Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chile, after the earthquake many institutions and people flock to website for information and help

A strong earthquake occurred in Chile and may result in the edge of the Pacific Ocean after the tsunami destruction, rescue organizations, government agencies, businesses and many people are Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other services Web site to find and provide information and help.

As Haiti's catastrophic earthquake to do so, Google launched a Chilean version of the People Finder application. Users can search for or offer by Saturday's 8.8 earthquake personnel information.

In addition, Google has also established a crisis on Chile's response to the disaster site. People can at that site uses Google's Checkout service to UNICEF and the international relief organizations to donate directly. The crisis response website also Google's YouTube, maps and news services such as information and resources with Chile Earthquake linked together.

As usual, whenever a time when global events took place, Twitter site will continue to publish the information. In addition to the people to the latest information and ask questions, the relief organizations also provide some guidance, such as the Chilean Red Cross, through their own accounts CruzRojaInforma to provide guidance.

In the Facebook site, web pages and groups continue to remind people that posted links, photos and video, as well as find information on the earthquake and possible tsunami information. It is also able to in the Facebook search box, enter keywords such as Chile, or tsunami, to see individual releases like Twitter-style status update. sites and some TV channels reported that Chile earthquake and tsunami information.

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