay Ray's minor league 1A team, he voted more than 5 Board, with a 89 ball, of which 60 were strikes, and was beaten six hits and lost 5 points, 4 points are earned run, walked 1 struck out 3 times.

Most of the missing points are there in the first 6 Council, the top 5 vote of the Board Wang actually very good, very effort of only 66 balls, he admitted after the game, 6 Bureau of him a little tired, so pitch high, and peace, and Wang said, what those young ball command, whether low, high, or the exterior angle interior angle.

Chien-Ming Wang this year in spring training Grapefruit League game 4 starts, 2 wins and 1 loss record, pitching 10.2 Board, ERA of 8.44.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Royals starting pitcher Gelin Ji (Zack Greinke) outstanding performance

Detroit Tigers vs. Kansas City Royals, three series, the third war, the Royal team of 5 to 4 and 4 to 0 and won the first two victories.

Royals starting pitcher Gelin Ji (Zack Greinke) outstanding performance, the main cast Qiju beaten six hits and lost 1 point, struck out three batters, threw two bad plays four walks, pitcher to win, ERA 1.29, record 1 win 0 lose. Tigers starter Bonderman (Jeremy Bonderman) pitched 6.1 inning hit eight hits and lost 4, struck out one batter, threw four bad 2 walks, swallow defeat cast, ERA 5.68, record 0 wins and 1 defeat.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The sixth inning, the Cardinals captured the second one out

The sixth inning, the Cardinals captured the second one out, second baseman, second baseman Kennedy (Adam Kennedy) hit an RBI first base hits, tied for points of attack have.

Eight innings, the Cardinals third baseman Gelao Si (Troy Glaus) in two out of first and second with runners on circumstances, hit with two RBI doubles.

Cardinals whistle is to beat the Astros 5 to 3 teams with the current game in three wins and 1 loss, 1 draw. cheap mlb jerseys

Cardinals second pitcher Ruiya Si (Anthony Reyes) has been cast to play a three-hitter Council no loss of points and the win. Astros third pitcher Jerry (Geoff Geary) to vote for a Board to be hit two hits and lost 2 points, this pitcher losing the war.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fight, the Rangers hit six hits, shortstop Young (Michael Young) 3 hits

Fight, the Rangers hit six hits, shortstop Young (Michael Young) 3 hits and 1 RBI hit number 2, center fielder Hampton (Josh Hamilton) 3 number 1 hits and two RBI hit. cheap MLB jerseys Orioles hit three hits, catcher Hernandez (Ramon Hernandez) 4 number 1 hits and a RBI hit.

An end, the Rangers by 3 to 1 victory over the Orioles were the first dual match wins, three with the Orioles team race and the war into 1 to 1 tie.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Fight, the Rangers hit six hits, shortstop Young (Michael Young) 3 hits and 1 RBI hit number 2

Fight, the Rangers hit six hits, shortstop Young (Michael Young) 3 hits and 1 RBI hit number 2, center fielder Hampton (Josh Hamilton) 3 number 1 hits and two RBI hit. Orioles hit three hits, catcher Hernandez (Ramon Hernandez) 4 number 1 hits and a RBI hit.

An end, the Rangers by 3 to 1 victory over the Orioles were the first dual match wins, three with the Orioles team race and the war into 1 to 1 tie.

Friday, May 28, 2010

For more serious illness Zhang parent?

For more serious illness Zhang parent? Qiao Ladi not disclosed, but the number of days to leave uncertain terms, should be very ill.

Message 1, the Yankees have always quite popular with the Chamberlain, his teammates have expressed concern about the meaning to him, Chamberlain grateful I also hope that people who care about him, to respect the privacy of their families, let him focus on his father who Do not let his father take care of distractors.

Chamberlain's father, 55-year-old, long ride electric wheelchair, in the opening game this year, the Yankees have been busy with his son went to New York to see a race, so far may be myelitis and confined to bed, Qiao Ladi appeal concerned parent who wishes Zhang can, not to disturb them, perhaps, over 3,4 days later, Chamberlain could rejoin the corner.

