Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rising claims that 360 security guards to the user installed "back door"

February 2, Rising Internet attack and defense laboratories found that 360 security guards installed into the user's computer, it will set up a private "back door", even more frightening is that this "back door" there is a huge security risk. Hackers can use the back door to the system registry and user information (files) for any operation, for example, read, modify, delete and so on.

According to security experts: widows system, originally with a complete safety check mechanism to monitor the user's authority, legitimacy, etc. can be verified only through the registry, system files, private information to operate. The 360 security guards through the installation of the "backdoor" to bypass the windows system security checking mechanism so that user privacy is facing great risks.

360 security guards did not follow the normal operating system security mechanisms, but directly to bypass the system security inspection mechanism. It not only has a "backdoor" feature, and the program there are significant security risks, take advantage of this procedure does not require any authentication, it can easily be used by hackers spy on user privacy, read, modify or delete user's computer all the files and registry information .

It is understood that the security industry had never been involved does not appear similar to "anti-virus software, install a backdoor to the user" case. Security experts believe that this "back door" even for so-called "low-level operation, to facilitate anti-virus", is completely inexcusable. When the door thereafter be exploited, then the consequences would be unthinkable.

From the odd tiger's history, this "to a computer loaded back door" of the model, which is 3721 and other rogue software commonly used approach. It is precisely because the user has a backdoor installed on your computer, the rogue software was forced to stay put in a user's computer, can not be uninstalled. Prior to 3721 plug-ins through the use of "malicious driving, malicious backdoors, mandatory install, can not be uninstalled" means, forced the development of a hundred million users, 120 million U.S. dollars was subsequently sold to a company abroad.
Technical analysis shows that odd tiger to the user to install a backdoor program can be used to read the system files, private information. A normal anti-virus software does not require such a backdoor capabilities. Therefore, we note that the computer user to install a "backdoor" Qihoo company with the same time, a "monitoring network public opinion" of the so-called "Web reputation services." His introduction claims "(through the odd tiger 360) composed of thousands of servers to monitor matrix, 24 hours a day ... ... in intelligence collection and analysis and processing, using frequency crawling technology to gather intelligence." Both also appear in a company it is hard not malicious people to guess.

Rising company called: I hope that Qihoo open as soon as possible to the user to install "back door" of the source code, make it clear that this "back door" true use and corrected as soon as possible. We sincerely hope, the original rogue software manufacturing company, to plunge into the security industry in the past, rather than trying to use "free rogue software," to violate user privacy.

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