Friday, June 11, 2010

Wang started the season last year because of strained right thigh

Wang started the season last year because of strained right thigh, April could not play most of the time, but he was able to catch up with the progress of the previous year, 30 starts, 19 wins, 3.70 ERA, but also cast the highest single season 104 career strikeouts.

Wang also said he would call back to Taiwan to tell her mother the good news!

Because the class has identified the opening battle starting pitcher, in order to protect him, so today's the last time in spring training What is the first hair is on the Tampa Bay Ray's minor league 1A team, he voted more than 5 Board, with a 89 ball, of which 60 were strikes, and was beaten six hits and lost 5 points, 4 points are earned run, walked 1 struck out 3 times.

Most of the missing points are there in the first 6 Council, the top 5 vote of the Board Wang actually very good, very effort of only 66 balls, he admitted after the game, 6 Bureau of him a little tired, so pitch high, and peace, and Wang said, what those young ball command, whether low, high, or the exterior angle interior angle.

Chien-Ming Wang this year in spring training Grapefruit League game 4 starts, 2 wins and 1 loss record, pitching 10.2 Board, ERA of 8.44.

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