Monday, April 12, 2010

The Yankees would like to record a breakthrough in A-Rod, Tucker is the key Xue pull RBI

In the quarters, General Manager Brian Cashman announced the reinforcement after the Yankees this season's lineup basically settled. The main run Yankees News senior reporter Bryan Hoch that the Yankees If you want a breakthrough in the record, absolutely have to score 789 points more than last year, Mark Teixeira and A-Rod will naturally become the team score of "Key Men".

Last year the Yankees scoring backward than in 2007 (968 points) a drop of nearly 200 points and ranked in the AP also only the first 7 in the middle, so season for the Yankees dig heavily Tucker Xue pull, hoping his offensive power to increase the Yankees scoring. Hawk believes that the Yankees this year, playing center line with Tucker Xue pull and A-Rod, in such a "fatal compilation" plus, he believes the team can not only score than last year, may even exceed 07.

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