Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The original head coach of the Pan Nila Cubs (Lou Piniella) retirement

Bear head coach of the unexpected reversal of, the original voice of relatively high Sandburg (Ryne Sandberg) lose, this season took over the head coach of the Quaid (Mike Quade) reappointment, and the Cubs signed a 2 year contract, including the 2013 team right to choose.

The original head coach of the Pan Nila Cubs (Lou Piniella) retirement, Quaid Threatened mandate took over the post of head coach, played 24 won 13 lost results, but also to bear high-level decision on the new head coach of the season, led by the Quaid.

Bear Explorer Hengzhuo (Jim Hendry), said: "I still think Quaid is the best Cubs Explorer." Even Bear boss Ruiji Te (Tom Ricketts) also said: "I believe that Quaid could, he led the Cubs to victory . "

Quaid said, "I'm happy, I have so good an opportunity, I know this is a very serious challenge, I will help Cubs win victory after another, today is good day," Quaid's achievements in the past, including the 1991 and 1993 Little League coach, who in 1999 led the A team won three titles, winning more than 1200 in the minor league field in victory, he was coach Cubs history 51.

Relative to the Quaid, Sandburg seemed lonely lot, "if not disappointed, this is a lie." Previous Sandburg will show a very positive, in the past four years in the Cubs farm system, the last ball won the Pacific Coast League season the best coach, the former is a household name in the Cubs, missed the last coach with the Cubs.

Pitcher Tempur Manchester (Ryan Dempster), said: "I believe that coaching in the minor leagues Sandburg phase is good, but on the experience, he Bikui De little too much, I'm not saying he can not be a good coach and wish him good luck. "

Sandburg said: "I do not want to look at the past, and I still hope to have the opportunity to coach major league team."

Cubs break the curse of the goat and not a century old dream of winning the next submitted to the Quaid's hands.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Sha fat" Sabah West (CC Sabathia) in the history of the New York Yankees the most successful free market to buy players

"Sha fat" Sabah West (CC Sabathia) in the history of the New York Yankees the most successful free market to buy players, and his name has come to vote the status of Hunter (Jim "Catfish" Hunter) and the strong play Jackson (Reggie Jackson) pretty? Because the star first baseman Tucker Xue La (Mark Teixeira) eyes it does, although he and the Texas Rangers at Yankee playoff opener performance adorned.

Yankees in the 2008 quarter, to a piece of paper 7 years 100 000 000 $ 61,000,000 (including the fourth year team option), and its value after the same team (Alex Rodriguez) moved the sand around the large fat fat, so that bit the "heavyweight" Yankees pitcher became a member. Despite the high price of the staggering number of people to whom at the time, but also with the final results Sabah West that he is valuable.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rangers qualify for the biggest player to do so

The sixth inning, the Rangers rely on Gelei Luo (Vladimir Guerrero) and then pull ahead into a gap of 3 to 1, and in nine innings on the offensive and, at first, after Cruz knocked on base hits, then a large Gensler Stick two points sent a wave of gun, complete with a beautiful cast Cliff Lee, so that the Rangers finally beat back the light, 5 to 1, won the American League Championship burner, tickets for 11 years. Rangers on Saturday (Taiwan time) will be at home, the first battle with the New York Yankees.

Rangers qualify for the biggest player to do so, than the trade in early July to the strong cast Cliff Lee, a starter since the first battle to pay off a 7 game point only after the eye-catching performance in the crucial fifth vote in war even more dazzling finish nine innings was knocked out 6 A, and the loss of just 1 point out, completely showing huge investment of skill Celeron. The record in the playoffs this year, Cliff Lee, currently the starting 2 games (16 Board voted to take 2 wins 0 defeat, defense rate of only 1.13)

For the next more powerful opponent, Cliff Lee said that this is a great challenge, "We will definitely go all out, it is certain that the Yankees is very, very difficult team to play, so we will be on the ALDS decision. "Rangers had in 1996,98,99 district champion in, but in the end was the Yankees are playing home.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Light wire completely turn off the first two games at home

Major League Baseball, Texas Rangers return home after two to five lost Youyi Tampa Bay Rays, playoffs, lost the first two light wire after the resurrection has won two games, two teams tied after the second than the second must shine in Taipei Arena on Wednesday to a showdown, winning the team will play in the American League Championship Series New York Yankees.

Light wire completely turn off the first two games at home, the third to eighth before the road back to life in Arlington, reversed beat Rangers, 11 Longgeruiya fourth of five solo shot, also fired a two second playing back two-RBI base, while the Pan Niya is contributing with the third base hit base hit each one, the third war last two dozen seats in the fourth just before the war, the number two hit full blow. Although the audience to swallow the light of twelve strikeouts, but also fired a twelve hits, including six long-play, under the light of five pitchers Davis captured by the Rangers loaded the bases with two outs, but struck out Gelei Luo defuse the crisis, the last to defeat the Rangers, five to two to recover into two levels.

Rangers advance in the playoffs, not the history of the record, two wins this year and later won two straight sets again in crisis, but also swallowed the playoffs six straight at home. As for the light to become the second branch in major league history before the first round of the playoffs after two straight three lost the team, fifth once again back home in Tampa, will be sent to Price starting. The Rangers also re-launch of the first Cliff Lee wins battle, the winning team will be in Taipei on Saturday morning at home against the Yankees.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Although not as good as Roy Halladay pitched yesterday

Tim Lincecum today (8) show a Cy Young Award with the skill of 2 years, 2 pitched 14 strikeouts in the shutout hits to lead the San Francisco Giants in the Division Series opener, 1 to 0 win over the Atlanta Braves.

Although not as good as Roy Halladay pitched yesterday, no hits, but also in his first postseason appearance in Lincecum, fully demonstrated his pressing force, so that when the regular season with the highest National League team on-base percentage of warriors, the audience alone 2 bad hits a four on base, did not lose any points. Have rested for 7 days after the game he said: "I can not wait to 2 days before the play has been."

Lincecum out of the game soared 14 strikeouts, which he struck out Derrek Lee was 3 times. He became the 2000 Roger Clemens, the first a single game in the playoffs, pitched in more than 12 strikeouts a pitcher. Lincecum was swallowed in August this year, 5-game losing streak, up 7.82 earned run average, he said: "At the time you told me, I will get through this downturn. It feels like a long time ago, and I try not to return to the kind of conditions, or to depression. "