Monday, July 26, 2010

This is not the first time I heard such a thing Torre

Major League Baseball MLB New York Yankees to four to six today, losing to the Cleveland Indians, the third consecutive year in the first round eliminated, it is likely to head coach Joe Torre his job.

Yankees owner Steinbrenner said before the game: "Torre's job at stake, I think we paid him a lot of money, he is the league's highest paid coach, if we can not win the world championship, I do not think we will leave him. "

This is not the first time I heard such a thing Torre, according to reports, 34 years ago, Steinbrenner bought the Yankees, Torre requested nearly a year ago also sacked. Effectiveness of the Yankees Torre years, the longest tenure in the history of the Yankees coach.

Torre, now 60-year-old's contract expires this year, this year's salary of seven million.

Torre also face losing their jobs early in the season situation, when the Yankees in April, a total of 25 games, lost 14 games.

Since Torre took office, the Yankees never missed the playoffs every year, and this year beginning of the season 21 wins from 29 dismal record of failure, stroke reached the wild card, presenting an impossible task.

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