Friday, April 16, 2010

Luomanruizi shot in the third 3-run homer

Luomanruizi shot in the third 3-run homer. The fifth play from the hands of the Warriors Badi first base hit. One out later, guyot Tiffany. Sordo ball to center field, Mark ‧ Coser not take killing out to form a base hit, Luomanruizi security back to home plate, but his reckless sliding that he was injured. He left the game with pain. "I can not calm down," Luomanruizi said, "I was very serious, or even impossible to breathe, but right now.

Luomanruizi's home run was his first 20 this season. In the last five seasons, his play against Cubs results, there are at least 20 home runs, 30 two-base hit. He has been since the 1926-1930's Hank Wilson first person to do this result.

Atlanta Braves in the NL East with 55 wins, 66 lost a record fourth, behind first place New York Mets 10 games.

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