Sunday, March 28, 2010

Walking on the ground change the League of Nations attack by the Vikings

Walking on the ground change the League of Nations attack by the Vikings rookie running back red ball 39 yards, won the first attack, another red ball four yards, 34 yards forward to the AP office. Seahawks quarterback Hassel beck play, long pass 15 yards to the Packers took over outside the Driver, and then passed 17 yards long Cooley Redskins Tight touchdowns. The League of Nations to score more than 27 Zhuizhi 21. The first half end of the game.

The second half AP little contribution, the four attacked only won a penalty in the first round. The League of Nations was three touchdowns, leading to final victory.

Section 3, the National League Hassel beck repeatedly pass succeeded finally by a Vikings running back Peterson sprint 17 yards up the left side of array. The League of Nations more than 27 go-ahead for the first time 28.

AP by the addition of Browns quarterback Anderson in command, the League of Nations two defensive fouls fined a total of 30 yards, Midland 11 yards directly from the League of Nations began to attack, Anderson could not pass up front, one has to Penalties ending. AP 30 to 28 again, go-ahead. AP scores ended.

Also changed by the addition of the League of Nations into an all-star quarterback Garcia play, pass intercepted by anti-AP, but the AP three unsuccessful attack, only Punt. The League of Nations to be the ball the right side 20 yards from the attack.

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