Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Taste of Romantic the Beauty of Art

15 said: The Birth of Venus
Period: 1879
Creator: Adolphe William Gros, France
Specification: 299.7cm × 217.8cm
Materials: fabric paint
Keep possession Office: Paris, Orsay Museum
Bouguereau's this one "The Birth of Venus", in the same subject matter of painting has its own uniqueness. He imaginative composition, is to create a sudden and devastating fantasy, the same time have a realistic means of modeling, the reality of the goddess Venus, idealistic, gives a sense of intimacy. Most importantly, he used the romantic approach, the organization of reality and non reality, man and God, the sky and the ground such as spatial relations and the relationship between the characters, gives a magnificent and exotic art of feeling, gives a taste of romantic the beauty of art.

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