Monday, August 29, 2011

Vortex of Love: Love the Artist to Indulge in Rossetti's Life

Rossetti almost his entire life to indulge in the vortex of tragic love. Theme of all his paintings, are associated with the image of love and women, can be divided into three stages: the first stage, mainly with its sister Christina as a model, created works of some religious themes, such as Raphael in 1849 to participate in sent before the first painting exhibition, "St Mary's Girls" (1848-1851, the possession of London, Tate Gallery), and the second year of the exhibition "Annunciation" (also known as "Aisianxi Colorado Minnie ",1849-1853, the possession of the Tate Gallery, London). "Annunciation" is a classic work of religious themes, images simple and dignified, with bright white paint for the whole center of gravity, to the messenger before holding lily symbolizes heaven-sent angel to take the gospel to fly from the open windows in white Pigeon symbolizes the birth of Christ. The atmosphere was very solemn the whole format, although his face haggard, but the Virgin beautiful manners. Although as a sight to behold religious plot to show, face painting, but not religious atmosphere, but full of human touch. Here, Rossetti symbolic religious subjects to give the details and color, reflecting the ideal Pre-Raphaelite paintings. Rossetti's paintings from the early, we can feel his personality inherent in an art that he likes to use oil painting depicting poetic.

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