Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rangers qualify for the biggest player to do so

The sixth inning, the Rangers rely on Gelei Luo (Vladimir Guerrero) and then pull ahead into a gap of 3 to 1, and in nine innings on the offensive and, at first, after Cruz knocked on base hits, then a large Gensler Stick two points sent a wave of gun, complete with a beautiful cast Cliff Lee, so that the Rangers finally beat back the light, 5 to 1, won the American League Championship burner, tickets for 11 years. Rangers on Saturday (Taiwan time) will be at home, the first battle with the New York Yankees.

Rangers qualify for the biggest player to do so, than the trade in early July to the strong cast Cliff Lee, a starter since the first battle to pay off a 7 game point only after the eye-catching performance in the crucial fifth vote in war even more dazzling finish nine innings was knocked out 6 A, and the loss of just 1 point out, completely showing huge investment of skill Celeron. The record in the playoffs this year, Cliff Lee, currently the starting 2 games (16 Board voted to take 2 wins 0 defeat, defense rate of only 1.13)

For the next more powerful opponent, Cliff Lee said that this is a great challenge, "We will definitely go all out, it is certain that the Yankees is very, very difficult team to play, so we will be on the ALDS decision. "Rangers had in 1996,98,99 district champion in, but in the end was the Yankees are playing home.

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