Friday, July 30, 2010

Nearly six decades the Indians missed the world championship

Nearly six decades the Indians missed the world championship, and now once again able to challenge one step Cup!

American League Championship Series 17, staged the fourth war, the former Bureau of only four hits and hit one of the Indians, under the fire of five major outbreak, in Blake (Casey Blake), Pelota (Johnny Peralta) 2 red not to lead, a single Board Mengguan 7 points as the foundation, 7:3 defeat the Red Sox wrapped up the series grabbed three in a row, listening to license the Indians 3-1.

Council awarded the first four winds tiger Red Sox "Butterfly Ball Master" Weikefeide (Tim Wakefield), of five on the next play James Blake suffered a solo shot in left field, "nightmare" started this, Indians Single Bureau crazy knocked seven hits, two out Houdikaman (Manny Delcarmen) play to succeed Weikefeide pitch, again suffered a Pelota three bonus not to, Indians 7:0 ahead.

Red Sox strike back on the sixth inning, two bars Youjilisi (Kevin Youkilis) stick out of left field sweep a large wall, Red Sox finally broken egg, "Euler connection" not to be outdone, "Daddy" Ortiz (David Ortiz), Manny Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) Back-to-back solo shot made the last two supplemented, Red Sox into a 3:7 backward recovery Unfortunately, weak follow-up, three-game losing streak forced into an impasse.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pine (soil reaction) play against the Indians twice this season

After the Yankees were eliminated, pine (soil reaction) Daisuke Asia's hope for the fans, for the American League Championship Third war Teng board, pine (soil reaction) not to the effect: "the atmosphere and tension of the playoffs and regular season different, the battle angel, I have tried just normal to look at, but still commit many errors, look forward to tomorrow (the 16th) on the road to good performance. "

Pine (soil reaction) play against the Indians twice this season, winning record and one each for a total investment of 12.2 Board out six main points, Battle ERA is 4.26, and not far from the regular season, but the Indians against groups and not afraid to loose (soil reaction) magic ball, play against as high as 3 percent against 08, pioneer Sesimoer (Grady Sizemore) to face Pine (soil reaction) 8 hit number 4 hits, Battle against rate as high as 5 percent, is loose (soil Anti-) be kept in strict custody of dangerous people.

Indians right-hander scheduled Weiss Brook (Jake Westbrook) fight, the season record 6 wins and 9 losses, 4.32 ERA.

Monday, July 26, 2010

This is not the first time I heard such a thing Torre

Major League Baseball MLB New York Yankees to four to six today, losing to the Cleveland Indians, the third consecutive year in the first round eliminated, it is likely to head coach Joe Torre his job.

Yankees owner Steinbrenner said before the game: "Torre's job at stake, I think we paid him a lot of money, he is the league's highest paid coach, if we can not win the world championship, I do not think we will leave him. "

This is not the first time I heard such a thing Torre, according to reports, 34 years ago, Steinbrenner bought the Yankees, Torre requested nearly a year ago also sacked. Effectiveness of the Yankees Torre years, the longest tenure in the history of the Yankees coach.

Torre, now 60-year-old's contract expires this year, this year's salary of seven million.

Torre also face losing their jobs early in the season situation, when the Yankees in April, a total of 25 games, lost 14 games.

Since Torre took office, the Yankees never missed the playoffs every year, and this year beginning of the season 21 wins from 29 dismal record of failure, stroke reached the wild card, presenting an impossible task.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Yankees overcome the poor record later this quarter decline

Major League Baseball MLB New York Yankees, today called up 40-year-old veteran, "Rocket Man" Clemens is the third war in the first round key command the main cast, hoping to turn the tide in the Last Stand against it by Cleveland Indians sweep.

Yankees season long history repeated difficulties and appalling early season record, but like Daochiganzhe after, when the winning percentage up Zhiwu Cheng-Star Game.

Yankees overcome the poor record later this quarter decline, other than the identity card grabbed playoff tickets, but now in the AL group had been swallowed Liangbai war to zero than the second quarter behind six-game battle the whole time the Yankees lost to Indy Anren.

