Monday, September 27, 2010

Hall knocked back tied points

But the Red Sox Kali Xi 9 Board (Ryan Kalish) and Hall (Bill Hall) has even stolen two bases, expand the counter-offensive.

Hall knocked back tied points, then by pinch Luoyi Er (Mike Lowell) ran ahead sacrifice fly hit points.

Half of the 9th Bureau of the Yankees Shi Weise (Nick Swisher), Taixie La (Mark Teixiera) and Kannuo (Robinson Cano) series of knock out hits, Kannuo from Piper The (Jonathan Papelbon) knocked the hands of RBI to competition landed in extended.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Taiwanese players Hu Jinlong starting today get the opportunity

Taiwanese players Hu Jinlong starting today get the opportunity, but did not hit a hit, get 1 ball touch the body; Los Angeles Dodgers to force Diamondbacks 3 to 1, record 2 game winning streak.

Diamondbacks play the Dodgers on the road, Hu Jinlong starting shortstop with 8 rods and 3 are the base on the number of people hit the state, but did not hit Hu Jinlong hits, batting average dropped to 2 percent 22. Hu Jinlong today, no mistakes, the garrison be stable.

Dodge has missed the playoffs, the left vote Ke Xiao (Clayton Kershaw) shows off 1 point 8 Board a good investment, Kuo Terminator board yesterday has been posted, the Dodgers choose to use rookie Jason (Kenley Jansen) closed, he also successfully won the first 2 rounds of successful rescue; KE Xiao scored 13 wins this year, defense was only 2.91.

National League East, Central lead is almost assured, the Philadelphia Phillies are likely to win the Eastern 4 consecutive years, first in the playoffs, the Cincinnati Reds to the area about the first playoff appearance; As the first Western side and the International Union wild card , the formation of the San Francisco Giants, San Diego Padres and Atlanta Braves 3 playoff team grab two tickets.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The team performance did not make the boss down

Yankees and the light of the season last four Lien Chan, the first battle Gelandesen (Curtis Granderson) coming down a single field Pom 5 RBI, under the sixth inning the Yankees scored four points breakthrough finally beat the Yankees to 8:6 light, even for four good luck out war.

Before, the Yankees also announced the death of the boss George Steinbrenner bronze statue, Yankees, after the end of this year's season total to retire the Dodgers manager Joe Torre (Joe Torre) are to live together in honor of the name Yankee.

The team performance did not make the boss down, just joined this year's Gelandesen first and win the next three Board 2 points artillery, under the sixth inning tied both cases, Jana (Brett Gardner), surville (Francisco Cervelli), base Special (Derek Jeter) three consecutive hits, the Gelandesen they hit the 2 points guns, under sixth inning the Yankees scored 4 points, lay Katsumoto.

Yankees starting pitcher Nova (Ivan Nova) 1 min before the 5 Board is not lost, only to be knocked a hit, but in the sixth inning encounter turbulence, 2 hits, 1 walks lost 3 points, 5.2 boards were today knocked three hits, and finally has nothing to do with victory or defeat.

Light starting Jahaza (Matt Garza) 5 bureau was pounded eight hits and lost 7 points, 9 swallow defeat this season, starting the last 3 games, with 14 Authority was pounded 26 hits and lost 17 points, defense rate from the original 3.68 to 4.01.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Defeated the Cardinals, by the end of July once the temporary record 1

9 Council on Ludwick homered, the priest then also put pinch Matt Stairs, he hit a home run result will be the most major league career pinch home run record of advancing to the 23.

Defeated the Cardinals, by the end of July once the temporary record 1, all the way to fall to 7 games behind the Cincinnati Reds margin of victory. Ludwick leaving the team, the Cardinals record is 18 wins, 25 lost. Ludwick said: "I think it has nothing to do with me. They played well during this period, when I did so, there are over 10-game losing streak. This is baseball, this kind of thing always happens."

The priest win, Giants beat line with flame, by the Milwaukee Brewers beat 2 to 1, the two sides exchange position, the priest back on the West 1. Earlier, the Colorado Rockies have won only one match, the winner behind the poor priest, the National League West military situation remains confusing.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The campaign Sanchez imposing directions

The campaign Sanchez imposing directions, although the strike had accidentally hit the left fingers, but it seems not be affected, a total of 7 game without four dead 12K, 12 of them wrote personal single-game strikeout record high. In addition, 11 wins, 188K individual single-season record of continuous renovation.

Sanchez even last 4 starts, was hit only 27 of Council responsible for 13 hits and lost 2 points, disco 31K, is definitely important to win the giant king of war fighting capacity.

Giants first 4 bars 18 10,8 RBI ferocious, Edgar Renteria beat was back to 2 points 4 Security, Freddy Sanchez and Huff each hit two 3 RBI security contributions, Posey is 2 An 2 RBI, 6 rod Guillen also has 3 On 2 RBI.

Taiwan players Hu Jinlong at the 5th inning as a pinch, hit the hands of hits from Sanchez, a spit last starting 4 0 stuffiness; and rookie teammate Russ Mitchell boarded the Alliance from 0 through 15 after the dilemma, and finally also 5 Security Council blasted his first, is also the first home run.

