Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Taste of Romantic the Beauty of Art

15 said: The Birth of Venus
Period: 1879
Creator: Adolphe William Gros, France
Specification: 299.7cm × 217.8cm
Materials: fabric paint
Keep possession Office: Paris, Orsay Museum
Bouguereau's this one "The Birth of Venus", in the same subject matter of painting has its own uniqueness. He imaginative composition, is to create a sudden and devastating fantasy, the same time have a realistic means of modeling, the reality of the goddess Venus, idealistic, gives a sense of intimacy. Most importantly, he used the romantic approach, the organization of reality and non reality, man and God, the sky and the ground such as spatial relations and the relationship between the characters, gives a magnificent and exotic art of feeling, gives a taste of romantic the beauty of art.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Vortex of Love: Love the Artist to Indulge in Rossetti's Life

Rossetti almost his entire life to indulge in the vortex of tragic love. Theme of all his paintings, are associated with the image of love and women, can be divided into three stages: the first stage, mainly with its sister Christina as a model, created works of some religious themes, such as Raphael in 1849 to participate in sent before the first painting exhibition, "St Mary's Girls" (1848-1851, the possession of London, Tate Gallery), and the second year of the exhibition "Annunciation" (also known as "Aisianxi Colorado Minnie ",1849-1853, the possession of the Tate Gallery, London). "Annunciation" is a classic work of religious themes, images simple and dignified, with bright white paint for the whole center of gravity, to the messenger before holding lily symbolizes heaven-sent angel to take the gospel to fly from the open windows in white Pigeon symbolizes the birth of Christ. The atmosphere was very solemn the whole format, although his face haggard, but the Virgin beautiful manners. Although as a sight to behold religious plot to show, face painting, but not religious atmosphere, but full of human touch. Here, Rossetti symbolic religious subjects to give the details and color, reflecting the ideal Pre-Raphaelite paintings. Rossetti's paintings from the early, we can feel his personality inherent in an art that he likes to use oil painting depicting poetic.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Skills of Painting and Appreciation of Famous Art

Here, a small idea into a stroke, and these ideas are the same size, and that frame the greater the larger of these ideas, they are in strict accordance with the proportion of the canvas, because the visual mix needs a certain distance be carried on, so these colors on the canvas and takes the audience with their own eyes a mixture of naturally generated special effects, so that the color on the canvas to achieve the most striking degree of harmony. According to expert analysis, Seurat's color and set the cloth to make it come out on the quantitative calculation of the ratio of the object. Such as the painting medium shot on the grass, in accordance with distant views of the sub-configuration, the forest density and the configuration of the sun's intensity, there will be a number of different types of turf with natural color green strokes, some interaction with the green The complementary color of dark red strokes, some from day one exactly light orange brush strokes, and some shed on the grass close to the sun in different "regions" of the stroke, and compared according to both methods, all of these components and their proportion with the sun's radiation and reduced to maintain a balance.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Keep the Faith, Bent - Balthus and the "Rest of the Naked Girl."

A girl without any scruple showing their tender bodies, she lazily leaning on the chair, the whole body as if Huarong General - simple, natural and innocent. Her dynamic, her body, and the complex world of stark contrast. Screen, the girl Weibi eyes, as if had gone to sleep, and the dynamics of the entire body, letting the audience feel that this is an edge in adolescent girls. Even such subtle movements seem to tell or remind the audience, in front of the girl is moving into her adolescence, like a flower, Hanbaoyufang. And also the nature of the symbol. In fact, this delicate and sweet theme of adolescent women is almost a Balthus painting throughout his career, almost all of the canvas, his brush strokes are easy to describe with the potential of consciousness. "Rest in the nude girl" is his most representative works.
Balthus show in the youth on the superhuman talent, many of the early years of famous works of popular appreciation, held in Paris in 1934, the first personal exhibition, carefully painted to reflect real life filled with dream-like atmosphere, to the audience impressed. In addition, Balthus is not a law-abiding artists, he adventurous character, keen on making a shocking incident, as his early social explosions that have a "scandal work", which has caused great controversy, but also brought him a very a great honor, so that he became famous. He made no secret of this recognition of their own ideas, he said: "I think as soon as known, so I want to paint some of the paintings to shock everyone." Balthus liked to accumulate layer after layer of color, like murals generally rough . As this piece, as in the simple lines and colors in the white side showing a mural-like heavy sense, but also produce a psychedelic atmosphere. Balthus never received formal training, but many of his works of masters from the ancient inspired, self-taught. He was European critics hailed as the greatest 20th century painters of the West, especially his work no traces of contemporary style; we re-watch this piece, as if it is distant from the step into the modern era of painting.