Monday, March 8, 2010

Peaks and Patriots NFL contract

Two-time All-Star Vince Rush - Weierfuke will remain in the New England Patriots team, he accepted the offer the team a long-term contracts.

Last month, a dedicated team player to Weierfuke branded label, so he became a free agent, but also to the two sides more time to negotiate a contract. Weierfuke in his Twitter (a social network abroad and micro-blog service's website) announced a contract to Patriots spokesman Stacey - James Saturday confirmed that the two sides have reached an agreement.

The details of the contract were not disclosed, citing NFL official sources said five-year contract worth 40 million U.S. dollars.

In most of the season, Weierfuke indicated he did not like to be marked with the exclusive player tag. In January, he WEEI radio that the title as the equivalent of a slap in the face in the face to play. But when the label is really a dedicated player to be used, he addressed to his wife, Bianca's Twitter account to send a message to take a more tolerant approach. "In the dedication of the team after six years of our lives, I understand that this is a business," he said. "I hope the tags are used in its real purposes. In order to allocate more time so that we can continue to negotiate and be able to reach a long-term contract. Only time will tell what the final result will be" Now he got what he the desired results, and the team a long-term contract. Patriots team in 2004, No. 21 first round pick from Miami, he was selected.

Weierfuke last season to participate in the 13 games, 65 times interception, linebacker in the Patriots defense is the largest, ranked fifth on the team. Because of a foot injury, he missed the team's final three regular season games, the team participated in a playoff in the only comeback, the team lost by 14 to 33 Baltimore Ravens.

Friday, Patriots linebacker Tully announced - Ban Ta Kaien renew Tully with 10 steals last season ranked first in the team, he received a three-year contract extension. Randy took over last month's addition - Moss forro a charity softball Reda said he did not want to return to the Patriots after the 2010 season because he will cost the team a lot of money. In Randy - Moss made the above remarks, the Patriots made a renewal of Tully's decision. Team owner Robert - Kraft does not agree with this view. "You know Moss has spent the past two seasons the team how much money? More than 20 million U.S. dollars, so I do not think we will not pay adequate wages to good players, I think you will see it," Kraft told The Associated Press in Indianapolis, where he attended the League's annual rookie training camp visit.

Patriots have been in the past few seasons, bring a good player a few labels in the label is applied to leave the club after the end of the season. 2002 season, they chose to play Adam - Weinateli as the exclusive label player, and then, and he signed a three-year contract extension. But the 2005 season, the same thing occurred in Weinateli body, cornerback Azzati - Samuel labels during the 2007 season to become player, both in the end of the season are in his capacity as a free agent to leave the team.

Ban Ta Kaien solve the renewal of the Patriot running in the passing area is weak, there are 5.5 times Weierfuke career sack, but mainly because there are multiple interceptor, so his teammates should be quarterback or the ball around to assist him in person. 5 time All-Star defensive end Julius - Pei Bosi can help impact quarterback, but after leaving the Carolina Panthers and Chicago Bears signed.

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