Monday, July 5, 2010

Giants starter Matt Cain was not the win Dodge's life

Loney Dodgers won today is undoubtedly the biggest player, apart from sub-lay ahead, the Dodgers won a Council on the first 1 minute is from the lay by the first baseman, 2 hits, 3 RBI single market for live performance The Bay Area fans vomit to not work.

John Ely is a contributor to the mound in the win, although a Council had not yet completely under the conditions for Aubrey Huff with a sacrifice fly tied the score, but then gradually stabilized, not let the giant overstepped. Ely ball with power to vote 112 7 Council, was knocked five hits and lost 1 point, finally end the recent four-game losing streak, won victory after nearly a month to vote.

Giants starter Matt Cain was not the win Dodge's life, career on the Dodgers entered the game 13 times, record is a miserable 0-for-7 defeat, and today the primary vote fell four points to swallow 5 Board failure vote for Cain continues to be Dodge bullied badly.

However, Dodge did not win but pay a small price, Manny Ramirez in an inning because of sliding back to second base when the injury to his right hamstring and had to exit early break, is currently the team included in the daily watch list.

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