Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The original head coach of the Pan Nila Cubs (Lou Piniella) retirement

Bear head coach of the unexpected reversal of, the original voice of relatively high Sandburg (Ryne Sandberg) lose, this season took over the head coach of the Quaid (Mike Quade) reappointment, and the Cubs signed a 2 year contract, including the 2013 team right to choose.

The original head coach of the Pan Nila Cubs (Lou Piniella) retirement, Quaid Threatened mandate took over the post of head coach, played 24 won 13 lost results, but also to bear high-level decision on the new head coach of the season, led by the Quaid.

Bear Explorer Hengzhuo (Jim Hendry), said: "I still think Quaid is the best Cubs Explorer." Even Bear boss Ruiji Te (Tom Ricketts) also said: "I believe that Quaid could, he led the Cubs to victory . "

Quaid said, "I'm happy, I have so good an opportunity, I know this is a very serious challenge, I will help Cubs win victory after another, today is good day," Quaid's achievements in the past, including the 1991 and 1993 Little League coach, who in 1999 led the A team won three titles, winning more than 1200 in the minor league field in victory, he was coach Cubs history 51.

Relative to the Quaid, Sandburg seemed lonely lot, "if not disappointed, this is a lie." Previous Sandburg will show a very positive, in the past four years in the Cubs farm system, the last ball won the Pacific Coast League season the best coach, the former is a household name in the Cubs, missed the last coach with the Cubs.

Pitcher Tempur Manchester (Ryan Dempster), said: "I believe that coaching in the minor leagues Sandburg phase is good, but on the experience, he Bikui De little too much, I'm not saying he can not be a good coach and wish him good luck. "

Sandburg said: "I do not want to look at the past, and I still hope to have the opportunity to coach major league team."

Cubs break the curse of the goat and not a century old dream of winning the next submitted to the Quaid's hands.

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