Thursday, September 9, 2010

If there is an impression, then Los Angeles in 2007

Los Angeles is beginning to wild north wind north yet? Reds face today, the first 5 Board starting Eluo You put Reds (Bronson Arroyo) to KO off the stage, soil McCloskey (Troy Tulowitzki) single-field Pom, Los Angeles starter Cook (Aaron Cook) to vote The are also easy and closing to 9:2 victory over Los Angeles Red, won six straight.

If there is an impression, then Los Angeles in 2007, pulled out a wave of 11 straight quarter, the last 14 field goals won 13 games, last won the competition and the opportunity to teach the increase of taxi and further into the playoffs, even in by going through the playoffs to the World Series before losing to the Red Sox.

Los Angeles 2009 Although there is no hitch as late as 2007, but hit 18 wins in the opening quarter, defeated the dismal record of 28 until the current coach Tracy (Jim Tracy) took over, the season also pulled out 11 in a row, in the Under the leadership of Tracy played 42 lost 74 won, other than the card eligibility to enter the playoffs, unfortunately the first round by the Phillies out.

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