Monday, February 8, 2010

CNNIC reported that an additional sampling domain name information unpass Status

Some media reported that learned from the domestic part of the registrar, CNNIC in the recently issued a notice will be carried out sampling some of the new registered domain name and re-audit, audit did not pass domain name will be set to unpass status, the sample only for 2009 December 14 after the registration of new domain name.

In order to ensure newly registered domain name real-name system implementation, CNNIC will be carried out sampling some of the new registered domain name and re-examination, the registrar should actively assist the relevant application materials to submit domain name. It is understood that this inspection will include domain name registration application forms, organization code, and identity documents. Organization Code Certificate is a national quality and technical supervision departments in the preparation of national standards is a business tax registration procedures in the handling of documents that must be used.

According to CNNIC, to inform, CN domain names will be added to a "unpass" state of the domain name, if there submissions (including the Organization Code Certificate) and the registration information does not match the situation, the domain name will be set to unpass state. Prior to this, CNNIC has been through direct contact the domain name registrant's domain name registration information on the way of verification, including the registration of the name, address, whether it is filled out registration information provided by the company and other information.

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