Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nokia, Intel join forces to push cross-platform operating system MeeGo

The MWC2010 conference, the world's largest mobile phone maker, Nokia, Intel co-dominant chip industry, announced plans to high-end smart phone software platform LinuxMaemo with Intel's Linux version of Moblin software platform integrated to form a new operating system called MeeGo The system is expected to be applied, including mobile computers, network book, tablet PCs, connected TV and other electronic products, and automotive infotainment systems.
Novell, Intel's business partners that Moblin is an easy-to-software, is expected to rapidly enter the PC market, will be subject to a number of people who are looking for Windows alternatives favor, giving rise to market confusion. Compared with other Linux versions of the competitor, Windows now account for more than 96% of notebook market share of software sales. Moblin also in smart phones and other "pocket" on the device to use the Internet, so Google Android operating system have also been the danger of being replaced.

Maemo is Nokia's top-level operating system, brands, Maemo is an open source software-based software platform for mobile devices, Symbian OS to compensate for some of the congenitally deficient. Maemo is mainly to serve traditional mobile phone functions do not have the network terminal, but the Linux kernel due to its characteristics, would easily be ported to high-end notebook computers and other devices.

In the conference, the two companies MeeGo as Intel's Moblin and Maemo Nokia combination of body, saying it would be the greatest advantage of the most optimized open-source approach and to minimize the complexity of the development, as well as differences. At the same time in order to consider compatibility, maximizing the compatibility of the previous development tools, thus the birth of a third-party program, compatible MeeGo, Symbian, Maemo, and several other operating systems. Meego system will be released in the second quarter of this year.

Nokia also said, Meego introduction of the system does not mean that companies will abandon Symbian. Symbian system in the past two years by the rival great impact, but not much self-improvement, allowing developers to this platform in the development and application of greatly reduced interest.

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