Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chile, after the earthquake many institutions and people flock to website for information and help

A strong earthquake occurred in Chile and may result in the edge of the Pacific Ocean after the tsunami destruction, rescue organizations, government agencies, businesses and many people are Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other services Web site to find and provide information and help.

As Haiti's catastrophic earthquake to do so, Google launched a Chilean version of the People Finder application. Users can search for or offer by Saturday's 8.8 earthquake personnel information.

In addition, Google has also established a crisis on Chile's response to the disaster site. People can at that site uses Google's Checkout service to UNICEF and the international relief organizations to donate directly. The crisis response website also Google's YouTube, maps and news services such as information and resources with Chile Earthquake linked together.

As usual, whenever a time when global events took place, Twitter site will continue to publish the information. In addition to the people to the latest information and ask questions, the relief organizations also provide some guidance, such as the Chilean Red Cross, through their own accounts CruzRojaInforma to provide guidance.

In the Facebook site, web pages and groups continue to remind people that posted links, photos and video, as well as find information on the earthquake and possible tsunami information. It is also able to in the Facebook search box, enter keywords such as Chile, or tsunami, to see individual releases like Twitter-style status update. sites and some TV channels reported that Chile earthquake and tsunami information.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nokia, Intel join forces to push cross-platform operating system MeeGo

The MWC2010 conference, the world's largest mobile phone maker, Nokia, Intel co-dominant chip industry, announced plans to high-end smart phone software platform LinuxMaemo with Intel's Linux version of Moblin software platform integrated to form a new operating system called MeeGo The system is expected to be applied, including mobile computers, network book, tablet PCs, connected TV and other electronic products, and automotive infotainment systems.
Novell, Intel's business partners that Moblin is an easy-to-software, is expected to rapidly enter the PC market, will be subject to a number of people who are looking for Windows alternatives favor, giving rise to market confusion. Compared with other Linux versions of the competitor, Windows now account for more than 96% of notebook market share of software sales. Moblin also in smart phones and other "pocket" on the device to use the Internet, so Google Android operating system have also been the danger of being replaced.

Maemo is Nokia's top-level operating system, brands, Maemo is an open source software-based software platform for mobile devices, Symbian OS to compensate for some of the congenitally deficient. Maemo is mainly to serve traditional mobile phone functions do not have the network terminal, but the Linux kernel due to its characteristics, would easily be ported to high-end notebook computers and other devices.

In the conference, the two companies MeeGo as Intel's Moblin and Maemo Nokia combination of body, saying it would be the greatest advantage of the most optimized open-source approach and to minimize the complexity of the development, as well as differences. At the same time in order to consider compatibility, maximizing the compatibility of the previous development tools, thus the birth of a third-party program, compatible MeeGo, Symbian, Maemo, and several other operating systems. Meego system will be released in the second quarter of this year.

Nokia also said, Meego introduction of the system does not mean that companies will abandon Symbian. Symbian system in the past two years by the rival great impact, but not much self-improvement, allowing developers to this platform in the development and application of greatly reduced interest.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Google won the disputed domain name

According to foreign media websites reported, Google recently to the World Intellectual Property Organization to submit a request to transfer the disputed domain name Google Inc., Google wins domain name dispute.

It is reported that Google is the world's most popular search engine. Google registered the "Google" logo, disputed domain name to be confused with the Google logo. Open the disputed domain name constructed sites marked above the google logo, information display site is under construction. The plaintiff said that the defendant maliciously registration and use of the disputed domain name.

Finally, the disputed domain name holder does not have to defend the arbitration panel under the Google elements of the evidence submitted, which will determine the disputed domain name transferred to the complainant, Google's success in winning domain name disputes.

Previously, Google disputed domain name back to the success of the arbitration,,,,,,, and

Friday, February 19, 2010

Google officially announced the completion of the On2 total value of 124 million U.S. dollars acquisition

According to foreign media, February 20 report, the global search engine giant Google Inc. announced this week five, has formally completed On2 Technologies, Inc.'s Acquisition, while the deal a total value of approximately 124.6 million U.S. dollars.

Under the proposed transaction, On2 all of the remaining common stock will exchange 0.15 U.S. dollars per share in cash, 0.0010 shares of Google Class A common stock or cash equal manner the conversion.

