Monday, October 11, 2010

Light wire completely turn off the first two games at home

Major League Baseball, Texas Rangers return home after two to five lost Youyi Tampa Bay Rays, playoffs, lost the first two light wire after the resurrection has won two games, two teams tied after the second than the second must shine in Taipei Arena on Wednesday to a showdown, winning the team will play in the American League Championship Series New York Yankees.

Light wire completely turn off the first two games at home, the third to eighth before the road back to life in Arlington, reversed beat Rangers, 11 Longgeruiya fourth of five solo shot, also fired a two second playing back two-RBI base, while the Pan Niya is contributing with the third base hit base hit each one, the third war last two dozen seats in the fourth just before the war, the number two hit full blow. Although the audience to swallow the light of twelve strikeouts, but also fired a twelve hits, including six long-play, under the light of five pitchers Davis captured by the Rangers loaded the bases with two outs, but struck out Gelei Luo defuse the crisis, the last to defeat the Rangers, five to two to recover into two levels.

Rangers advance in the playoffs, not the history of the record, two wins this year and later won two straight sets again in crisis, but also swallowed the playoffs six straight at home. As for the light to become the second branch in major league history before the first round of the playoffs after two straight three lost the team, fifth once again back home in Tampa, will be sent to Price starting. The Rangers also re-launch of the first Cliff Lee wins battle, the winning team will be in Taipei on Saturday morning at home against the Yankees.

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