Sunday, January 31, 2010

2009 New computer virus Ultra 20 million

Kingsoft Internet Security Inc. has released a report, in 2009, Kingsoft intercepted a total of 2068.4 thousand new viruses and Trojans, as compared with five years ago, an increase of nearly 400 times. One, IE home page tamper-like virus for the first time the top ten viruses in the first, becoming in 2009, "Du Wang."

The report, "computer virus epidemic in China in 2009 and Internet Security Report," the documents show that in the new viruses, Trojans still bear the brunt of the additional amount of up to 1522.35 thousand, accounting for all viruses of the total 73. 6%. Hackers and risk procedures followed by the back door. These three viruses constitute an important part of the black chain.

At the same time, the website linked phenomena of horses increased significantly. From 2009 onwards, Jinshan network shield hanging on the web page to conduct a comprehensive monitoring of horses. According to incomplete statistics, the year a total of 839.37 thousand detected a hanging horse websites. In addition, the number of fraudulent phishing sites category in 2009 was also the second half of rapid growth, only 12 months, Jinshan Net Shield intercepted a total of up to more than 10,000 phishing Web site.

Over the past year, hackers, viruses, Trojan horses producers "survival mode" is also changing. Virus "development" has appeared in a wide range of trends, such as "Panda burning incense" "gray pigeons" and other high-profile attacks, selling less and less of the virus, but the cat, ringworm downloader, BMW download, file folders disguised by the Also, the "hidden-type" stubborn virus, frequent, while small-scale, targeted Trojan horses have become the mainstream of a new virus family.

The report also shows that in 2009, Kingsoft intercepted a total of 8.44 billion in more than a virus attack, there were about 76 million computers infected with viruses, including Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong ranked the amount of viral infection in the country's top three, the amount of infection infection in the country's total volume of 25%.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

United Nations officials said the person in charge has a secret meeting with the Taliban

BEIJING, January 29 Xinhua According to foreign reports, as a signal to speed up the peace process in Afghanistan, a UN official said 28 of the United Nations on behalf of the organization has the leaders of the Taliban in Afghanistan held a secret meeting to discuss the possibility of lay down their arms sex.

As a summit on Afghanistan held in London in response to the UN official told reporters early in January this year, the United Nations special envoy will be with some Taliban leaders had met in Dubai. He said the Taliban organization in the meeting proposed to lay down their arms after the effective protection can be, and will not be sent to secret prisons.

This is the United Nations officials said the Taliban leaders and the first real sense of the talks, but he did not reveal the secret meeting with more details.

As in the past nine years, the war in Afghanistan suffered heavy losses, and the Taliban militants active in recent years, there are trends in the United States and the European Union in turn hope that through other means to solve the increasingly complex Afghan political and security situation.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai said the Taliban will be members of the Organization to provide financial assistance and work opportunities to encourage them to lay down their arms

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Xue Jianing Cucumber Yogurt Body Method

The eyes of a woman would dream of becoming the most dazzling star of all, when you have a fascinating figure, every angle is looked perfect, of course, became the focus of everyone's attention. Life at home Xiaobian 360-degree specially designed for you to create the perfect weight-loss plan, healthy weight-loss diet will be all kinds of information together, to help you have a perfect body!

Do not look good thin condensate is now a small, she disclosed that the university's own, but a little fat, the University women's dormitory where the food is simply a mini-supermarket, bar girls together, chatting days put the colored snacks children have to kill, and had never been seen very uncontrolled. Filming of "Pink Lady", the Ha Mei's role required her slim down quickly. So good condensate to reposition itself in killer --- cucumber yogurt meal, eating it every day, within 10 days minus 10 pounds weight mad. Since then, however, also left a legacy, and she no longer dared to uncontrolled eating things.

Cucumber yogurt, lean 10 pounds weight loss 20 days

Experienced the good crazy weight-loss condensate, natural health, weight loss about how to have their own set of views. After the first fasting day, get up and drink a big jar of honey lemonade, help the body eliminate toxins.

Xiangshou In addition to eating less, but also exercise to lose weight to match. Jogging and swimming must be more than half an hour before burning fat, if it is to do sit-ups, then we want to open the legs, so that heel as close to the buttocks, this is the most effective way abdomen.
She also advised the girls want to lose weight, do not pursue excessive body lean, healthy is beautiful.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jolie, Pitt circulated as to avoid harassment, throwing 1 million to purchase high dungeon house

Pitt and Jolie split rumors never stopped, the recent news that Jolie Pitt in order to avoid harassment at a cost of 700,000 pounds (about 7.71 million yuan) in the U.S. bought a villa there are dungeons.

Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po" message, both Jolie Pitt broke up the incident did not come out and explain the details and instead they came out to friends around his own interpretation, there is that in fact the two had agreed to cool for half a year, so that both sides have a buffer period, only then is there a chance again later. Another friend said two human unchanged.

Recently, another news that Pitt spent £ 700,000 buying a villa there are dungeons. The source said that Pitt had fancy villa for a long time, but now only buy it was because he wanted to have a place of his own. "He needs a girlfriend Angelina Jolie is not the quiet place, where a person can let him think next plan is to how to do."
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Apple's fiscal 2010 first quarter net income rose Nearly half of

LOS ANGELES, January 25 Xinhua subject to iPhone handsets and Mac computer sales surge driven ended December 26, 2009 of the 2010 fiscal year first quarter, the U.S. Apple's net income reached 3.4 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of nearly 50 %.

Apple's 25, announced that its first quarter 2010 net income per share, equivalent to 3.67 U.S. dollars, while its net income in 2008 over the same period about 23 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 47.8%.

The quarter, Apple sold 8.7 million iPhone handsets for the same period last fiscal year sales doubled, while sales of Mac computers rose 33%. Apple's quarter, a turnover of 15.7 billion U.S. dollars, representing an increase of 32% a year earlier.

However, Apple's iPod sales quarter is only 21 million, down 8%. Although the company last fall updated the iPod.

Nano mobile phone and adds color video camera features, but because of its iPod function of iPhone products received by the market, resulting in iPod sales at risk.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said in a statement the same day in 2010, Apple will have a series of "strong" new product launch, this week will launch the first new members.

Despite the financial crisis, background, Apple with its best-selling single products still maintain a high profitability. 2009 fiscal fourth quarter, the company net profit increased by 47%, about 17 billion U.S. dollars.