Indians scored two wins at home after, tomorrow will be to the Yankees site 踢馆, if the Yankees lose again, will be the third consecutive year, was eliminated in the first round.

First round of the playoffs last year, when the Detroit Tigers face the Yankees at the crucial Battle of sending it through the regular season of five rarely Wright starting pitcher, the Yankees finally prove that the wrong moves, Wright would only support more than two Councils hit by Tiger burst end.

This year's key battle was just one year away from the Yankees this bitter experience, decided to send Clemens fight. Clemens career achievements, won the Cy Young Award seven times, had 354 career games total games won, 30 registration plate three times in the playoffs start.

Although Clemens suffered thigh and suffered from elbow pain, in September registration plate only twice, on Sept. 16 played after the Boston Red Sox did not play again, but the Yankees still led the third fight of his optimism pending.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Becket out of the previous game in the playoffs to be traced back to the 2003 World Series

The voice of the American League Cy Young Award this year, the highest Becket (Josh Beckett), really did not let disappointment Boston countrymen, Taipei time on the 4th Red Sox and Angels American League Division Series opener, Becket man guards the pass completely blocked angel blow, the Red Sox grabbed 4-0 5 Halo 3 wins the first victory the system.

Becket out of the previous game in the playoffs to be traced back to the 2003 World Series, when Becket war in the same 6 way to beat the New York Yankees shutout to lead the Florida Marlins win the championship that year.

4 years later, Becket is more wash chain, is also more confident, he finished the game 9-Board took only 108 balls, hit in the four scattered hits, sending 8 Old Mr. Chang K, no walks, to Angel, even the speed can not even play, Angels batter into account the audience at most second base.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

National team relied Chico (Matt Chico) 6 bureau strong cast

Metropolitan rout of the Marlins to 13:0, with 2:4 loss to Philadelphia National, Metropolitan and Philadelphia to play Ping, who made the National League East title, to see the final outcome of a game field season may be.

Metropolitan starting pitcher Manny (John Maine) starting 7.2 Board, 2 walks, 14 strikeouts and only gave up one hit, no loss of points, had 15 wins, his strikeouts are up to 8 years in team history one. Reliever has not been playing any hits, faced down the Marlins, the city's hit-lane run, 19 hits, including three home runs, scored 13 points, in addition to 4 of Council, the Secretary has a fractional revenue.

National team relied Chico (Matt Chico) 6 bureau strong cast, and then from Kedai Luo (Chad Cordero) play the rescue, blocking Phillies beat line, in the attacks, the National Council on 7 team grabbed the 2 points for Philadelphia slugger Howard (Ryan Howard) despite the hit the home run, can not save the situation.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Akinori Iwamura hit the right field for a debut on the far-reaching third base hits

Wang is indeed a "Taiwan" was! Today (27) road against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, pitched 6 Board only lost two points, and 6 strikeouts, a career single-season strikeout Pobai the first time, with the Yankees playing full-line of fire, the last of 12 to 4 victory over rival built earners are in addition to 19 wins for two consecutive quarters, but also lead the Yankees playoff tickets.

Akinori Iwamura hit the right field for a debut on the far-reaching third base hits, while Wang to Weilandiya (Jorge Velandia) play third base balls out, Pei Na (Carlos Pena) still hit a sacrifice fly and returned to the Devil Rays 1 points, Upton (BJ Upton) hits another command, and immediately stolen bases, but fortunately that Yang Jian Tsai En (Delmon Young) only played infield grounder was blocked at first base before.

Second Board under the Norton (Greg Norton) first hits the barrier, but Chien-Ming Wang struck out Gomez (Jonny Gomes), 99 strikeouts this season first hand, and oppression Navarro (Dioner Navarro), Wilson (Josh Wilson ) both hit the infield groundball outs and the successful completion of the first two innings.

