Monday, November 1, 2010

But the crisis is a turning point

But the crisis is a turning point, Lewis moved to Japan in the 2008 baseball season, the effectiveness of the Hiroshima Carp, but did not expect two consecutive years, won the Central League's strikeout king, and Lewis in the day job, "Resurrection" performance for old club again He noted, which can be pre-season this year with 2 year contract to return to Rangers.

Lewis to return to Rangers recall, Michael Young, said: "When he (Lewis) came back from Japan, he changed for the better ball, and the same is that he is still a fighter, every pitch will be those firms, This is what you will want the defensive players behind him. "

Included with the game, Lewis in the playoff race this year, 4 games, 3 wins and 0 lost cast, the success rate of 1.71 ERA, who has major league pitcher can not see tomorrow, Zhongyu Ao over, the team's starting rotation to become key players.

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