Thursday, March 4, 2010

England left-back there is suspense

Capello likely will be released this weekend, the first edition of England's World Cup 30-man squad because of left-back position is not assured, the card Shuai still not given up the statement out of Bridgetown, the national team, he still hope that a change of heart on behalf of England's World Cup Bridgetown.

As Ashley - Cole's injury and the withdrawal of Bridgetown, where this week's international friendly against Everton Baines as England left-back playing on consecutive nights, although his performance fairly well, but Capello continues to believe that Bridget is in this position to replace Ashley - Cole the best choice. England team to an insider, "The Sun" reveal "Capello has not abandoned bridge, unless the bridge directly to demonstrate our firm commitment not to participate in the World Cup, or the coaching staff will continue to monitor his condition."
Although it is said out of Bridgetown, the national team, but he is a public statement, whether or not said in private conversations would not participate in the World Cup, but that "the current situation no longer suitable for the effectiveness for England," Capello said the national team so the door is still open to the bridge, Capello and his assistants believe that time can dilute the hatred between the bridge and Terry in FIFA's list before the deadline, England also would like to add Bridge of the name.

Bridget Terry and Frank Lampard is also a common friend stand up and said that this scandal should draw a sentence, "(in the match against Egypt) we show team spirit of solidarity, I believe that this the matter has passed, and we try to not let any negative emotions affect the team, the fans are supporting us, the players understand that those boos, but the off-field matters and things are irrelevant. People can talk about Hotel those things happened, but the most important thing now is to train, train hard and to behave like a team on the floor. "
Terry Frank Lampard on the matches against the Egyptian team's performance very much appreciated, "he played well, the Egyptian team offense well, but Terry doing well, he always make every effort for England, every England player should be In this way, as if everyone is the same as with a captain's armband. "

Terry, one of the parties also hope that the fans will forget this matter, "The important thing is that we must forget the hope that the fans forget I have done, and we must now concentrate on the World Cup. In life I private sector has also been a lot of support, I hope that everything be able to distinguish between the boundaries. "

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