Thursday, August 18, 2011

Skills of Painting and Appreciation of Famous Art

Here, a small idea into a stroke, and these ideas are the same size, and that frame the greater the larger of these ideas, they are in strict accordance with the proportion of the canvas, because the visual mix needs a certain distance be carried on, so these colors on the canvas and takes the audience with their own eyes a mixture of naturally generated special effects, so that the color on the canvas to achieve the most striking degree of harmony. According to expert analysis, Seurat's color and set the cloth to make it come out on the quantitative calculation of the ratio of the object. Such as the painting medium shot on the grass, in accordance with distant views of the sub-configuration, the forest density and the configuration of the sun's intensity, there will be a number of different types of turf with natural color green strokes, some interaction with the green The complementary color of dark red strokes, some from day one exactly light orange brush strokes, and some shed on the grass close to the sun in different "regions" of the stroke, and compared according to both methods, all of these components and their proportion with the sun's radiation and reduced to maintain a balance.

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