Wang, under the three Board Iwamura played second base the earth let out, then struck out Weilandiya, get the season 100th K, this is his first single-season strikeout Pobai, although then send Peina, letting Upton got hits, but re-built to solve Yonge Aberdeen ending, this changed to center field fly ball then killed.

Bureau of the Yankees hit four line finally get angry, Kitt hit the left field home runs in spring, in addition to continuation of screening individuals to 13 consecutive hits off more than one stroke equaled the number of Kano's second base caused by the earth itself out though, they sent Back to the third base runner Ebuleiyou to help the Yankees ahead 2 to 1 against.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Keqi Man (Casey Kotchman) and Iraq all Ellis (Macier Izturis) in section 2 board

In California, Anaheim game, angel season regular season home games the last one, sweeping away the first two game losing streak to the sailor's shadow, ace pitcher Recchi (John Lackey) pitched seven Board, struck out seven batters, two of responsibility loss of points, the performance of high-quality, picked up a career single season of 18 wins (9 lost), while helping Angels 4, the third year in the AL West champion.

"I feel a little like the pride of performance," Recchi pitched in about 7 lost 2 time-sharing bureau said, "I enjoy the main cast in this contest, I want to behave better."

Keqi Man (Casey Kotchman) and Iraq all Ellis (Macier Izturis) in section 2 board or a home run, scored three points and a leader for the Angels to the whistle.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rangers out of the Shi Moke for a 2008 first-round draft pick will be elected to the infielder

Cliff Lee 31-year-old season record 8 wins 3 defeat, defense was only 2.34, and his arrival will make up for Harden (Rich Harden) and Holland (Derek Holland) into the disabled list to vacancies left by. Before the strikeout king, now Rangers president Ryan (Nolan Ryan) said, "I think this deal more to help us, because he is poor and because strength does not eat for a few left to vote. His influence not only the only pitched only other time they are helpful to us. "

Rangers out of the Shi Moke for a 2008 first-round draft pick will be elected to the infielder, Major League season, batting average is not high, only 2 percent 09, and another 8-H and 34 RBIs; brilliant record , being the sailor look. The Rangers got another pitcher Roy is currently on the disabled list, all 11 games this season for playing back-up, record a win 3 lose, ERA 3.48.

As for the other three sailors received minor league players, the pitcher who graduated (Blake Beavan) 10 wins 5 in 2A lost, ERA 2.78, currently in 3A; Lu Yike (Josh Lueke) record this season at the 1A and 2A 3 12 relief wins and 2 losses, ERA 2.11,38.1 Council has up to 62 strikeouts; infielder Lawson (Matt Lawson) in 2A this season batting average is 77 2, 7 H and 34 RBI.

Friday, July 9, 2010

MLB Baltimore Orioles at home against the Florida Marlins

MLB Baltimore Orioles at home against the Florida Marlins, though the Orioles play in the Second Board under the line Kuangguan quarter, but the Marlins a half under the Bureau of relying on the two home runs, tied at one stroke to help the team more than a few , Qi Ju renewed offensive on the Marlins, and closing to 7-5 in the away wins that wins.

Second Board under the Orioles relied on Jones (Adam Jones) hit a solo shot to lead opened the gap to two points, followed by Patterson (Corey Patterson) in one second base when someone hits up on the far right field, one breath swept back to two points, Patterson contributed three runs of the day, is his season so far, the most RBI single field record. But the Orioles starting pitcher Mate Zi (Brian Matusz) in the next Council soon spend half lead, connected by Sanchez (Gaby Sanchez) and Cantu (Jorge Cantu) hit two two-point shot, than the number quickly jumped to the chase into a 4:4 tie.

Qi Ju, the Marlins fire in Mate Zi playing the line again after sending a walk combustion, Polino (Ronny Paulino) at second base was the case, a rod knock to right field, is far reaching, well help Marin points ahead of the fish to fight back. With Houkefulan (Chris Coghlan) Relay fire, this time he hit to left field, but also a stage beyond long-range artillery, it was almost a home run fly out of the wall, the bar with an RBI, the Marlins made six so after Qiju : 4, two points ahead.