Currently, the Yankees pitcher to the right Jonathan Albaladejo from 3A to call back, temporarily replace Chamberlain.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The league's lowest ERA Kansas City Royals today in Seattle

The league's lowest ERA Kansas City Royals today in Seattle, Steps to the Plate, by sailors belted 13 hits, and closing the Royal to lose to 6:11, MLB jerseys two teams each win a Second Lien Chan.

Royal left the game start to vote Bell (John Bale), or not, although his teammates made a Jushang Ban on 1-0 lead, but he only support the 3 Bureau was hit seven hits, 5 points are lost ERA, Bell (3 wins 0 lose) again to swallow defeat.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Kameng Na (Fausto Carmona) pitched 6.2 inning hit seven hits and lost 1 point

The Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers, two games the second series, the first Tigers to 13 to 2 victory over the Indians.

Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Kameng Na (Fausto Carmona) pitched 6.2 inning hit seven hits and lost 1 point, pitcher to win, 2 wins and 1 loss record, the next three Indians pitcher has a smooth check the task completed, the total blockade against the Tigers, not beaten hits and no loss of points. Tigers threw a no hitter last year, starting pitcher Wieland (Justin Verlander) the main cast of five was hit seven hits and lost 5 points, to swallow the failure to vote, record 0-for-3 defeat.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Phillies pitcher either 2 Gordon (Tom Gordon) when the registration plate 7

Phillies pitcher either 2 Gordon (Tom Gordon) when the registration plate 7, when the Maya in a row starting pitcher was hit 2 hits, share of 1,3 runners on base. But Gordon struck out immediately Ge Wen (Tony Gwynn), but the ball feel good catcher Iskandar (Jason Kendall) walks on the base MLB jerseys, Brewers bases loaded. But the next bar Vickers (Rickie Weeks) Gordon has been struck. Then again, Ka Bole (Gabe Kapler) 1 play ball, pass first base by shortstop out the assassination, Phillies scare through the 7 Board.

8, the Burrell 2 out, 2 in the base when the Brewers play either No. 2 pitcher Rui Siji (David Riske) within the partial fast ball to left field, a two-base hit, the capture of 2 minutes into the match victory RBI.

Brewers Rui Siji swallowing defeat (0 wins and 1 loss), the Phillies pitcher is Gordon (1 wins and 2 losses).

Friday, May 21, 2010

An end, the tiger team of 6 to 2 victory over the Yankees get two wins game three with 0 lost record

An end, the tiger team of 6 to 2 victory over the Yankees get two wins game three with 0 lost record.

Tigers starter Bonderman (Jeremy Bonderman) pitched 7.2 inning hit five hits and lost 2 points and pitcher, record 2 wins and 2 losses. Yankees starting pitcher Pettitte (Andy Pettitte) pitched six innings were played seven hits and lost a maximum loss of 5 points this season set a record, swallow defeat cast, record 3 wins 3 defeat, the game is Pettitte Since July 2000 to face the Tigers at Yankee Stadium, the first defeat, before the record is 5 wins and 0 lost.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Third inning starting pitcher rupah out again in the second one

Third inning starting pitcher rupah out again in the second one, third base with runners on the case, hit first base with an RBI hit, rupah three hits and an RBI hit number 2, get 1 4 bad walks, running Back to home plate get 1 point. 3 Bureau, the Rocky team an out with runners on third base, center fielder Teweiruisi (Willy Taveras) roll to hit and a sacrifice RBI.

Of five, the Rocky team catcher British Neta (Chris Iannetta) spring home run MLB jerseys .

Eight innings, the Cardinals center fielder An Kaier (Rick Ankiel) also hit home runs out of spring, the Cardinals team leading 6 to 2, Rocky team.

Nine innings, the Rockies team full counterattack, captured a second out, second base, the British doubles within the tower with 2 RBIs, British number two within the tower four hits and three RBI to play, shortstop Barr Smith (Clint Barmes) and then also hit base hit with an RBI and just 1 more than the number of tracked points, but ran out of steam.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Major League teams have a victory in Formula One

Major League teams have a victory in Formula One, which is a starting pitcher in a relief pitcher + + Terminator = a victory, but the way Arizona's starting pitcher Weber (Brandon Webb), seems to be non-existent, but also necessary.

