Monday, March 22, 2010

Faffe Cowboys aiming to ignore the eyes of the Super Bowl

Minnesota Vikings in the playoff opener this weekend against the Cowboys, quarterback Brett - Faffe feeling very excited though, but it has already sight aimed at next month's Super Bowl, he said: "The Super Bowl is the only reason I came back. "

Faffe and Vikings team a one-year contract, his contribution this season, the data is 33 touchdowns and just seven steals for the 40-year-old player for the efficient terrible Faffe prepared next season Also back then, he did not consider this issue, Faffe forecast Vikings will play in the Division Series victory over the Cowboys, he said: "To be honest, I am considering the final union, without the finals, I would be very shocked, I did not think the next season, what can be, or even what will happen next week. "Recently, the outgoing Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt - Warner intends to retire the news, when the law is said with a smile after Vladimir heard: "Really, he is not nonsense, right?" As everyone knows, France has twice retired Vladimir two back, has left to reporters a "bad faith" image, and even Faffe Concerning this matter, could get their own jokes, he , said: "Try it, why not try? I would now like the Dallas game are right now to take into account the next year, how to do, for myself and the team is not fair."

In the playoff bye week, France and Vladimir with his wife returned to his home in Mississippi, watched on television Cowboys victory over the Hawks game, and then he is no longer complain about lack of physical strength, although this complaint that his 40-year-old veteran is it normal, after his break from the mental to the body will have a new look, Faffe said: "Although it can not permanently get rid of fatigue, but I have to mentally more focused, and no stress and tension." Cowboys Master Coach Wade - Phillips, who beat Faffe once, in 2002 when he was coach of the Atlanta Falcons defensive when the first round of the playoffs in the Falcons defeated the Packers, but also in Green Bay, lambeau stadium, but Philip Sri Lanka did not take this story to compare, he said: "Faffe played a lot of great games and won some big games, he has repeatedly turn the tide, has a very rich experience, anyone can see how he great, and he came back and played as good as in previous years, is still the highest level. "

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