Monday, August 16, 2010

Pettitte in the Mitchell Report late last year was named injected drugs

New York Yankees left-hander Pettitte ((Andy Pettitte) will attend the congressional hearings on the 16th, get experienced Reisinger (Jay Reisinger) lawyer, for his counter-testimony.
Reisinger was three years ago, accompanied by Sosa home run players (Sammy Sosa) to attend congressional hearings, defense lawyers, Pettitte wanted to take advantage Reisinger experience, open the unfavorable situation in their own doping scandal.

Pettitte in the Mitchell Report late last year was named injected drugs, was former New York Yankees physical trainer McNamee a bite out of, the only Pettitte did not deny, but admits that injury in 2002 had injected human growth hormone to stimulate the hormone for a period of only two days only.

Pettitte said he had injected human growth hormone did when he was only intent on quickly return to the team, the injection time is only a short span of two days this season, he claims himself to be forgiven, should not violate league rules, the only feel uncomfortable because, they did not re-use, because he does not want people to think that he must rely on medication to help to throw a good game.

The Yankees obviously very supportive of school Teti, because Mitchell report came out, the Yankees are still willing to work with him to sign 16 million U.S. dollars a year contract, and the external through the stained Pettitte enough to replace the "Rocket Man" Clemens Yankees play in the "mother hen with chicks" work, this season the Yankees would rather not rocket man, still Pettitte.

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