Thursday, March 25, 2010

Poor dolphins so that Bill's offense looked powerful

Dolphins 17, Bill 38

Poor dolphins so that Bill's offense looked powerful. Rookie quarterback John Edwards went so far as the four touchdowns passes, brave exception. Bill the previous single-game quarterback came four touchdowns or three years ago. Not only that, Bill's two running back of their red ball more than one hundred yards, Jackson 115 yards, Lynch rushed 107 yards. Bill's defense also performed well, 4 sack two plays against cut-off passes. Dolphins rookie quarterback to play Becker on just one mistake, just pass was for the two end. Substitute play of Raymond two passes were intercepted. Dolphins may be not only the worst team this season, and may even be the worst NFL team in recent decades. Dolphins with the same partition of the Patriots NFL logo represents the level of polarization. Bill is currently 7 wins 6 losses, compete for a wild card there is a glimmer of hope.

Pirates 14, Texans 28

Viking performed well last week, quarterback Luke - Macaulay was the fourth sack, a second clean sheet in this field have not been able pass touchdowns. Texas quarterback linen were the main injury and only started two games from seven years starting in Rosenfeld, 3 passing touchdowns, the Pirates won the championship in Southern District, was delayed a week.

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