Weber, quarter to date, starting 8 games, cheap MLB jerseys 2 games complete cast, the other six games despite poured out to vote, but at least at least six Council also voted, and when Weber walked off, the team are in the leading state, until the game the end of Weber are winning pitcher, that is, Weber has been with eight wins this season, look at all the Major League pitcher this season, no pitcher can be game winning streak to eight games, but 8 wins is the most wins at this stage pitcher, so far, only one Weber has that record.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

As for the fourth field of candidates may start before the Tigers lost more than 6 points 3 Board of Kei Igawa

As for the fourth field of candidates may start before the Tigers lost more than 6 points 3 Board of Kei Igawa, and the recent improved performance Rui Sile (Darrell Rasner) on the New York Mets in the first start, another choice Igawa is skipped, so Rui Sile according to schedule, the first final of the light.

As for the Yankees and the Tigers rescheduling the date, muszyna said the team has two choices -7 24 months or 1 September, if it is on July 24, then the Yankees will play in the Star break with 27 games , but after the end of home games to Detroit to play Le a and immediately flew to Boston and the Red Sox started three Lien Chan, said the Yankees would prefer muszyna is September 1 meeting, because the Yankees from the original schedule After September 2, to even the playing nine-game road race.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Peyton (Jay Payton) hit the reverse slam home run

Baltimore Orioles arrived today, one home runs over the Boston Red Sox 2 home runs, Peyton (Jay Payton) hit the reverse slam home run, gave his former team the Red Sox's four most recent losing streak and closing gold Orioles 6-3 come from behind, the Red Sox swept the series with two out, and this is the Orioles since July 2005, the first time the Red Sox two straight.

Orioles starting pitcher Cabrera (Daniel Cabrera) pitched seven MLB jersey inning today to make 10 hits, but only lost three points, including the Red Sox captain Weiruitike (Jason Varitek) in five Jushang Ban, and Flor (Mike Lowell) in the six Jushang Ban blasted a spring home runs each, so after 6 Jushang Ban Red Sox still lead 3-0.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nine innings, the two maintain a ratio of 1, the Yankees designated hitter Hideki Matsui singled no one out

Nine innings, the two maintain a ratio of 1, the Yankees designated hitter Hideki Matsui singled no one out, however, superstar A-rod, and first baseman Jason Giambi (Jason Giambi) have been striking out the Yankees for on his competition as the starting left fielder Abu Rui worry (Bobby Abreu) pinch, Abu Rui worries send the Yankees by four bad one, second base with runners on second baseman Cannone (Robinson Cano) hit the Goodbye hits.

At an end, Yankees 2 to 1 victory over the Orioles in three series and get 2 wins and 1 loss record.
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Diamondbacks center fielder Young (Chris Young) also played in a Glavine a hair spring home run

Diamondbacks center fielder Young (Chris Young) also played in a Glavine a hair spring home run, Glavine was hit slam home run in after being replaced, and bore the battle lost (2 wins and 2 losses).

Warriors in the game only starting pitcher Owens (Micah Owings) hit six hits, is a base hit, not one long play, Owens voted 6.0 Bureau, lost 3 points, 2 points is self-blame points, 2 wins season win (2 losses).

The game is both Lien Series 3 of 4 war, Diamondbacks 2 wins and 1 loss team is leading the Warriors.
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tigers starter Bonderman (Jeremy Bonderman) performed very well in fact

Tigers starter Bonderman (Jeremy Bonderman) performed very well in fact, before the 7 Bureau does not lose points until the second half of an out after eight innings, leaving two runners on base exit, relief pitcher Kuxi Ta (Francisco Cruceta) bad child, knocked two hits and lost by 2 points higher than the number of tied, Bonderman pitched 7.1 Board 7 strikeouts cast, was beaten six hits and lost 2 points, quality starts and not get the win.