Giant in the May 7 first taste of living alone after the first taste, half the gap fell to Western missionaries Zeyi 2, 2 ½ games Rocky Zeyi old row 3; wild card, the Pai Tau into priests, warriors ( half), Rocky (2 ½ games) hot pursuit in the post.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hanging out 10 game winning streak and 17 wins the past 21 fierce fighting momentum

Today veteran Miguel Tejada (14) Los Angeles priest and cut-throat series opener arise, Scatter single field, including 2 points 3 An artillery contribution 4 RBIs, helping the team win 6 to 4, in addition to 10-game winning streak end and the Rocky temporarily hold the National League West top spot.

Hanging out 10 game winning streak and 17 wins the past 21 fierce fighting momentum, Los Angeles from August 22 11 games behind the priest, under the disadvantage before a chase into a narrow field and a half, during which the priest is also the main cause of 10-game losing streak, of course, so this time series is crucial.

Rocky returned from injury to starting pitcher Jeff Francis Bureau suffer first, was shot Tejada belted two points, the final number because the ball just under the Board voted 3, gave up five hits while striking out 2. 5 Jushang Ban Kai priest offensive again, with 4 hits, 2 errors the formation of an additional 3 minutes 5 to 0 in the comfortable lead.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

If there is an impression, then Los Angeles in 2007

Los Angeles is beginning to wild north wind north yet? Reds face today, the first 5 Board starting Eluo You put Reds (Bronson Arroyo) to KO off the stage, soil McCloskey (Troy Tulowitzki) single-field Pom, Los Angeles starter Cook (Aaron Cook) to vote The are also easy and closing to 9:2 victory over Los Angeles Red, won six straight.

If there is an impression, then Los Angeles in 2007, pulled out a wave of 11 straight quarter, the last 14 field goals won 13 games, last won the competition and the opportunity to teach the increase of taxi and further into the playoffs, even in by going through the playoffs to the World Series before losing to the Red Sox.

Los Angeles 2009 Although there is no hitch as late as 2007, but hit 18 wins in the opening quarter, defeated the dismal record of 28 until the current coach Tracy (Jim Tracy) took over, the season also pulled out 11 in a row, in the Under the leadership of Tracy played 42 lost 74 won, other than the card eligibility to enter the playoffs, unfortunately the first round by the Phillies out.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1988 Ching-wen's Chen Junxiu starting this year from the 1A

1988 Ching-wen's Chen Junxiu starting this year from the 1A, season after promotion to Advanced 1A, even in the face a higher level of pitching, Chen Junxiu fire rise rather than decrease. Operators in two leagues this year, through anti-score of 3 into 15 and win 123 hits, including 38 doubles and 12 home runs hit, hit rate of up to 5 percent long-21, the base rate rising to 4 percent 04, the Alliance Data is the top item.

Chen Junxiu this year appeared in the "Future Star Competition", with regard to the past, the United States and selected major events of Taiwan's post players, the least will be on more than 3A, even major league level. Chen Junxiu deeply optimistic about the future of nature, by the end of the Asian Games will not solve the problem of military service, also will be Chen Junxiu challenge with the Chinese team.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

This game is the Coors Stadium effects appear

Sum of all the effects, so that Coors Stadium as Major League's most well-known "batters heaven"! There is a saying in the major league: the Coors Stadium, whether you lead a few minutes, can not get enough!

This game is the Coors Stadium effects appear. Rocky made the game 4-point lead twice, but the Philadelphia show in the seventh major reversal: flying long-range short-range hits, knocked a total of nine hits, there are three home runs, including Atlee (Chase Utley )'s slam gun, breath coming down 9 points, made a fifth-leading 12:7.

But Rocky is not enough for a quarter ahead, a fifth-leading Philadelphia has nearly fall. In Qiju half was immediately regain a third of Los Angeles after the nine innings the Philadelphia Terminator Ji (Brad Lidge) has nearly collapsed, but fortunately, just hold down one point in time. Take Philadelphia whistle 12:11, thrilling win fireworks show!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yankees first baseman Board relied on the other two Ellis (Mark Ellis) mistakes

Yesterday, the New York Yankees (31) to 11 to 5 victory over the Oakland Athletics, today let off the diamond to play the same line of activist young pitcher Massaro (Vin Mazzaro), the first 4 H Council, under his hand from 9 points to help vote Hughes was some tumble (Phil Hughes) won 16 wins (6 lost), and closing the Yankees won 9 to 3, won the last four in a row, with the Tampa Bay Rays lost to the Toronto Blue Jays, the Yankees now independent Home Eastern maker, the end of brilliance and eight days together, and shared top spot.

Yankees first baseman Board relied on the other two Ellis (Mark Ellis) mistakes, and Jorge Posada (Jorge Posada) 3-base hits and scored 3 points, 3, 4, Sino Swearingen Aircraft Bureau Xu (Nick Swisher), Gelandesen (Curtis Granderson) and Tucker Xue La (Mark Teixeira) turns fire. Xue pull this season, Tucker made 30 runs, the team scores appended to 9 points ahead of lock victory, but also to the confusing H Massaro.

Hughes was the starting five to play four Security Council, cast as many as five walks, even the 5 Council have voted almost endless, but fortunately investment support to get the win box, and teammate firepower to get the win. Hughes is a major league pitcher averaged the most points supported teammate pitcher, the degree of happiness envy of others.