Monday, July 29, 2013

Portrait Painting Review Paint Your Life Review

I have made a research on the internet,Still Life Oil Painting because whenever you write keywords related to ustom portrait painting?into the Google and Yahoo search engine, you will come across the same names. I wanted to order a handmade portrait painting of my wife (a Christmas present), and want to share with you the resulting research results. These companies turn photos into hand-made oil paintings, a very popular gift.

 Search Engines will bring following companies to your attention. I am going to comment them step by step. There are more out there, but they seem to be less professional and I was not investing much time into reviewing them as I would not buy from there anyways.

 The company seems to have aggressive search engine optimization behind, and ranks very well in search engines. This is costly, because the company needs to pay to specialized SEO companies to reach this position as an E-commerce webpage. However, the company is based in Hong Kong and owned / managed by Chinese. This is not something bad, Chinese do have a long history in Art, but the fact, that the Company does not state this fact on their webpage made me concerned.

 Actually, I ordered Landscape Oil Painting on their webpage. Your Credit Card will be charged a foreign exchange rate, and you will just talk to an account, not much of a personal customer service was available. After finding out the truth, I cancelled my order, but got no refund for my advance payment. I lost interest in them, and continued to search more to find the right company for the Christmas present.
 The prices are relatively high, and nowhere on their page is a statement of guaranteed quality.
 Please, take care of companies that have missing erms & Conditions?br />
 b)Portrait Painting Review ( Review)

 There are two companies out there with a very similar domain name. First I want to write about . The company is based in the USA, but employs orldwide artists?
 Again, my research found, that the company mostly employs painters in China, but in their embedded video section of their homepage they display white western artists. I don think this is a correct practice. There prices are relatively high, and again no statement of guaranteed quality. Delivery time is 4-6 weeks. The owner, Ryan, seems to be a nice person, and their customer service was friendly, and at least, you don need to open an account as with This company is a better choice than in my opinion, but it takes too long to get the paintings delivered and prices are not the best.

 c)Portrait Kingdom Review

 The company People Oil Painting does not provide a 20% advance payment system. This means, you should buy a portrait painting that you haven seen or go through the hassle of getting a refund with all the time waste included. No quality statements whatsoever. Again, the company employs Chinese portrait painters, and doesn even state that the paintings are created orldwide? I haven gone further with my research, as I was not anymore interested in this company.

 d) Review

 I almost have not clicked their result, as their domain name is very similar to, but the companies are very different. Portrait Painting  provides a Best Price Guarantee and Museum Quality Guarantee.
 They also have the quickest turnaround. They promise that your painting will be completed in 7 business days. I ordered there, and my painting was completed after 4 days. They also did free photo-editing and created the oil painting out of several photos. I paid via PayPal, as PayPal offers great security for your online shopping. They also offer the paintings with frame at competitive prices, so no need to waste time again to go to local framers.
 The painting arrived even earlier as expected, and Christina was performing an excellent customer service!

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