Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Brady came two touchdowns, in particular section 4 da array passed to Wilke

Maroni outstanding running back to play again in the Patriots passing attack is blocked, the ball 122 yards 25 times Chong, 1 touchdowns. In particular, his red ball only 6 times the first half, 16 yards, only 2.7 yards per red ball. 19 washed out the second half, the ball 106 yards, an average of over 5.6 yards per red ball.

Brady came two touchdowns, in particular section 4 da array passed to Wilke, finally Patriot distance with lightning, so that home viewers had been slightly relax the strained heartstrings.
Patriots in the playoffs two games shows that it also has shortcomings, would give opponents an opportunity to surprising flaws. Opponents must seize the aircraft and touchdown, but also play to their best level of the audience will bottom out mistakes, or just throw in the towel life. Moreover, Patriots in a game exposed so many flaws is very little chance.

Patriot will be the final week of the Super Bowl and regular season match for the giant encounter, a giant in that game played well, and finally passing by Lay was anti-cut, and eventually led to Patriots touchdowns to three points wins. The playoffs, the only pass is not being anti-Giants quarterback cut by Knight.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Walking on the ground change the League of Nations attack by the Vikings

Walking on the ground change the League of Nations attack by the Vikings rookie running back red ball 39 yards, won the first attack, another red ball four yards, 34 yards forward to the AP office. Seahawks quarterback Hassel beck play, long pass 15 yards to the Packers took over outside the Driver, and then passed 17 yards long Cooley Redskins Tight touchdowns. The League of Nations to score more than 27 Zhuizhi 21. The first half end of the game.

The second half AP little contribution, the four attacked only won a penalty in the first round. The League of Nations was three touchdowns, leading to final victory.

Section 3, the National League Hassel beck repeatedly pass succeeded finally by a Vikings running back Peterson sprint 17 yards up the left side of array. The League of Nations more than 27 go-ahead for the first time 28.

AP by the addition of Browns quarterback Anderson in command, the League of Nations two defensive fouls fined a total of 30 yards, Midland 11 yards directly from the League of Nations began to attack, Anderson could not pass up front, one has to Penalties ending. AP 30 to 28 again, go-ahead. AP scores ended.

Also changed by the addition of the League of Nations into an all-star quarterback Garcia play, pass intercepted by anti-AP, but the AP three unsuccessful attack, only Punt. The League of Nations to be the ball the right side 20 yards from the attack.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Poor dolphins so that Bill's offense looked powerful

Dolphins 17, Bill 38

Poor dolphins so that Bill's offense looked powerful. Rookie quarterback John Edwards went so far as the four touchdowns passes, brave exception. Bill the previous single-game quarterback came four touchdowns or three years ago. Not only that, Bill's two running back of their red ball more than one hundred yards, Jackson 115 yards, Lynch rushed 107 yards. Bill's defense also performed well, 4 sack two plays against cut-off passes. Dolphins rookie quarterback to play Becker on just one mistake, just pass was for the two end. Substitute play of Raymond two passes were intercepted. Dolphins may be not only the worst team this season, and may even be the worst NFL team in recent decades. Dolphins with the same partition of the Patriots NFL logo represents the level of polarization. Bill is currently 7 wins 6 losses, compete for a wild card there is a glimmer of hope.

Pirates 14, Texans 28

Viking performed well last week, quarterback Luke - Macaulay was the fourth sack, a second clean sheet in this field have not been able pass touchdowns. Texas quarterback linen were the main injury and only started two games from seven years starting in Rosenfeld, 3 passing touchdowns, the Pirates won the championship in Southern District, was delayed a week.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Moss 4 touchdowns

Outside the New England Patriots to take over RANDY MOSS, New York Jets defensive end SHAUN ELLIS and outside the Denver Broncos took over / Punt return to hand GLENN MARTINEZ attack were elected for the 2007 American League season, the first 11 weeks of the best offense, defense and special services group of players.

Best offensive player: Patriot outside Landimosi take over the

In the Patriots 56-10 victory over the Buffalo Bill which would rewrite the record of 10 wins, 0 negative competition, Moss served as a pivotal role. He then passes a total of 10 times 128 yards (an average of 12.8 yards per), and access a single field 4 touchdowns passes hit his career and the history of the club record. He was in the first half of the four touchdowns also tied the NFL's first half, then passing touchdowns record, prior to the record of Luoyigelin (ROY GREEN) on November 13, 1983 hit. In section I, Moss completed his 13th season passing touchdowns access to more than STANLEY MORGAN Patriot player single-season record 12 touchdowns passes access records. At present, Moss then to 1052 yards passing in the league lead, which is from the 2001 season TROY BROWN, the first time a Patriots player was leading in the statistics.