Bottom of the ninth tiger third pitcher Lopez (Aquilino Lopez) in two out after the 2 walks planted Active Role, finally hit a goodbye hits Matthews, Lopez (2 wins and 1 loss) to swallow lost war, Santana (7 wins and 2 losses) is a beautiful win season 7 victory.
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Monday, May 10, 2010

As of June 24, U.S. time, the League of Nations a leading player in the current votes are as follows

As of June 24, U.S. time, the League of Nations a leading player in the current votes are as follows: first baseman for the astronauts Berkman (Lance Berkman), currently about 50 million votes of the poor leading Cubs Lee (Derek Lee) and Cardinals general Hou Sri Lanka (Albert Pujols); second baseman for the current National League players were the highest vote of all the Phillies Wu Teli (Chase Utley), he has broken two million votes; third baseman for the Warriors this season against the fiery Jones (Chipper Jones); shortstop for the Marlins Luomanruizi (Hanley Ramirez), but the astronauts Tejada (Miguel Tejada) following closely behind, only about 70,000 votes behind; catcher for the Cubs Sordo (Geovany Soto); outside Fielding, the leading group of four players for the Cubs Shaliyanuo (Alfonso Soriano) and this year it was moved to the big Union was overwhelmingly positive fan Kosuke Fukudome, reached a career year, the Red H-600 small Griffey (Ken Griffey Jr. ), Brewers Brown (Ryan Braun), the 4 votes to close and competitive. mlb jerseys

Friday, May 7, 2010

New York Yankee catcher George Posata Wednesday in Manhattan

New York Yankee catcher George Posata Wednesday in Manhattan, received arthroscopic surgery. Surgeon is a doctor David Eteqieke. Posata will begin in four to six weeks rehabilitation program. As Posata failed to remove from the injured list, Yankee decision in Monday Posata surgery. July 20, he made a pinch. This season, he never entered before the injury list. Fragile shoulders so he also could easily be rivals use. His April 28 to June 3 has been doing pinch.

Increasingly heavy burden on the right shoulder, after being diagnosed with tendinitis rotation. This season, Posata combat was 0.268,3 homers and 18 RBIs. Do pinch in July, he was mainly to combat and first baseman. Jose Mo Lina any catcher position. mlb jerseys

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sunday, Warriors relief pitcher Rafael

Sunday, Warriors relief pitcher Rafael. Shaliyanuo as tennis elbow was placed in 15 injured list. This is his third time this season the disabled list. Would be 3A Warriors pitcher Francis Ray. Bounaud rise up to replace him. Francis Ray. Brno, 27, played in 17 games, starting 12 games, 2 wins and 5 losses, 5.02 ERA rates. Monday, he will join the Warriors in San Francisco. Shaliyanuo, this season there only 14 games, 0 wins and 1 negative, 2.57 ERA. His Saturday's game against the Milwaukee Brewers, the rescue of a Council vote, the feeling does not aggravate the elbow. Prius Field from his hand, hit a two-run homer. Warriors lost the match by 2:4. Since July 21 from the injured list, he voted five Bureau, lost 2 points. Since early in his elbow tendinitis last season missed 45 games. This week, doctors will assess him again. Have not yet arranged for his magnetic resonance imaging.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Kaier's return

Missed because of abdominal strain after 11 games, St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Richard An Kaier recently returned soon. Thursday's interview, An Kaier not talking about the topic of the injury. Cardinals manager tonila such as Caesar Daoshi on some, he said he was satisfied with the progress of An Kaier. If the slugger could be back this week, this will greatly promote the next game against the Chicago Cubs. "He performed well," pull, such as Caesar said, "I hope he can match yesterday, but seems not work. He ran very fast today. He has permitted as a designated hitter playing the. Three dozen seats in a one base hits and walked one. this season, his batting average is 0.282,22 homers and 60 RBIs.

