Sunday, July 31, 2011

Infiltration of the Art of Mind to Enjoy

Korean painting as a modern home in the timeless classic, much the majority of consumers. Expression in landscape painting, Korean artists portray the most pristine natural style, will be fresh and pure atmosphere of art unfolding, bringing the viewer a different visual experience, is a Korean painting has broad market prospects, very collection. Let us into the Bo Baby Jane mall, enjoy the two Korean landscape paintings, which feel the unique charm.
Oil paintings porcelain making money online miscellaneous jade artists Bo Baby Jane mall for consumers to show the North Korean landscape paintings are all fine to make, at every level of screening, screening, pricing, in order to show friends in the vast treasures in front of Bo, the quality of quality have a higher guarantee, and a wide range to meet your different appreciation, collection needs. This "common river with Treasure Island" depicts the beautiful riverside scenery of ordinary, common center of Pyongyang by Jiang Liu, is a tributary of the Daedong River, River to normal, "the river is clear, beautiful scenery," is known for painting clever picture composition, showing a kind of extension of the beauty, feel the way the performance of the distant hazy and humid air in the atmosphere, float in the air leaves the United States rendering a romantic mood, describe in the leaves on the use of mottled texture strokes, the picture looks very aesthetic, spiritual invasion.
Oil painting artists, ceramic hybrid Jade making money online landscape painting is a classic contemporary decorative art, whether classical or modern style home, North Korea has to meet consumer demand for oil in the boutique for. Bo Baby Jane mall in this "Mudanfeng Park" depicts a small woods at noon in the park, woods road extending the distance, in the trees, grass, stone bench and detailed tracing, the use of leaves mottled texture processing, highly dynamic , everything is bathed in warm sunlight, the screen light treatment is in place, people feel the spring season, as if to hear the birds twitter in the forest, flying, ground flowers to add some romantic color, the picture looks gives the viewer a wonderful fresh natural beauty, interpretation of the decorative style.