Friday, May 28, 2010

For more serious illness Zhang parent?

For more serious illness Zhang parent? Qiao Ladi not disclosed, but the number of days to leave uncertain terms, should be very ill.

Message 1, the Yankees have always quite popular with the Chamberlain, his teammates have expressed concern about the meaning to him, Chamberlain grateful I also hope that people who care about him, to respect the privacy of their families, let him focus on his father who Do not let his father take care of distractors.

Chamberlain's father, 55-year-old, long ride electric wheelchair, in the opening game this year, the Yankees have been busy with his son went to New York to see a race, so far may be myelitis and confined to bed, Qiao Ladi appeal concerned parent who wishes Zhang can, not to disturb them, perhaps, over 3,4 days later, Chamberlain could rejoin the corner.

Currently, the Yankees pitcher to the right Jonathan Albaladejo from 3A to call back, temporarily replace Chamberlain.

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