Monday, February 1, 2010

Yahoo signed licensing agreements with the Associated Press show original content on the site

The Associated Press has signed a licensing agreement with Yahoo in the money from the newspapers and radio when there are fewer, to provide the channel for a stable revenue.
The Associated Press and Yahoo announced the deal Monday, but did not disclose financial terms.

AP said that he is still with the two giants Google and Microsoft to discuss matters relating to renewal of the network license agreement. Terminated by the end of December last year, Google posted on the website the Associated Press new content.

By The Associated Press first annual decline in revenues, the leadership said that with access to information and entertainment through the network increased dramatically, the Associated Press have passed the licensing of their news, photos, and video networks to get more revenue copyright.

It is not clear whether the AP and Yahoo deal to achieve its financial goals. Yahoo said that the Associated Press, Yahoo is the world's nearly 600 million users an important part of the information provided, and said in a statement: "We hope to continue to extend long-term cooperative relationship with the Associated Press."

The two sides did not disclose the new contract period. Yahoo since 1998 has been posted on the Associated Press content on the site. Yahoo also relies on other service providers to obtain content, including competitors, Reuters and AP reporters their employment.

Even Yahoo, the Internet search and social networking in key areas such trouble, but in the provision of content but doing so successfully. According to market research firm comScore said that Yahoo's news, sports and finance to attract the largest number of American audience.
AP is currently facing a critical moment, because the Internet is eating away at the United States popular print media and radio advertising revenue, print media and radio was the main traditional sources of funding The Associated Press, which still accounts for the total revenue of approximately 40%.

Advertising downturn triggered a chain reaction prompted AP to cut costs, pay about 10%. Provide preferential policies to the newspaper and broadcast to the Associated Press dropped by 30 million U.S. dollars revenue this year will be reduced by 45 million U.S. dollars revenue. The Associated Press in 2009 earnings have not yet released, had expected revenue to decline about 6% to nearly 700 million U.S. dollars.

AP apart from hoping to get more money from Internet companies, but also hopes to expand cooperation to ensure its content does not appear in an unauthorized Web site. AP is testing to track their content is read site system. Yahoo's commitment to in accordance with "the most stringent standards" to protect AP content.

The Associated Press said in a statement: "Yahoo has always attached great importance to original content, news value and importance of the authority. We maintain cooperative relations with Yahoo are very satisfied."

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