Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spent after the first two of weakness

2, the Athletics appeared offensive, Kurt Suzuki hit the first after a base hit, although Daisuke Matsuzaka settled after two batters, but the face of Ellis and Barton also appeared in four consecutive balls, but fortunately the Cass Special strikeouts, before resolving to continue to lose points off a crisis, the Board, Daisuke Matsuzaka facing six batters, still with 30 balls, casting their first two, has spent 60 balls, before the game, Red Sox team is expected to only vote for Daisuke Matsuzaka 90 balls.

Spent after the first two of weakness, Daisuke Matsuzaka returned to normal. 3 to 4 batters below, 4,5 are the two Councils on three under three, so that hampered the offensive Athletics. Daisuke Matsuzaka cast a total of 5 Board, faced with 23 seats to play with 95 balls, 51 for strikes, lost 2 points are ERA, became a candidate losing the war.

6, the Red Sox sent Asian Capital (Dustin Pedroia) base hit, Youkilis (Kevin Youkills) walks Luomanruizi (Manny Ramirez) base hit to send Asian Capital and Youkilis hit back to home plate a ratio of 2:2 to recover into a tie. Moss added something base hit, hit back to home plate to Luomanruizi get 1 point, 3-2 lead against the Red Sox, Daisuke Matsuzaka pitching losing the war to some sort of relief.

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