Google in August 2009 the company has said it plans to complete all-stock transaction, the total size of the transaction, compared with 106.5 million U.S. dollars. According to the time the original program, share On2 common stock will be worth 0.6 U.S. dollars for the replacement of Google Class A common stock. If the transaction in accordance with the original program, then Google for On2's offer in relation to trade the last trading day before the announcement of the closing price of the premium rate of 57%, while the deal was announced the first six months compared to the average closing price of the premium rate was about 62%. And if the time be extended to deal announced 10 months, then the Google offer a premium rate will reach 70%. According to the program at that time, swap ratio has been determined to be 0.0010. That said, On2's common stock held by shareholders can rely on each exchange 0.0010 shares of On2 common stock shares of Google Class A common stock or cash equal.

In the January 1, 2010, the two sides to further modify the terms of trade. To remove the original On2 common stock share exchange 0.0010 shares of Google Class A common stock, convertible outside the same proportion, On2's stockholders also will receive 0.15 U.S. dollars per share in cash subsidies.

On2 is headquartered in New York, its proprietary technology platform and video compression / decompression software is widely used in personal computers, wireless devices, set-top boxes and other equipment. As of this week, five's close, On2 shares to close at 0.6882 U.S. dollars per share, compared with the previous session down 0.0056 U.S. dollars, or 0.81%; Google shares to close at 540.76 U.S. dollars per share, compared with the previous session down 2.46 U.S. dollars, or as 0.45%.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dell 334 million fourth-quarter net profit fell 5 percent year on year

Dell today announced the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2010 financial results. Report shows that, due to strong sales of notebooks, Dell's fourth-quarter net profit and revenue growth than last year, but gross margins were slightly lower than analysts expected.

Ended January 29 of this quarter, Dell's net profit of 3.34 billion U.S. dollars, compared with same period last year net profit of 351 million U.S. dollars fell 5%; earnings per share of 17 cents, a year earlier earnings per share of 18 the United States points. Excluding one-time items, Dell's fourth-quarter earnings of 28 cents per share, the results topped analyst estimates. Thomson Reuters survey, analysts on average expected earnings per share for the fourth quarter of Dell's 27 cents.

Dell's fourth-quarter revenue of 149 billion dollars, 13.4 billion U.S. dollars last year increased 11%, exceeding the Thomson Reuters average analyst forecast of 138 billion dollars. Dell's fourth-quarter operating profit was 5.10 billion dollars, 457 million U.S. dollars last year increased 12%. Dell's fourth-quarter adjusted gross margin was 17.4%, below the Thomson Reuters average analyst forecast of 18%.

By product division of the fourth quarter of Dell's revenue comes from desktop to 3.445 billion U.S. dollars, compared with 3.538 billion U.S. dollars over the same period last year, down 3%; revenues from mobile products for 4.653 billion U.S. dollars, compared with same period last year 3.999 billion U.S. dollars up 16%; from the server and network revenues of 1.804 billion U.S. dollars, compared with 1.431 billion U.S. dollars during the same period last year, an increase of 26%; from storage products revenue was 5.99 billion U.S. dollars, compared with 7.03 during the same period last year 100 million U.S. dollars fell 15%; from service revenues of 1.922 billion U.S. dollars, compared with last year's 1.27 billion U.S. dollars, up 51%; from software and peripherals revenue of 2.477 billion U.S. dollars, with last year's 2.487 billion U.S. dollar was essentially flat.

In accordance with the global division, the fourth quarter of Dell's large corporate sector from the revenues of 4.197 billion U.S. dollars, compared with 3.889 billion U.S. dollars during the same period last year, an increase of 8%; from the public sector for 3.82 billion U.S. dollars in revenue over the same period last year of 3.287 billion U.S. dollars up 16%; from the SME sector revenues 3.336 billion U.S. dollars, compared with 3.043 billion U.S. dollars during the same period last year, up 10%; from the consumer segment recorded revenue of 3.547 billion U.S. dollars, compared with same period last year of 3.209 billion U.S. dollars increased 11%.

The same day, Dell's shares on the Nasdaq in regular trading up 0.32 dollars to close at 14.43 U.S. dollars, or 2.26%. In the ensuing at 17:06 U.S. Eastern Time and ending after-hours trading, Dell shares fell 0.75 U.S. dollars to 13.68 U.S. dollars, or 5.19%. Over the past 52 weeks, Dell's highest price for the 17.26 U.S. dollars, the lowest of 7.84 U.S. dollars.

Monday, February 8, 2010

CNNIC reported that an additional sampling domain name information unpass Status

Some media reported that learned from the domestic part of the registrar, CNNIC in the recently issued a notice will be carried out sampling some of the new registered domain name and re-audit, audit did not pass domain name will be set to unpass status, the sample only for 2009 December 14 after the registration of new domain name.