An Kaier's return

Missed because of abdominal strain after 11 games, St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Richard An Kaier recently returned soon. Thursday's interview, An Kaier not talking about the topic of the injury. Cardinals manager tonila such as Caesar Daoshi on some, he said he was satisfied with the progress of An Kaier. If the slugger could be back this week, this will greatly promote the next game against the Chicago Cubs. "He performed well," pull, such as Caesar said, "I hope he can match yesterday, but seems not work. He ran very fast today. He has permitted as a designated hitter playing the. Three dozen seats in a one base hits and walked one. this season, his batting average is 0.282,22 homers and 60 RBIs.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Dodge's strong line of accomplishment to play pitcher

Of course, the Dodge has built a strong line play. Let us look at Dodge's offensive, one out, the Dodgers in hits, walks and touch the ball itself captured bases loaded, two points Luomanruizi played second base security, Dodge continues to capture the second, third base, James. Lonely singles hits and then get two points, lonely opportunity on the second base; catcher Russell. Martin hit a base hit, when the lonely back to home plate by contacting; two outs, Kacy belted two-run homer, Dodgers 1 Council scored six points. cheap mlb jerseys

Dodge's strong line of accomplishment to play pitcher. Derek has just gone through the two-game losing streak. Derek Lowe got the win this time. The most recent game, the pitcher gave up eight hits. This time, he pitched 6.1 inning hit five hits, walked 1, won three strikeouts, lost 3 points, 9 wins 10 lost record. Career record against Phillies are 4 wins and 1 negative.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Bottom of the first angel's leading sailors 29 another 1 / 2 games

Look at the AL West in the list. Bottom of the first angel's leading sailors 29 another 1 / 2 games. "We're not satisfied with the level of the team now." Yibananzi said. He played the game, 5 seats four hits, including two doubles, and his 19 home runs, this home run as the team won the 3 points. mlb jerseys

"Rui Geman every game under immense pressure. He told us that you have the power to become a strong team, you should be playing for the win." Yibananzi said.

Need several games such as Wednesday night to establish sufficient confidence for the sailors. 08 sailors do not give up the season.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Detroit Tigers relief pitcher Tao Deqiong Williams then put the list of 15 injured

Sunday morning, the Detroit Tigers relief pitcher Tao Deqiong Williams then put the list of 15 injured, this is because the right shoulder pain. Tao Deqiong out of Sri Lanka, where just two days.

Over the past three seasons, Jones has been the trump card slot Terminator. Until last month, he missed two weeks because the right shoulder inflammation. Tigers manager Jim Leyland hopes to come back when he let his warm-up easy to vote for a Board, rather than directly facing the end.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In the Monday night game play against the Texas Rangers

In the Monday night game play against the Texas Rangers, by Gary Sheffield's two-run homer is not just a figure scoreboard. His first 493 career home runs, making his major league home run rankings, and good friends Mickle Grieve and Greg draw land-the Hall of Fame.

The seventh inning, Sheffield into combat zone, this time Carlos at first base. 2 good 2 bad, he hit a home run to stick the left of the line. This was his 13th of the season home runs. The Board overtake Tiger score of 4 points. mlb jerseys

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This error was discovered the former Twins player Danny Hawking's

The problem is not uniform, is the spelling error. In front of his shirt is written "MINNESTOA".

This error was discovered the former Twins player Danny Hawking's. He was at home watching TV, he suddenly found some strange Yiforuite shirt. In the control of the other players jersey, he to a court attendant angel sent a message. So when Yiforuite defensive end in the fourth, after, Mike McCormick has been ready for him the correct spelling of a shirt.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Schools also have two weeks starting now

Schools also have two weeks starting now. Now, a teacher will no doubt attract the attention of students. Will, a secondary school teacher, in Saturday night's Orioles home game, she lucky to become the first million Orioles audience. She will receive a generous reward and punishment. Before the celebration in honor of her, and she also received a 10 million dollar reward and a five-year Orioles ticket sales, as well as Saturday night game VIP treatment, including the finest acts. mlb jersey

This is happening in her first year of the course to the Orioles, and she did not know in advance the event. "It has been feeling the paparazzi photographed," the surprise in that calm, she said: "my life has never been done. I never speak in front of so many people. I can only imagine that all men are Middle School Students. "

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sailors fought back in three and a half of motion under Council home starting pitcher Mel

Hernandez did not start smoothly, and John Hannah Chinese will match the eighth ball into the right field bleachers to make activist obtain a 1:0 lead. Municipal Councils, Hannah Han is a runs, the ball in the right field home run boundary formation of the end of the pin. The Athletics third baseman to three dozen seats two home runs and Hernandez ended the duel, and now he was faced with nine to play Sailor's career has five hits in the seats. "The first ball is a high fastball; the other is a good ball," Hernandez talked about the two home runs, "he said in good form today." wholesale mlb jerseys

