Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to apply oil paint in two methods

1. Wet on wet or All Prima (in one step)

 2. Stage Painting or Glazing Fat over lean

 Wet on wet famous oil paintings is applied by using the paint stiff, which is directly from the tube Or thinned to the consistency of salad dressing with linseed oil the essential part of painting wet on wet is making your brushes and painting knives do the work for you.

 You definitely want to have full control of your brushes and experiment with different brushes to see the marks and texture streaks that they make.

 Never work with Buy Oil Painting turps unless you are working with the glazing method.

 Never ever stand your brushes in any turps working in your painting session.

 Turps will burn the bristles and inevitably there will be some left in the brush when you start to use color.

 This will make it difficult to keep control of the flow or thickness of paint. The glazing technique is a process of building up your painting in a series of layers of the thinned paint.

 I found this Large Oil Paintings specific method for the glazing technique with oil paint it is called fat over lean .

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