In order to ensure newly registered domain name real-name system implementation, CNNIC will be carried out sampling some of the new registered domain name and re-examination, the registrar should actively assist the relevant application materials to submit domain name. It is understood that this inspection will include domain name registration application forms, organization code, and identity documents. Organization Code Certificate is a national quality and technical supervision departments in the preparation of national standards is a business tax registration procedures in the handling of documents that must be used.

According to CNNIC, to inform, CN domain names will be added to a "unpass" state of the domain name, if there submissions (including the Organization Code Certificate) and the registration information does not match the situation, the domain name will be set to unpass state. Prior to this, CNNIC has been through direct contact the domain name registrant's domain name registration information on the way of verification, including the registration of the name, address, whether it is filled out registration information provided by the company and other information.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Google Maps new features to take you back to World War II Europe

GoogleEarth new features, could go into the world's oceans, or watching World War II, European cities have been under attack bombs rain left devastated.

Google 5 in GoogleEarth Add OceanShowcase and aerial photographs during World War II. Google Europe's Laura Scott said: "through today's latest graphics technology, users of these historical images will show a unique point of view of historical events." "We hope that this World War II, video capabilities, allow us to new ways and understand the common history and a better understanding of our World War II, the impact of urban development. "This new feature is included in 1943 from 35 European cities photo images, as well as the 1935 and 1945 in Warsaw by the war-torn image. GoogleEarth users can side by side comparison of various cities in World War II and now different.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

1 hour drive to shorten the average life of 20 minutes

A Canadian study found that because the crisis-ridden streets at any time possible life-threatening accident, driving the average car 1 hour, life will be shortened to 20 minutes. A doctor suggested that if the drivers while driving can reduce the 3 kilometers per hour, we can reduce the accident occurred, an average of 3 hours per year will be able to extend the life of great benefit.

According to Canadian Press reported the day before yesterday published the study, published in the "medical decision-making journal", the researchers used sophisticated computer models to compare the transport driver the relationship between life and accident come to speeding caused the accident, resulting in shortened life expectancy of the driver Conclusions.

Toronto led the research, is responsible for the new hospital doctors Leidemaiye Ning said that when the driver arrived at the destination as soon as possible for the sake of accelerating, the time savings will be offset by the risk of a car accident, often haste makes waste, loss more time.
"Driving an hour, life expectancy will be reduced for 20 minutes, although the majority of the drivers can not see, but it is a fact, the United States and Canada will be about 45,000 people die each year a car accident (42,000 people in the United States and Canada about 3,000 people). "Leidemaiye said.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

IE Bao new security vulnerabilities can lead to user privacy information disclosure

IE flaw Aurora ODAY a "storm" has just been cleared, IE browser again be exposed new vulnerabilities. The IE flaw could be exploited remotely by hackers, and have access to user privacy information. Using the IE browser users need special attention.

As the field of security, only a member of Microsoft's VIA, Jinshan Security Labs first time to obtain the vulnerability information. Jinshan Security Labs anti-virus expert Li Tiejun said that the new IE flaw could be used to hang horse is not yet spread the virus, but can be used by hackers to remotely access a user's private information, such as IE to access records, etc., hackers control the user's After a number of private information, it is possible to implement further fraud attacks, said Li Tiejun present at the same time Microsoft did not provide information about the new IE flaw official patch, the vulnerability has not been exploited by hackers.

Li Tiejun said that the vulnerability could affect the IE browser versions, including windows 2000 IE5/IE6 version, as well as windows xp IE6/IE7/IE8 versions. Hacking through a carefully constructed malicious code to attack a certain website and upload malicious code to attack Web servers. Users to access websites attacked, when user privacy may lead to information disclosure.

It is reported that February 3, 2010 (U.S. local time), Microsoft released a security bulletin (980,088), and said Microsoft is working on patches to fix this vulnerability. February 4, 2010 (Beijing Time) Jinshan Security Labs anti-virus experts to conduct attacks on code analysis and security assessment.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rising claims that 360 security guards to the user installed "back door"

February 2, Rising Internet attack and defense laboratories found that 360 security guards installed into the user's computer, it will set up a private "back door", even more frightening is that this "back door" there is a huge security risk. Hackers can use the back door to the system registry and user information (files) for any operation, for example, read, modify, delete and so on.

