Thursday, February 4, 2010

1 hour drive to shorten the average life of 20 minutes

A Canadian study found that because the crisis-ridden streets at any time possible life-threatening accident, driving the average car 1 hour, life will be shortened to 20 minutes. A doctor suggested that if the drivers while driving can reduce the 3 kilometers per hour, we can reduce the accident occurred, an average of 3 hours per year will be able to extend the life of great benefit.

According to Canadian Press reported the day before yesterday published the study, published in the "medical decision-making journal", the researchers used sophisticated computer models to compare the transport driver the relationship between life and accident come to speeding caused the accident, resulting in shortened life expectancy of the driver Conclusions.

Toronto led the research, is responsible for the new hospital doctors Leidemaiye Ning said that when the driver arrived at the destination as soon as possible for the sake of accelerating, the time savings will be offset by the risk of a car accident, often haste makes waste, loss more time.
"Driving an hour, life expectancy will be reduced for 20 minutes, although the majority of the drivers can not see, but it is a fact, the United States and Canada will be about 45,000 people die each year a car accident (42,000 people in the United States and Canada about 3,000 people). "Leidemaiye said.

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