Friday, July 9, 2010

MLB Baltimore Orioles at home against the Florida Marlins

MLB Baltimore Orioles at home against the Florida Marlins, though the Orioles play in the Second Board under the line Kuangguan quarter, but the Marlins a half under the Bureau of relying on the two home runs, tied at one stroke to help the team more than a few , Qi Ju renewed offensive on the Marlins, and closing to 7-5 in the away wins that wins.

Second Board under the Orioles relied on Jones (Adam Jones) hit a solo shot to lead opened the gap to two points, followed by Patterson (Corey Patterson) in one second base when someone hits up on the far right field, one breath swept back to two points, Patterson contributed three runs of the day, is his season so far, the most RBI single field record. But the Orioles starting pitcher Mate Zi (Brian Matusz) in the next Council soon spend half lead, connected by Sanchez (Gaby Sanchez) and Cantu (Jorge Cantu) hit two two-point shot, than the number quickly jumped to the chase into a 4:4 tie.

Qi Ju, the Marlins fire in Mate Zi playing the line again after sending a walk combustion, Polino (Ronny Paulino) at second base was the case, a rod knock to right field, is far reaching, well help Marin points ahead of the fish to fight back. With Houkefulan (Chris Coghlan) Relay fire, this time he hit to left field, but also a stage beyond long-range artillery, it was almost a home run fly out of the wall, the bar with an RBI, the Marlins made six so after Qiju : 4, two points ahead.

Although the Orioles a point in eight innings under the recovery, but no avail, the Marlins nine innings on the add more points, and closing with three straight 7-5 win recently.

Orioles starting pitcher Mate Zi game pitched 6.1 Bureau, was knocked seven hits, lost 6 points, reluctantly swallow defeat war record is now 2 wins 8 defeat, defense rate rose to 4.95.

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