According to security experts: widows system, originally with a complete safety check mechanism to monitor the user's authority, legitimacy, etc. can be verified only through the registry, system files, private information to operate. The 360 security guards through the installation of the "backdoor" to bypass the windows system security checking mechanism so that user privacy is facing great risks.

360 security guards did not follow the normal operating system security mechanisms, but directly to bypass the system security inspection mechanism. It not only has a "backdoor" feature, and the program there are significant security risks, take advantage of this procedure does not require any authentication, it can easily be used by hackers spy on user privacy, read, modify or delete user's computer all the files and registry information .

It is understood that the security industry had never been involved does not appear similar to "anti-virus software, install a backdoor to the user" case. Security experts believe that this "back door" even for so-called "low-level operation, to facilitate anti-virus", is completely inexcusable. When the door thereafter be exploited, then the consequences would be unthinkable.

From the odd tiger's history, this "to a computer loaded back door" of the model, which is 3721 and other rogue software commonly used approach. It is precisely because the user has a backdoor installed on your computer, the rogue software was forced to stay put in a user's computer, can not be uninstalled. Prior to 3721 plug-ins through the use of "malicious driving, malicious backdoors, mandatory install, can not be uninstalled" means, forced the development of a hundred million users, 120 million U.S. dollars was subsequently sold to a company abroad.
Technical analysis shows that odd tiger to the user to install a backdoor program can be used to read the system files, private information. A normal anti-virus software does not require such a backdoor capabilities. Therefore, we note that the computer user to install a "backdoor" Qihoo company with the same time, a "monitoring network public opinion" of the so-called "Web reputation services." His introduction claims "(through the odd tiger 360) composed of thousands of servers to monitor matrix, 24 hours a day ... ... in intelligence collection and analysis and processing, using frequency crawling technology to gather intelligence." Both also appear in a company it is hard not malicious people to guess.

Rising company called: I hope that Qihoo open as soon as possible to the user to install "back door" of the source code, make it clear that this "back door" true use and corrected as soon as possible. We sincerely hope, the original rogue software manufacturing company, to plunge into the security industry in the past, rather than trying to use "free rogue software," to violate user privacy.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Yahoo signed licensing agreements with the Associated Press show original content on the site

The Associated Press has signed a licensing agreement with Yahoo in the money from the newspapers and radio when there are fewer, to provide the channel for a stable revenue.
The Associated Press and Yahoo announced the deal Monday, but did not disclose financial terms.

AP said that he is still with the two giants Google and Microsoft to discuss matters relating to renewal of the network license agreement. Terminated by the end of December last year, Google posted on the website the Associated Press new content.

By The Associated Press first annual decline in revenues, the leadership said that with access to information and entertainment through the network increased dramatically, the Associated Press have passed the licensing of their news, photos, and video networks to get more revenue copyright.

It is not clear whether the AP and Yahoo deal to achieve its financial goals. Yahoo said that the Associated Press, Yahoo is the world's nearly 600 million users an important part of the information provided, and said in a statement: "We hope to continue to extend long-term cooperative relationship with the Associated Press."

The two sides did not disclose the new contract period. Yahoo since 1998 has been posted on the Associated Press content on the site. Yahoo also relies on other service providers to obtain content, including competitors, Reuters and AP reporters their employment.

Even Yahoo, the Internet search and social networking in key areas such trouble, but in the provision of content but doing so successfully. According to market research firm comScore said that Yahoo's news, sports and finance to attract the largest number of American audience.
AP is currently facing a critical moment, because the Internet is eating away at the United States popular print media and radio advertising revenue, print media and radio was the main traditional sources of funding The Associated Press, which still accounts for the total revenue of approximately 40%.

Advertising downturn triggered a chain reaction prompted AP to cut costs, pay about 10%. Provide preferential policies to the newspaper and broadcast to the Associated Press dropped by 30 million U.S. dollars revenue this year will be reduced by 45 million U.S. dollars revenue. The Associated Press in 2009 earnings have not yet released, had expected revenue to decline about 6% to nearly 700 million U.S. dollars.

AP apart from hoping to get more money from Internet companies, but also hopes to expand cooperation to ensure its content does not appear in an unauthorized Web site. AP is testing to track their content is read site system. Yahoo's commitment to in accordance with "the most stringent standards" to protect AP content.

The Associated Press said in a statement: "Yahoo has always attached great importance to original content, news value and importance of the authority. We maintain cooperative relations with Yahoo are very satisfied."