Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The team performance did not make the boss down

Yankees and the light of the season last four Lien Chan, the first battle Gelandesen (Curtis Granderson) coming down a single field Pom 5 RBI, under the sixth inning the Yankees scored four points breakthrough finally beat the Yankees to 8:6 light, even for four good luck out war.

Before, the Yankees also announced the death of the boss George Steinbrenner bronze statue, Yankees, after the end of this year's season total to retire the Dodgers manager Joe Torre (Joe Torre) are to live together in honor of the name Yankee.

The team performance did not make the boss down, just joined this year's Gelandesen first and win the next three Board 2 points artillery, under the sixth inning tied both cases, Jana (Brett Gardner), surville (Francisco Cervelli), base Special (Derek Jeter) three consecutive hits, the Gelandesen they hit the 2 points guns, under sixth inning the Yankees scored 4 points, lay Katsumoto.

Yankees starting pitcher Nova (Ivan Nova) 1 min before the 5 Board is not lost, only to be knocked a hit, but in the sixth inning encounter turbulence, 2 hits, 1 walks lost 3 points, 5.2 boards were today knocked three hits, and finally has nothing to do with victory or defeat.

Light starting Jahaza (Matt Garza) 5 bureau was pounded eight hits and lost 7 points, 9 swallow defeat this season, starting the last 3 games, with 14 Authority was pounded 26 hits and lost 17 points, defense rate from the original 3.68 to 4.01.

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