Friday, August 13, 2010

Yankees players clean up the lounge his locker

Last year, the month of a 10 afternoon, the Yankees players clean up the lounge his locker, in the Bronx in the air, released into the atmosphere with an atmosphere of uncertainty and instability, because now no one knows the future of the Yankees.

Last year, the Yankees first round of the playoffs in the American League Cleveland Indians were swept out of head coach has been rampant rumors sat substitutions, main players after the game with the Yankees Rodríguez A-Rod, Li Latin America (Mariano Rivera), Posada (Jorge Posada), and pitcher Pettitte (Andy Pettitte), not sure whether it will continue to remain, they seem to come to an end of all operations, but also like just begun.

Two months later, the new head coach of the Yankees 4 star candidates and contracts have been negotiated, and now the Yankees are still the most popular championship 2008 crack one, but also show strong new opportunities. New head coach Qiao Ladi (Joe Girardi), said the Yankees are his strong backing, the time is up, will come forward, this is the fine tradition of the Yankees, on track quickly, he will not feel the slightest accident, because he I believe the team always on the fans, players, coaches and head coach with the necessary resources to provide the best.

Just to maintain the strength of the Yankees and the traditional low cost from time, for the continued stay as outfielder Abreu (Bobby Abreu) this and other star players of the 2008 contract, the Yankees spend as much as 400 million dollars to keep the gold team, but ironically, the Yankees since 2004, by this group of highly paid players sitting on, but never managed to get out through the first round of the playoffs, this year they tried to change fate.
Abreu said that the team has been trying to build an elite force, the Yankees have many experienced players, we all know his work, Qiu group also the future direction, we know the reconstruction of the Yankees dynasty has responsibility.

Looking at the major league, the Yankees lineup this year is still the most luxurious, hard to match, but this year there will be slight changes, as in the past 5 years, 4 RBI over a hundred years of "Godzilla" Matsui, may not re-the-spot start as the Yankees outfielder and designated play I talents, presenting choking phenomenon and the competition more intense.

Qiao Ladi is the history of the first 32 Yankees coach, he has very close relations between the Yankees, he not only was the Yankees, has served as the Yankees ball Yes Channel comments, all the coaches and players on the Yankees if all the palm, it is interesting, the Yankees pitcher and catcher scheduled Feb. 14 to report to spring training camp, when Qiao Ladi still gotta be some young teenager, like Chamberlain (Joba Chamberlain), Hughes (Phil Hughes) and Kennedy (Ian Kennedy) and others a little more about yourself.

Qiao Ladi wear the No. 27 jersey back to stir up the Yankees of course the fate of the rudder, seems fate, the Yankees have been off for 7 years without a World Series champion, world champion team history records are still stopped at the 26, "27" is the goal of the Yankees is the threshold at this stage, could lead the Yankees picked Qiao Ladi charged at all Yankees fans have been eagerly hoping for.

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