Monday, August 30, 2010

Strong beat Manny Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) in the days of Dodge in today's (30) after a few days ago he was transferring into the list

Strong beat Manny Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) in the days of Dodge in today's (30) after a few days ago he was transferring into the list, immediately recruited a number of teams expressed interest in the Alliance officially announced by the American League Chicago White Sox won the right to receive, Manny is willing to give up the "no trade clause", returned to Midland to join the White Sox, and his final battle in the blue cap challenge referee corps, finally playing catch up.

Manny into transferring the list, Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays and White Sox have announced the "receiving", in accordance with the provisions of the record "worst" of the White Sox win, now the team record of 70 wins, 60 lost, in the American League Central transient second, the Twins 4 games behind the first half margin of victory.

Dodge now has three options, one transaction, the second is to Mannila the alienation list, three are strong free way to allow this to play leave the club. Major League official website that the Dodgers can not get any from the White Sox in front of a player, but Manny left the South Chicago have the burden of the 4.3 million U.S. dollars salary. Rumor, Manny came to the new team if it may be required to extend the contract, to avoid becoming a free agent.

And Manny for the Dodgers is the last of the embarrassing end of the Rockies Board on a 6 out of bases-loaded, total manager Joe Torre (Joe Torre) he comes pinch, the other angle of the strike vote to go out, Manny to say a few trial immediately after being played in time, before the end he recited; Dodge was forced to and back to Johnson (Reed Johnson) pinch, hit a deadly double-kill results, offensive momentum lost, the final 5 to 10, Los Angeles defeat Denver.

Manny Torre said that he would start some puzzled, "I am (in the offensive and defensive alternate) angrily walked into the locker room, I asked how he's going, he said, so out of love, then the ball is bad ball』 , then I would have to ask the trial, the results and what he said even as Manny, I am disappointed that he drive out the players. You can not compete in the district or at any time to do so, not to mention the game is full of tension. I went back locker room, for my attitude to Manny apologize. "

July 2008 Dodge from the Red Sox in exchange for Manny, the team from his 96 against 3 percent rate, 17 H and 53 RBI to lead the task impossible under the reach not only into the playoffs, also entered the National League Championship . Manny two years, a race in the Dodge 222 games, 22 against 3 percent rate, 44 home runs and 156 RBIs, playing in 30, he has not even sit 4 games back seat.

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