Friday, October 8, 2010

Although not as good as Roy Halladay pitched yesterday

Tim Lincecum today (8) show a Cy Young Award with the skill of 2 years, 2 pitched 14 strikeouts in the shutout hits to lead the San Francisco Giants in the Division Series opener, 1 to 0 win over the Atlanta Braves.

Although not as good as Roy Halladay pitched yesterday, no hits, but also in his first postseason appearance in Lincecum, fully demonstrated his pressing force, so that when the regular season with the highest National League team on-base percentage of warriors, the audience alone 2 bad hits a four on base, did not lose any points. Have rested for 7 days after the game he said: "I can not wait to 2 days before the play has been."

Lincecum out of the game soared 14 strikeouts, which he struck out Derrek Lee was 3 times. He became the 2000 Roger Clemens, the first a single game in the playoffs, pitched in more than 12 strikeouts a pitcher. Lincecum was swallowed in August this year, 5-game losing streak, up 7.82 earned run average, he said: "At the time you told me, I will get through this downturn. It feels like a long time ago, and I try not to return to the kind of conditions, or to depression. "

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