Sailors fought back in three and a half of motion under Council home starting pitcher Mel. The left vote to get rid of the top six batters, two walks, but he started the third set, then a right fielder Miguel Kairo far-reaching over the right fielder hit Mill Adam Hughes, hit the home plate wall, forming the third base two RBI hits. Ichiro Suzuki's infield hit to lead him back to home plate the first run.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Recchi Board in three major suture with the second ball

Recchi Board in three major suture with the second ball, in order to reduce the number of pitches, this trick worked. He cast a total of 98 balls, five strikeouts and no walks.

"He's pitching like usual so hard," Athletics manager Bob Green said, "He has been dominant in number. He is pitching like a good pitcher as well." mlb jerseys

Recchi also due to the attack and be inspired angel. Angel's attack tonight into the Great Depression, was recently the fourth time in 12 games scoring 5 points or less. "This two-day race like the melee, feelings, and today nearly 10 games before," said Tory Hunter, "we face the difficulties of combat. The third, the angels would have 4 points, from such early This lead to us very comfortable to play. "Hunter's performance this evening I hit 3 of 4 hits, 1 RBI. Mark ‧ Takesila first hit a runner in the next minutes, then Hunter's base hit then let's use the next points. Hunter with Hoon. Rivera's sacrifice also points back to home plate. But Hunter's accident at the third base does make angel shocked. An outfield pitcher Gregg Smith, a long pass was intercepted, and then toward third base, is sliding into third base in the Hunter have hit by the ball helmet.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In the major leagues, few teams have three catcher also appear in the active list

In the major leagues, few teams have three catcher also appear in the active list. There are few salaried team total of 1.16 million U.S. dollars at the end of the regular season still a month from the time the list has been out of the playoffs outside. wholesale mlb jerseys These are sailors in the unique performance of the season.

Looked at three catcher - City Island, Kenji, Jeffrey. Clementine and Jamie Burke - are on standby in the lounge area, head coach were in formations on Jim to be struggling, Who do catcher? Who does the designated hitter? Who bench? Three of them do not have a combat strength has been stable with playing online, so Ruige Man before a decision is to consider other factors.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Melvin also believe that should not be one since July 10 did not waste the opportunity

Melvin also believe that should not be one since July 10 did not waste the opportunity of a relief pitcher down the role from the Terminator, his rescue was successful in all 6. 30 times this season, his 25th successful rescue opportunities. cheap mlb jerseys

"I think there is no relief in his most recent opportunity to circumstances, I should not squeeze him down." Melvin said. Perhaps most importantly, Melvin knows that if he now can not continue to do so Lyon, Terminator, he will no longer be able to be seen Melvin. In addition, Melvin recalled the first half of the season, when Chad. Qualls and Tony. Pina difficulties, he and they stood together. Now both are doing well and the fans even think they will replace Lyon.

"I think I should show confidence in him," Melvin said, "He is an important part of the team. I think I have to do things that benefit the team. At this point, today, he is a Terminator . "

Friday, April 16, 2010

Luomanruizi shot in the third 3-run homer

Luomanruizi shot in the third 3-run homer. The fifth play from the hands of the Warriors Badi first base hit. One out later, guyot Tiffany. Sordo ball to center field, Mark ‧ Coser not take killing out to form a base hit, Luomanruizi security back to home plate, but his reckless sliding that he was injured. He left the game with pain. "I can not calm down," Luomanruizi said, "I was very serious, or even impossible to breathe, but right now.

Luomanruizi's home run was his first 20 this season. In the last five seasons, his play against Cubs results, there are at least 20 home runs, 30 two-base hit. He has been since the 1926-1930's Hank Wilson first person to do this result.

Atlanta Braves in the NL East with 55 wins, 66 lost a record fourth, behind first place New York Mets 10 games.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Maidakesi the game pitched 5 2 / 3 Council, the loss of two points

Priest's top three hitters got hits scored easily. "I do not want to compete with friends," Maidakesi said, "It makes me uncomfortable."

