Monday, July 19, 2010

Akinori Iwamura hit the right field for a debut on the far-reaching third base hits

Wang is indeed a "Taiwan" was! Today (27) road against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, pitched 6 Board only lost two points, and 6 strikeouts, a career single-season strikeout Pobai the first time, with the Yankees playing full-line of fire, the last of 12 to 4 victory over rival built earners are in addition to 19 wins for two consecutive quarters, but also lead the Yankees playoff tickets.

Akinori Iwamura hit the right field for a debut on the far-reaching third base hits, while Wang to Weilandiya (Jorge Velandia) play third base balls out, Pei Na (Carlos Pena) still hit a sacrifice fly and returned to the Devil Rays 1 points, Upton (BJ Upton) hits another command, and immediately stolen bases, but fortunately that Yang Jian Tsai En (Delmon Young) only played infield grounder was blocked at first base before.

Second Board under the Norton (Greg Norton) first hits the barrier, but Chien-Ming Wang struck out Gomez (Jonny Gomes), 99 strikeouts this season first hand, and oppression Navarro (Dioner Navarro), Wilson (Josh Wilson ) both hit the infield groundball outs and the successful completion of the first two innings.

Wang, under the three Board Iwamura played second base the earth let out, then struck out Weilandiya, get the season 100th K, this is his first single-season strikeout Pobai, although then send Peina, letting Upton got hits, but re-built to solve Yonge Aberdeen ending, this changed to center field fly ball then killed.

Bureau of the Yankees hit four line finally get angry, Kitt hit the left field home runs in spring, in addition to continuation of screening individuals to 13 consecutive hits off more than one stroke equaled the number of Kano's second base caused by the earth itself out though, they sent Back to the third base runner Ebuleiyou to help the Yankees ahead 2 to 1 against.

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