Friday, September 17, 2010

The campaign Sanchez imposing directions

The campaign Sanchez imposing directions, although the strike had accidentally hit the left fingers, but it seems not be affected, a total of 7 game without four dead 12K, 12 of them wrote personal single-game strikeout record high. In addition, 11 wins, 188K individual single-season record of continuous renovation.

Sanchez even last 4 starts, was hit only 27 of Council responsible for 13 hits and lost 2 points, disco 31K, is definitely important to win the giant king of war fighting capacity.

Giants first 4 bars 18 10,8 RBI ferocious, Edgar Renteria beat was back to 2 points 4 Security, Freddy Sanchez and Huff each hit two 3 RBI security contributions, Posey is 2 An 2 RBI, 6 rod Guillen also has 3 On 2 RBI.

Taiwan players Hu Jinlong at the 5th inning as a pinch, hit the hands of hits from Sanchez, a spit last starting 4 0 stuffiness; and rookie teammate Russ Mitchell boarded the Alliance from 0 through 15 after the dilemma, and finally also 5 Security Council blasted his first, is also the first home run.

Giant in the May 7 first taste of living alone after the first taste, half the gap fell to Western missionaries Zeyi 2, 2 ½ games Rocky Zeyi old row 3; wild card, the Pai Tau into priests, warriors ( half), Rocky (2 ½ games) hot pursuit in the post.

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