Friday, August 6, 2010

Major League announced on the 7th season of two Gold Glove Award winner

Major League announced on the 7th season of two Gold Glove Award winner, the clergy, "Masters ball" Maidakesi (Greg Maddux), won 17 career Gold Glove award sure to refresh the Major League record.

41-year-old Michael, in addition to serving time high of 347 wins were cast, the fielding effort is beautifully since 1990 and the International Union pitcher equate Gold Glove Award has been to 2003 arrival in North Hampton (Mike Hampton) interrupted continuous winning record this season is the person with the degree awarded 17 Gold Glove Awards, a new major league record holder.

Union list of winners this year, two of 10 new faces there, including Red Sox first baseman Youjilisi (Kevin Youkilis) to create a 190 consecutive games without error, received the American League Gold Glove Award at first base, third base last year changed from Code 1 Barrier Youjilisi joked: "At first when its forces a base, which is very vexing, and all must start all over again, but this is a great experience."

National League winners include other locations, catcher Tao Qi Mading (Russell Martin), first baseman Derek Lee Cubs (Derrek Lee), Hudson Diamondbacks second baseman (Orlando Hudson), third baseman Metropolitan Wright (David Wright ), shortstop Rollins Philadelphia Phillies (Jimmy Rollins), three outfielders are the Metropolitan Beltran (Carlos Beltran), Philadelphia, Luo Wen (Aaron Rowand) and Yong (Jeff Francoeur).

American League winners were Twins pitcher Santana (Johan Santana), Tiger Luodelizi catcher (Ivan Rodriguez), second baseman Tiger Pulang Ke (Placido Polanco), third baseman Bell sailor Choi (Adrian Beltre), guerrilla Hand Angel Cabrera (Orlando Cabrera), outfield players for the award-winning sailor Ichiro Suzuki, Twins Hunter (Torri Hunter), Indians Saisimoer (Grady Sizemore).

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