Moss from Marshall University, this year is his first 10 professional seasons. This is his 6th week elected the best, also in back to back games for the second time elected.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Faffe Cowboys aiming to ignore the eyes of the Super Bowl

Minnesota Vikings in the playoff opener this weekend against the Cowboys, quarterback Brett - Faffe feeling very excited though, but it has already sight aimed at next month's Super Bowl, he said: "The Super Bowl is the only reason I came back. "

Faffe and Vikings team a one-year contract, his contribution this season, the data is 33 touchdowns and just seven steals for the 40-year-old player for the efficient terrible Faffe prepared next season Also back then, he did not consider this issue, Faffe forecast Vikings will play in the Division Series victory over the Cowboys, he said: "To be honest, I am considering the final union, without the finals, I would be very shocked, I did not think the next season, what can be, or even what will happen next week. "Recently, the outgoing Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt - Warner intends to retire the news, when the law is said with a smile after Vladimir heard: "Really, he is not nonsense, right?" As everyone knows, France has twice retired Vladimir two back, has left to reporters a "bad faith" image, and even Faffe Concerning this matter, could get their own jokes, he , said: "Try it, why not try? I would now like the Dallas game are right now to take into account the next year, how to do, for myself and the team is not fair."

In the playoff bye week, France and Vladimir with his wife returned to his home in Mississippi, watched on television Cowboys victory over the Hawks game, and then he is no longer complain about lack of physical strength, although this complaint that his 40-year-old veteran is it normal, after his break from the mental to the body will have a new look, Faffe said: "Although it can not permanently get rid of fatigue, but I have to mentally more focused, and no stress and tension." Cowboys Master Coach Wade - Phillips, who beat Faffe once, in 2002 when he was coach of the Atlanta Falcons defensive when the first round of the playoffs in the Falcons defeated the Packers, but also in Green Bay, lambeau stadium, but Philip Sri Lanka did not take this story to compare, he said: "Faffe played a lot of great games and won some big games, he has repeatedly turn the tide, has a very rich experience, anyone can see how he great, and he came back and played as good as in previous years, is still the highest level. "

Friday, March 19, 2010

Cardinals signed with the outside Wei Leinung three-year contract

Arizona Cardinals has been on a three-year contract with the outside Wei Paris - Leinung to reach an agreement.

6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing 235 pounds of Lay farmers in the St. Louis Rams last season, played 15 games, including 10 games as a starter. He has 44 interceptors, of which 25 single interception, three times to force the ball away. He was in training camp last year, New England Patriots termination, and later and the Rams signed. The 9-year NFL veteran is still Carolina, Green Bay and Detroit played the ball.

According to the latest news, Cardinals lost linebacker Larry - Foote, his old club with the Pittsburgh Steelers signed a three-year contract.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cowboys coach contract two years pointing its sword towards the Super Bowl

Dwyane Wade - Phillips Dallas Cowboys has been a two-year contract extension, it appears owner Jerry - Jones was pleased for the existing record, but not is very satisfactory.

After renewal, Phillips could stem the Cowboys in 2011, Jones said: "This contract represents a two-year period while a lot, but our goal should be achieved quickly, assuming that there is no tomorrow, we hope to set sail from now on . "Cowboys twice in the past three years, the first National League East, 2 weeks ago, since 1996, also won their first playoff victory, but that season they won the Super wrist title. In Dallas coach these three years, Phillips led his unit to get 34 wins 17 negative record (including playoffs), since the regular season, Jones on the renewal of dodge Phillips began, people have been guessing that the boss's motives, in the end option is to use the team to introduce another "champion coach" or to give Phillips a few years chance? Jones said: "We hope that in the past three years, again based on the previous step, we should make good use of the current favorable trend."

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eagles star running back has been injured too many termination

The evening of February 23 local time, announced a partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles running back Brian - Westbrook termination, ending his eight-year career in Philadelphia in recent years he has been deeply troubled by injuries, one year ahead of the Hawks select the end of the contract, thus saving expenses under 7.5 million U.S. dollars.

In announcing its decision, the Eagles coach Andy - Reid, said: "Brian is the Hawks never distinguished one, if we recall the achievements of these years, Brian is to achieve an important part of all this, in my heart forever yes Brian fans. "Westbrook Although only 5 feet 10 inches tall (1.78 meters), but it is the players Hawks ground offensive in 2007, he single-season red ball 1333 yards and 12 touchdowns in his Philadelphia 8 years contributed a total of 5995 yards and 3790 yards from the red ball the ball the distance in all forms touchdowns 68 times, including red ball, the ball and drop kick back to attack, but the impact after being injured playing big discount, missed eight games of the regular season, contributed to the 2009 season, only two touchdowns, teenager Le Xiaoen - McCoy gradually grew up, in this year, contributed 637 yards and four touchdowns, becoming the team's top running Wei.

Reid himself in Tuesday morning to inform Westbrook this news, he thought his disciples also have the opportunity to join other teams, he said: "Brian is not vulnerable, you can not point out he was not good at any place, he was very good, he is that kinds of very smart player. "Westbrook in the third round of the 2002 draft by the Hawks picked, the team's history scrum was a few yards (9785) Up to the players, red ball from the 5995 yards ranked second in the A total of 20 games more than one hundred yards from the red ball is also a second team history. Eagles Chairman Jeffrey - Lu-ri, said: "He is our most passionate players here, but also the most popular, and from a personal point of view I am most willing to see him race every Sunday, and his ball capacity , leadership and value will be remembered. "

Monday, March 8, 2010

Peaks and Patriots NFL contract

Two-time All-Star Vince Rush - Weierfuke will remain in the New England Patriots team, he accepted the offer the team a long-term contracts.