Although the Orioles a point in eight innings under the recovery, but no avail, the Marlins nine innings on the add more points, and closing with three straight 7-5 win recently.

Orioles starting pitcher Mate Zi game pitched 6.1 Bureau, was knocked seven hits, lost 6 points, reluctantly swallow defeat war record is now 2 wins 8 defeat, defense rate rose to 4.95.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

History of the current starting 19.1 Board voted 3 games

History of the current starting 19.1 Board voted 3 games, only to be pounded 10 hits, but soared as high as 32 strikeouts, won two wins, defense was only 1.86, showing very well. He is expected to start end of time the U.S. played in the Kansas City Royals week.

Little in the history of Major League fans around the world not only cause concern, leaving the United States to change the original broadcast program table unit is small in order to participate in the history of Major League debut the historic board. While a small history has become a well-known magazine "Sports Illustrated" Cover.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Giants starter Matt Cain was not the win Dodge's life

Loney Dodgers won today is undoubtedly the biggest player, apart from sub-lay ahead, the Dodgers won a Council on the first 1 minute is from the lay by the first baseman, 2 hits, 3 RBI single market for live performance The Bay Area fans vomit to not work.

John Ely is a contributor to the mound in the win, although a Council had not yet completely under the conditions for Aubrey Huff with a sacrifice fly tied the score, but then gradually stabilized, not let the giant overstepped. Ely ball with power to vote 112 7 Council, was knocked five hits and lost 1 point, finally end the recent four-game losing streak, won victory after nearly a month to vote.

Giants starter Matt Cain was not the win Dodge's life, career on the Dodgers entered the game 13 times, record is a miserable 0-for-7 defeat, and today the primary vote fell four points to swallow 5 Board failure vote for Cain continues to be Dodge bullied badly.

However, Dodge did not win but pay a small price, Manny Ramirez in an inning because of sliding back to second base when the injury to his right hamstring and had to exit early break, is currently the team included in the daily watch list.

Friday, July 2, 2010

National Bureau of HKSAR four walks by the Zimmerman began

Inter League Baseball SAR war, the Washington Nationals to three zero once the leading Baltimore Orioles, but the recovery of five Orioles third, eight innings played under De Hada another key hits, and closing the Orioles to four to three Lien swept the three national series, while Chicago's Windy City Lien final three, eight to six win over the Cubs to White Sox; the end of the White Sox's 11 game winning streak. Arizona Diamondbacks Zeyi two to one win over the Tampa Bay Rays.

National Bureau of HKSAR four walks by the Zimmerman began, Wheeling Han-base hit that home run with Bernardi scored the third; but the Orioles of five consecutive base hit Scott with Jones, then Witters, and Moore scored a third up on the hits, eight innings nationals come in Clipa relay, Lugo hit a double play after the hand-check out the arrested, but Patterson scored hits with the De Hada was the fourth consecutive points, swept three people Lien Chan, Clipa swallow defeat the fifth season.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yankees, Dodgers Game 2, the formation of a fierce fight against war

Yankees, Dodgers Game 2, the formation of a fierce fight against war, Kuo aim at No. 6 Bureau of playing back-up, pitched 1.2 Bureau, is not got hits, but also struck out Derek Jeter and strong beat A-Rod, keep Dodgers lead Dodge Finally to 9:4 victory over the Yankees, Kuo brilliant performance also won the season 12th hop.

The high-profile Yankees, Dodgers Game 2, and the former showed a very different war against chatter, a Ju Shangban Kuroda point instability, send the Yankees in a row after the first 2 bars, a high loss pitching, Teixeira can not let go.

Yankees starting pitcher AJ Burnett, recently swallowed four game losing streak, even if his teammates had just helped him earn three points, but soon Burnett Board immediately lost the next 2 hours and a half; Burnett Although the Bureau of the second half in 2 no mistake, but 3 Bureau of Burnett's doing it again appeared unstable point, single Board 4 walks, plus gave up two hits, Dodge breath and then get 3 points.