Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yankees first baseman Board relied on the other two Ellis (Mark Ellis) mistakes

Yesterday, the New York Yankees (31) to 11 to 5 victory over the Oakland Athletics, today let off the diamond to play the same line of activist young pitcher Massaro (Vin Mazzaro), the first 4 H Council, under his hand from 9 points to help vote Hughes was some tumble (Phil Hughes) won 16 wins (6 lost), and closing the Yankees won 9 to 3, won the last four in a row, with the Tampa Bay Rays lost to the Toronto Blue Jays, the Yankees now independent Home Eastern maker, the end of brilliance and eight days together, and shared top spot.

Yankees first baseman Board relied on the other two Ellis (Mark Ellis) mistakes, and Jorge Posada (Jorge Posada) 3-base hits and scored 3 points, 3, 4, Sino Swearingen Aircraft Bureau Xu (Nick Swisher), Gelandesen (Curtis Granderson) and Tucker Xue La (Mark Teixeira) turns fire. Xue pull this season, Tucker made 30 runs, the team scores appended to 9 points ahead of lock victory, but also to the confusing H Massaro.

Hughes was the starting five to play four Security Council, cast as many as five walks, even the 5 Council have voted almost endless, but fortunately investment support to get the win box, and teammate firepower to get the win. Hughes is a major league pitcher averaged the most points supported teammate pitcher, the degree of happiness envy of others.

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