However, soon into the game Maidakesi state. He found the right pitch position, resolved to take over the 18 batters in 17. But the sixth consecutive doubles to head coach two weeks to see Tor him to board the mound. Although Park's absence due to child birth, Cory. Weide succeeded in the sixth, Kuo perfect aim at the performance of seven or eight Board, Jonathan. Braxton scored 11th save.

Maidakesi the game pitched 5 2 / 3 Council, the loss of two points, won four strikeouts and no walks. His performance this season is 7 wins in 11, in Dodge's record is 1 win and 2 losses.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Yankees would like to record a breakthrough in A-Rod, Tucker is the key Xue pull RBI

In the quarters, General Manager Brian Cashman announced the reinforcement after the Yankees this season's lineup basically settled. The main run Yankees News senior reporter Bryan Hoch that the Yankees If you want a breakthrough in the record, absolutely have to score 789 points more than last year, Mark Teixeira and A-Rod will naturally become the team score of "Key Men".

Last year the Yankees scoring backward than in 2007 (968 points) a drop of nearly 200 points and ranked in the AP also only the first 7 in the middle, so season for the Yankees dig heavily Tucker Xue pull, hoping his offensive power to increase the Yankees scoring. Hawk believes that the Yankees this year, playing center line with Tucker Xue pull and A-Rod, in such a "fatal compilation" plus, he believes the team can not only score than last year, may even exceed 07.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

When Billings in the National League Championship Series Kutun Lee 2 game losing streak

Derek Lowe and Brad Penny in one after another leaving the team, the team lacks leadership qualities of the pitcher, and Torre that Kuroda has such qualities, I believe he will fare better than last year's performance this year. Kuroda vote last year pretty good 3.73 ERA, but only 9 wins 10 lost record, and his timely performance in the playoffs to make up for Billings Lee worse - performance.

When Billings in the National League Championship Series Kutun Lee 2 game losing streak, the black field real-time to come forward out of Game 1 against the Phillies lost only two points winning field victory of the playoffs to keep Dodge vitality, and his entire season down after the tournament record 2 wins 0 lose, defense was only 1.46, is not nothing like the player played the playoffs.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This is the Hughes 1st career game as a relief pitcher in the season

This is the Hughes 1st career game as a relief pitcher in the season, starting the past, when the 93 miles (150 kilometers) around the ball, yesterday soared to 95 miles (153 kilometers), Girardi is the performance of the Hughes satisfied that in addition to ball, the ball and curve ball Carter also did a very good investment.

Hughes said he did not care to stay bullpen, at least this year, "I do not think that was my final plans next season, but it is my role now." Hughes said: "I just want to do my work, help the team win. "

Yesterday, the Yankees scored by home runs, including Shi Weise shot and Tixie La 2 points, Damon and a solo bomb Kitt. Yankees new stadium to play in 29 games, there have been 105 home runs last year, the old Yankee Stadium all season there were 160 home runs.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Obviously his great contribution to the Packers team

Could it be said: "That is what we are considering, we will use the appropriate method to respect him. Obviously his great contribution to the Packers team, we are confident that we will use a special way to express."

In this month announced his retirement after the Faffe spoke out of the public life, he said he was not sure to what extent to integrate into the team.

Fyffe said: "I will watch the game? I believe I see. I can fit in? I always joke that when the coin to come. To really like it, so be it."

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Brady came two touchdowns, in particular section 4 da array passed to Wilke

Maroni outstanding running back to play again in the Patriots passing attack is blocked, the ball 122 yards 25 times Chong, 1 touchdowns. In particular, his red ball only 6 times the first half, 16 yards, only 2.7 yards per red ball. 19 washed out the second half, the ball 106 yards, an average of over 5.6 yards per red ball.

Brady came two touchdowns, in particular section 4 da array passed to Wilke, finally Patriot distance with lightning, so that home viewers had been slightly relax the strained heartstrings.
Patriots in the playoffs two games shows that it also has shortcomings, would give opponents an opportunity to surprising flaws. Opponents must seize the aircraft and touchdown, but also play to their best level of the audience will bottom out mistakes, or just throw in the towel life. Moreover, Patriots in a game exposed so many flaws is very little chance.

