Wednesday, February 3, 2010

IE Bao new security vulnerabilities can lead to user privacy information disclosure

IE flaw Aurora ODAY a "storm" has just been cleared, IE browser again be exposed new vulnerabilities. The IE flaw could be exploited remotely by hackers, and have access to user privacy information. Using the IE browser users need special attention.

As the field of security, only a member of Microsoft's VIA, Jinshan Security Labs first time to obtain the vulnerability information. Jinshan Security Labs anti-virus expert Li Tiejun said that the new IE flaw could be used to hang horse is not yet spread the virus, but can be used by hackers to remotely access a user's private information, such as IE to access records, etc., hackers control the user's After a number of private information, it is possible to implement further fraud attacks, said Li Tiejun present at the same time Microsoft did not provide information about the new IE flaw official patch, the vulnerability has not been exploited by hackers.

Li Tiejun said that the vulnerability could affect the IE browser versions, including windows 2000 IE5/IE6 version, as well as windows xp IE6/IE7/IE8 versions. Hacking through a carefully constructed malicious code to attack a certain website and upload malicious code to attack Web servers. Users to access websites attacked, when user privacy may lead to information disclosure.

It is reported that February 3, 2010 (U.S. local time), Microsoft released a security bulletin (980,088), and said Microsoft is working on patches to fix this vulnerability. February 4, 2010 (Beijing Time) Jinshan Security Labs anti-virus experts to conduct attacks on code analysis and security assessment.

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