Thursday, September 2, 2010

This game is the Coors Stadium effects appear

Sum of all the effects, so that Coors Stadium as Major League's most well-known "batters heaven"! There is a saying in the major league: the Coors Stadium, whether you lead a few minutes, can not get enough!

This game is the Coors Stadium effects appear. Rocky made the game 4-point lead twice, but the Philadelphia show in the seventh major reversal: flying long-range short-range hits, knocked a total of nine hits, there are three home runs, including Atlee (Chase Utley )'s slam gun, breath coming down 9 points, made a fifth-leading 12:7.

But Rocky is not enough for a quarter ahead, a fifth-leading Philadelphia has nearly fall. In Qiju half was immediately regain a third of Los Angeles after the nine innings the Philadelphia Terminator Ji (Brad Lidge) has nearly collapsed, but fortunately, just hold down one point in time. Take Philadelphia whistle 12:11, thrilling win fireworks show!

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