Last month, a dedicated team player to Weierfuke branded label, so he became a free agent, but also to the two sides more time to negotiate a contract. Weierfuke in his Twitter (a social network abroad and micro-blog service's website) announced a contract to Patriots spokesman Stacey - James Saturday confirmed that the two sides have reached an agreement.

The details of the contract were not disclosed, ESPNBoston.com citing NFL official sources said five-year contract worth 40 million U.S. dollars.

In most of the season, Weierfuke indicated he did not like to be marked with the exclusive player tag. In January, he WEEI radio that the title as the equivalent of a slap in the face in the face to play. But when the label is really a dedicated player to be used, he addressed to his wife, Bianca's Twitter account to send a message to take a more tolerant approach. "In the dedication of the team after six years of our lives, I understand that this is a business," he said. "I hope the tags are used in its real purposes. In order to allocate more time so that we can continue to negotiate and be able to reach a long-term contract. Only time will tell what the final result will be" Now he got what he the desired results, and the team a long-term contract. Patriots team in 2004, No. 21 first round pick from Miami, he was selected.

Weierfuke last season to participate in the 13 games, 65 times interception, linebacker in the Patriots defense is the largest, ranked fifth on the team. Because of a foot injury, he missed the team's final three regular season games, the team participated in a playoff in the only comeback, the team lost by 14 to 33 Baltimore Ravens.

Friday, Patriots linebacker Tully announced - Ban Ta Kaien renew Tully with 10 steals last season ranked first in the team, he received a three-year contract extension. Randy took over last month's addition - Moss forro a charity softball Reda said he did not want to return to the Patriots after the 2010 season because he will cost the team a lot of money. In Randy - Moss made the above remarks, the Patriots made a renewal of Tully's decision. Team owner Robert - Kraft does not agree with this view. "You know Moss has spent the past two seasons the team how much money? More than 20 million U.S. dollars, so I do not think we will not pay adequate wages to good players, I think you will see it," Kraft told The Associated Press in Indianapolis, where he attended the League's annual rookie training camp visit.

Patriots have been in the past few seasons, bring a good player a few labels in the label is applied to leave the club after the end of the season. 2002 season, they chose to play Adam - Weinateli as the exclusive label player, and then, and he signed a three-year contract extension. But the 2005 season, the same thing occurred in Weinateli body, cornerback Azzati - Samuel labels during the 2007 season to become player, both in the end of the season are in his capacity as a free agent to leave the team.

Ban Ta Kaien solve the renewal of the Patriot running in the passing area is weak, there are 5.5 times Weierfuke career sack, but mainly because there are multiple interceptor, so his teammates should be quarterback or the ball around to assist him in person. 5 time All-Star defensive end Julius - Pei Bosi can help impact quarterback, but after leaving the Carolina Panthers and Chicago Bears signed.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

England left-back there is suspense

Capello likely will be released this weekend, the first edition of England's World Cup 30-man squad because of left-back position is not assured, the card Shuai still not given up the statement out of Bridgetown, the national team, he still hope that a change of heart on behalf of England's World Cup Bridgetown.

As Ashley - Cole's injury and the withdrawal of Bridgetown, where this week's international friendly against Everton Baines as England left-back playing on consecutive nights, although his performance fairly well, but Capello continues to believe that Bridget is in this position to replace Ashley - Cole the best choice. England team to an insider, "The Sun" reveal "Capello has not abandoned bridge, unless the bridge directly to demonstrate our firm commitment not to participate in the World Cup, or the coaching staff will continue to monitor his condition."
Although it is said out of Bridgetown, the national team, but he is a public statement, whether or not said in private conversations would not participate in the World Cup, but that "the current situation no longer suitable for the effectiveness for England," Capello said the national team so the door is still open to the bridge, Capello and his assistants believe that time can dilute the hatred between the bridge and Terry in FIFA's list before the deadline, England also would like to add Bridge of the name.

Bridget Terry and Frank Lampard is also a common friend stand up and said that this scandal should draw a sentence, "(in the match against Egypt) we show team spirit of solidarity, I believe that this the matter has passed, and we try to not let any negative emotions affect the team, the fans are supporting us, the players understand that those boos, but the off-field matters and things are irrelevant. People can talk about Hotel those things happened, but the most important thing now is to train, train hard and to behave like a team on the floor. "
Terry Frank Lampard on the matches against the Egyptian team's performance very much appreciated, "he played well, the Egyptian team offense well, but Terry doing well, he always make every effort for England, every England player should be In this way, as if everyone is the same as with a captain's armband. "

Terry, one of the parties also hope that the fans will forget this matter, "The important thing is that we must forget the hope that the fans forget I have done, and we must now concentrate on the World Cup. In life I private sector has also been a lot of support, I hope that everything be able to distinguish between the boundaries. "