Patriot will be the final week of the Super Bowl and regular season match for the giant encounter, a giant in that game played well, and finally passing by Lay was anti-cut, and eventually led to Patriots touchdowns to three points wins. The playoffs, the only pass is not being anti-Giants quarterback cut by Knight.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Walking on the ground change the League of Nations attack by the Vikings

Walking on the ground change the League of Nations attack by the Vikings rookie running back red ball 39 yards, won the first attack, another red ball four yards, 34 yards forward to the AP office. Seahawks quarterback Hassel beck play, long pass 15 yards to the Packers took over outside the Driver, and then passed 17 yards long Cooley Redskins Tight touchdowns. The League of Nations to score more than 27 Zhuizhi 21. The first half end of the game.

The second half AP little contribution, the four attacked only won a penalty in the first round. The League of Nations was three touchdowns, leading to final victory.

Section 3, the National League Hassel beck repeatedly pass succeeded finally by a Vikings running back Peterson sprint 17 yards up the left side of array. The League of Nations more than 27 go-ahead for the first time 28.

AP by the addition of Browns quarterback Anderson in command, the League of Nations two defensive fouls fined a total of 30 yards, Midland 11 yards directly from the League of Nations began to attack, Anderson could not pass up front, one has to Penalties ending. AP 30 to 28 again, go-ahead. AP scores ended.

Also changed by the addition of the League of Nations into an all-star quarterback Garcia play, pass intercepted by anti-AP, but the AP three unsuccessful attack, only Punt. The League of Nations to be the ball the right side 20 yards from the attack.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Poor dolphins so that Bill's offense looked powerful

Dolphins 17, Bill 38

Poor dolphins so that Bill's offense looked powerful. Rookie quarterback John Edwards went so far as the four touchdowns passes, brave exception. Bill the previous single-game quarterback came four touchdowns or three years ago. Not only that, Bill's two running back of their red ball more than one hundred yards, Jackson 115 yards, Lynch rushed 107 yards. Bill's defense also performed well, 4 sack two plays against cut-off passes. Dolphins rookie quarterback to play Becker on just one mistake, just pass was for the two end. Substitute play of Raymond two passes were intercepted. Dolphins may be not only the worst team this season, and may even be the worst NFL team in recent decades. Dolphins with the same partition of the Patriots NFL logo represents the level of polarization. Bill is currently 7 wins 6 losses, compete for a wild card there is a glimmer of hope.

Pirates 14, Texans 28

Viking performed well last week, quarterback Luke - Macaulay was the fourth sack, a second clean sheet in this field have not been able pass touchdowns. Texas quarterback linen were the main injury and only started two games from seven years starting in Rosenfeld, 3 passing touchdowns, the Pirates won the championship in Southern District, was delayed a week.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Moss 4 touchdowns

Outside the New England Patriots to take over RANDY MOSS, New York Jets defensive end SHAUN ELLIS and outside the Denver Broncos took over / Punt return to hand GLENN MARTINEZ attack were elected for the 2007 American League season, the first 11 weeks of the best offense, defense and special services group of players.

Best offensive player: Patriot outside Landimosi take over the

In the Patriots 56-10 victory over the Buffalo Bill which would rewrite the record of 10 wins, 0 negative competition, Moss served as a pivotal role. He then passes a total of 10 times 128 yards (an average of 12.8 yards per), and access a single field 4 touchdowns passes hit his career and the history of the club record. He was in the first half of the four touchdowns also tied the NFL's first half, then passing touchdowns record, prior to the record of Luoyigelin (ROY GREEN) on November 13, 1983 hit. In section I, Moss completed his 13th season passing touchdowns access to more than STANLEY MORGAN Patriot player single-season record 12 touchdowns passes access records. At present, Moss then to 1052 yards passing in the league lead, which is from the 2001 season TROY BROWN, the first time a Patriots player was leading in the statistics.

Moss from Marshall University, this year is his first 10 professional seasons. This is his 6th week elected the best, also in back to back games for the second time elected.