Monday, March 15, 2010

Cowboys coach contract two years pointing its sword towards the Super Bowl

Dwyane Wade - Phillips Dallas Cowboys has been a two-year contract extension, it appears owner Jerry - Jones was pleased for the existing record, but not is very satisfactory.

After renewal, Phillips could stem the Cowboys in 2011, Jones said: "This contract represents a two-year period while a lot, but our goal should be achieved quickly, assuming that there is no tomorrow, we hope to set sail from now on . "Cowboys twice in the past three years, the first National League East, 2 weeks ago, since 1996, also won their first playoff victory, but that season they won the Super wrist title. In Dallas coach these three years, Phillips led his unit to get 34 wins 17 negative record (including playoffs), since the regular season, Jones on the renewal of dodge Phillips began, people have been guessing that the boss's motives, in the end option is to use the team to introduce another "champion coach" or to give Phillips a few years chance? Jones said: "We hope that in the past three years, again based on the previous step, we should make good use of the current favorable trend."

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